Mountain Bike Reviewed – 3 Major Updates

The new year has started with a bang for Mountain Bike Reviewed, one the most encompassing gear, and equipment review site for the mountain biking.

BOSTON , MASSACHUSSETS, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2018 / — After having provided both beginners and seasoned pros with some of the best information on the topic in 2017,'s new goals include going the extra mile by the end of 2018.

If our readers are just starting out in the field and shopping for their very first bike while on a strict budget, or they’re an experienced rider looking to upgrade an old GPS, there is surely something spectacular for them on The information is promised to always be fresh and complete with the latest additions.

Here are the three most important ones at the moment.

• Updated reviews for the newest mountain bikes. In the past, MountainBikeReviewed has produced the Diamondback Sorrento review, the Nashbar AT2 review, and the much expected Montague Paratrooper review. This has cemented its status as a promoter of diversity and innovation in the sport. The following months are bound to arrive with more radical reviews for all skill levels.

• Detailed accounts of specialized accessories. Of course, no rider can feel whole without the highest-performing accessories, from the best mountain bike computers on the market to the sturdiest and safest locks. Anything you need, MountainBikeReviewed surely has discussed or will soon, so stay tuned.

• A community of fellow MTB enthusiasts. At the end of the day, MountainBikeReviewed is about a sense of community above all else. Similar interests are what brings people from all walks of life together best, and this is exactly what the website has managed to do so far. And needless to say, this will continue to be a major goal for the years to come.

Due to these three major updates, MountainBikeReviewed has transitioned successfully into the new year. And things are looking up for the months to come. Not only we are keeping the loyal readership interested, but we are bound to draw in some new interest. After all, mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular, our database will not disappoint.

About Mountain Bike Reviewed started out as the passion project of a few avid enthusiasts of the sport. The team started off small, but soon enough their website became one of the best sources for mountain biking information available on the World Wide Web. Today, it is one of the most comprehensive databases on the topic of MTB.
The website classifies its reviews and other articles into clear categories, which makes it easy for readers to find anything they might be looking for under any possible circumstances. Thus, regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect bike depending on price range, brand or specifications, MBR has their readers covered.

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