On Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday, The World Gets a Gift

http://www.wandersafe.com is an app available in itunes free to download

WanderSafe app pairs with the Personal Safety Device via Bluetooth

Stephenie Rodriguez is the CEO and Founder of WanderSafe http://au.linkedin.com/in/Digitalgodess

Stephenie Rodriguez, Founder / Wandersafe Inventor

http://www.wandersafe.com is an app available in itunes free to download and comes in two colors - ivory and onyx.

WanderSafe comes in two colors Ivory and Onyx

On United Nations International Day of Non-Violence WanderSafe will launch a non-violent anti-trafficking device and free safety app for travelers

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

CANNES, FRANCE, September 29, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In observance of the United Nations International Day of Non-Violence and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, WanderSafe is making the WanderSafe safety advisory smartphone application free to download on the iTunes app store. In an advent that Gandhi would have supported, JOZU’s founders believe that everyone should be able to live without fear or need to resort to violent means of protection such as guns or pepper spray.

WanderSafe™ hardware and software solution was designed by a former travel consultant and frequent solo female business traveler with more than 53 countries stamped in her passport. CEO and Founder Stephenie Rodriguez, in collaboration with a retired 25-year US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Safety Expert, Thomas Pecora designed the WanderSafe platform to solve the problem of lack of information about safe areas, to empower in a non-violent fashion, and to alert loved ones or employers if the WanderSafe user is in danger.

The hardware – a device has anti-rape/assault deterrent features built into its sleek, discreet design including high lumen quick-click flashlight, the second click disorienting strobe light, and a patent pending twist top 140db personal siren for attracting the attention or frightening a potential assailant. The smartphone application delivers real-time safety information that is geo-location based and time-centric. Verified users can annotate their journey and provide safety advice and warnings for other users. The application personalizes safety information and recommendations through a virtual Safety Concierge, JENI.

The WanderSafe™ Activate button on the device, when paired with the application, notifies pre-set contacts including friends, loved ones, employers or law enforcement of the user’s immediate longitude and latitude with a distress signal.

Frequent travelers such as Canadian Tracey Regimbal, a victim of a violent act when traveling to Italy for work, believes that WanderSafe is a comprehensive solution for fellow travelers and commuters. “Violence comes in many formats and it is an unfortunate reality we are often unprepared for. We have become desensitized to these micro assaults in our everyday life. When confronted by an aggressor you realize your helplessness and WanderSafe give me and others like me a sense of greater comfort, information and security when I am away from my home.”

“Most travelers don't know how to call the local police. I didn't. They may not be able to speak the language of a foreign country, have a network for support or know a way of escaping a potential assailant. WanderSafe will help empower women and those who feel vulnerable through information, environmental awareness, prevention, and mitigation in a non-violent way that Gandhi would approve of,” commented Ms Regimbal.

In uncertain times and with solo female travel on the rise, Founder and CEO Stephenie Rodriguez believes WanderSafe™ is a travel essential, whether for an international trip or a local commute. “The future of travel is most definitely female with more than 850 million women traveling this year. More than 68% of all study abroad students are female and in the US, more than 11 million woman over age thirty takes solo international trips more than five times per annum. WanderSafe™ isn’t just for women. We are empowering more people to travel further with greater peace of mind and unlike pepper spray, guns or tasers, the solution is completely non-violent and poses no threat to its users.”

Retired CIA Security expert and Advisor to WanderSafe, Thomas Pecora believes there are three important principles of personal safety that have been engineers into WanderSafe’s product: Information, Environmental Awareness, and Equipment. WanderSafe™ delivers on these with an integrated hybrid of hardware and software and in partnership with the world’s leading anti-trafficking organizations including Airline Ambassadors, CrimeStoppers International, and Purchased.org.

The WanderSafe device will be available on Indigogo and USD $79.95 RRP. WanderSafe will be available for FREE to download from October 2, 2018, in iTunes and available for Android users via Google Play November 1, 2018.

For more information about WanderSafe, to interview Thomas Pecora, Tracey Regimbal or Stephenie Rodriguez or to make an appointment for a product demonstration please contact Stephenie Rodriguez on +61416089000 or email stephenie@jozuforwomen.com

About WanderSafe

WanderSafe is a product created and developed by JOZU for WOMEN, INC. a Delaware C-corp. Founded in 2016, the company has spent two years researching and developing safety solutions for solo travelers and commuters. The company is a travel technology startup that is female-founded and minority-led. JOZU is a Japanese word for “Well done” or better than, and we deliver products that empower those who are most vulnerable to travel better & safer. JOZU for WOMEN is part of the Women’s Startup Lab Batch 12 Cohort, and proudly a participant in the Microsoft Biz Spark Plus program that empowers startups to think big and scale fast.

Join the Conversation with WanderSafe on Social Media:
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Stephenie Rodriguez
Jozu for WOMEN Inc
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WanderSafe is crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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London Backpackers Hostel Adds Cheap Beds And An Additional 10% Discount on Direct Website Bookings

London Backpackers Hostel

London Backpackers hostel provides accommodation that's affordable and packed with all the amenities a modern travellers demand. Get 10% off with AUT18 code.

CENTRAL LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Young people and student travellers come from all over the world to explore the exciting city of London. One thing they all soon discover is that it's hard to truly make the most of London when travelling on a budget. London Backpackers hostel help to solve that problem by providing accommodation that's affordable but high quality and packed with all the amenities modern travellers demand.

Everything You’ll Need

Recently renovated for 2018, London Backpackers offers travellers comfort and safety with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure for over 30 years. They offer much more than just a comfortable bed in a warm and welcoming environment. Hostel services which come as part of the price include free internet, free linen and blankets, free TV access, free sightseeing literature and a free food storage space. Guests can come and go as they please, making use of fully equipped laundry and kitchen facilities and a TV lounge where they can relax and get to know fellow travellers.

If you are travelling in Autumn 2018, this budget hostel has a discount of 10% to offer. Use code AUT18 to avail the discount.

Anyone arranging a trip from Australia can get in touch and have their staff organize details such as train, plane or coach tickets, as well as arranging day trips across the UK. Once they arrive, travellers will find a location that’s convenient for everything London has to offer. UK Hostels is situated within easy travelling distance of the major London airports, and guests are just a quick trip away from all of the London attractions they've probably arrived wanting to explore.

London Backpackers are moments away from Hendon Central Underground station, and the tube trains and buses which run almost right from their door can take guests to Westminster, the London Eye, Covent Garden or whatever part of London they've travelled all the way from Australia to experience.

This youth hostel provides safe, clean, convenient and affordable accommodation that leaves the guests with more money in their pocket to spend on enjoying everything London has to offer.

To find out more about the fantastic UK hostel, please contact using the following details:

Email address – info@ukhostels.com
Contact number – +44 (0)20 8203 1319
Website – http://www.ukhostels.com/au/
Hostel Address
8-10 Queens Parade, Queens Road, Hendon
London NW4 3NS
United Kingdom

Ajay Patel
London Backpackers
+44 (0)20 8203 1319
email us here

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Enterprise Exhibits from Judge Hayward’s Lee Courtroom Raises Police Concerns while Manager Admits Video Evidence Erased

One Lee Court exhibit among a number of others: Enterprise contract undated and questionable for police and others.  Agency fails to safeguard video but presents this rudimentary 'damage slip' as evidence of vehicle condition.

One Lee Court exhibit among a number of others: Enterprise contract undated and questionable for police and others. Agency fails to safeguard video but presents this rudimentary ‘damage slip’ as evidence of vehicle condition.

Unsigned and undated exhibits presented as evidence of vehicle condition at trial in Lee County generates concern for law enforcement and others. Video erased.

Small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. The rules are simplified and the hearing is informal. Attorneys are generally not allowed.”

— Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communication industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today an example of a single courtroom exhibit — among a number of similar questionable exhibits — that was presented in a small claim hearing and without the benefit of counsel for the plaintiff as ‘proof of vehicle condition’ in Howe vs. Enterprise Holdings dba National Car Rental. The exhibit above is not dated and the signature is entirely illegible for everyone who has examined it, including police in Baltimore, Maryland.

Related: IBM Gets Desperate Plea from Enterprise Holdings Crime Victim and Survivor — https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ibm-gets-desperate-plea-from-enterprise-holdings-crime-david-howe/

In addition to law enforcement, the courtroom exhibits have been scrutinized by others and have generated concern for all who have viewed. A source involved in the investigation has confirmed to the plaintiff, David Howe, that the case-number information from the Lee County Port Authority Police Investigation (Case No. 2016000055203) and the Lee Clerk of Court (Case No. 18-SC-001768) would be provided to a field agent from the FBI, Baltimore, following a review with law-enforcement professionals in Maryland.

The independent Lee County Port Authority Police investigation and its fact-finding report including sworn witness statements were repeatedly and aggressively objected to in the small claim hearing by counsel for Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental; under no circumstance would Enterprise Holdings Counsel allow Judge Archie B. Hayward to read one word from the independent and unbiased police investigation. It begs the question for every single reasonable person everywhere: "Why would an ethical rental agency so aggressively and so persistently suppress a comprehensive, unbiased and independent, police investigation? Why did EHI Counsel insist that Judge Hayward be kept ignorant and uninformed to the findings of a sworn law enforcement officer from the same community the Judge presides concerning facts and evidence to reach the truth of a matter? What is Enterprise so eager to conceal and hide with its constant objections?"

FACT: The Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington Division had the very same question regarding the plaintiff's attempt to share the police report and sworn statements with Judge Hayward (FBI to Howe: Why Was the Lee Port Authority Police Report Not Shown to Judge in Enterprise National Car Rental Hearing? — https://www.einpresswire.com/article/462387866/fbi-to-howe-why-was-the-lee-port-authority-police-report-not-shown-to-judge-in-enterprise-national-car-rental-hearing).

Plaintiff Howe is providing this perceived due-process outrage to the Florida Bar Association in a formal sworn complaint (https://www.floridabar.org/public/acap/ ; reference 19-4183) and asking for a review of what Howe argues may be serious statutory violations of a victim’s rights regarding Florida State Law as it relates to exceptions to so called ‘hearsay’ that was repeatedly asserted by defense counsel (http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0000-0099/0090/Sections/0090.803.html). Moreover, Howe is making the argument that an ‘Officer of the Court’ has a sworn and ethical duty to ensure a non-attorney in a 'small claim' hearing is not disadvantaged by the chess-match-approach to complex civil rules of civil procedure that was brazenly on display in Judge Hayward’s courtroom as it relates to a plaintiff’s ability to present evidence to substantiate the facts otherwise aggressively suppressed by the defense counsel.

After all, what's the point of a 'small claim' courtroom if the merits, facts, and truth of a case are trumped by the unfair advantage of a cadre of lawyers against a pro-se plaintiff in a Lee Court where counsel for the plaintiff was unattainable because EHI intentionally forced the case into the wrong court of law through adhesion contracts — a contract that apparently wasn't signed by the plaintiff-victim as now evidenced by exhibits docketed in Lee County, Howe vs. Enterprise Holdings.

Related: 'Lost in the Fine Print' — https://www.afj.org/multimedia/first-monday-films/films/lost-in-the-fine-print

For the record, Plaintiff Howe filed a motion to transfer the case to an appropriate court of jurisdiction where due process could be obtained for this complex civil case but, as the court transcript now proves, Enterprise Counsel strongly objected to this effort for fairness, equity, and truth. Remarkably — and an urgent issue for review by the Florida Bar, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and the Florida Supreme Court — concerning equity and due-process of law in a small claim hearing in the state of Florida, Judge Archie B. Hayward never read a single word from the independent police investigation docketed prior to trial and provided to defense Counsel.

And Judge Archie B. Hayward never heard or saw a single item of audio and video evidence from the same evidence previously docketed and sent electronically to Counsel — as directly instructed by EHI Counsel prior to trial except for the relentless money demand which also exposed proof of video surveillance viewed by EHI manager that was later taped-over.

To reiterate, the critical video evidence for which the state of Florida provides duties to safeguard and which would have unequivocally determined the pre-exising minor 'wear and tear' was, conveniently, erased after police and victim demanded the evidence. And the manager claimed he just didn't know better to copy, duplicate, and safeguard this incredibly significant evidence.

Nevertheless, the undeniable and mountain of facts from the investigation have been provided to media, law enforcement, and staff members of the United States Senate, as well as staff from the FTC and the CFPB.

Related: Howe Successfully Passes the Baton to USA Federal and State Congressional and Law Enforcement Apparatus, as well as Major Media Outlets — https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180920005979/en/Howe-Successfully-Passes-Baton-USA-Federal-State

Listen to the money demand with admission that video was viewed (company spoliated evidence despite the fact it was requested hours after the illicit money demand was made claiming they just didn’t know better): https://soundcloud.com/user-370781554/national-car-rental-damage-recovery-scam

Related: https://documents.akerman.com/SpoliationOfEvidence.pdf

Related: Ex-Chipotle manager, accused of stealing $626, gets $8 million for wrongful termination (Jeanette Ortiz was accused in 2015 of stealing $626 in cash from a safe at the Fresno restaurant. Ortiz’s bosses claimed the theft was caught on camera, but she was never shown the video because her bosses told her the evidence had been destroyed.) — http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/05/14/ex-chipotle-manager-accused-stealing-626-gets-8-million-for-wrongful-termination.html

Read the unedited and stunning court testimony below and recognize Enterprise Holdings’ management negligence and incompetence regarding common-sense safeguards of video evidence:

20· · · · Q· · Okay.· Were you aware that the Lee Port

21· ·Authority Police made multiple calls to Steven Carter?

22· · · · A· · No, sir.

23· · · · Q· · You were not aware of that?

24· · · · A· · No, sir.

25· · · · Q· · You were not aware that the Lee Port

·1· ·Authority Police wanted to see the video that you

·2· ·didn't bother to keep?

·3· · · · A· · No, sir.

·4· · · · Q· · Very interesting.· But I'm trying to

·5· ·understand, why do you keep these, but you don't keep

·6· ·video evidence that would clearly tell us whether this

·7· ·was preexisting or not?

·8· · · · · · ·You have this, but where's the video?· Did it

·9· ·just overwrite itself?· What happened to it?

10· · · · A· · Again, the video surveillance for the

11· ·customer safety, for car control measure, it over

12· ·records every 30 days.

13· · · · Q· · You told us, you said, I'm looking at the

14· ·footage and the damages are not preexisting.· Do you

15· ·know it's unreasonable that I did not get to see the

16· ·video, is that unreasonable to you?

17· · · · A· · Sir, I looked at the footage and there was no

18· ·damages.· I don't take into consideration what is

19· ·reasonable for you or not.· I review all the evidence

20· ·in front of me.

21· · · · Q· · Thank you for that.· Does Enterprise Holdings

22· ·have a formal policy when there's evidence of vehicle

23· ·condition and there's video evidence, do you have a

24· ·formal policy what you do with that video evidence that

25· ·would unequivocally tell the story, what happens to

·1· ·that, you just overwrite it?

·2· · · · A· · Sir, I'm not aware of that.

·3· · · · Q· · So you don't have any policy when someone

·4· ·says — when someone is being implicated for vehicle

·5· ·damage or there's a potential for preexisting damage,

·6· ·which is exactly the case here, you have video evidence

·7· ·that you look at but you don't maintain or know about a

·8· ·policy there?

·9· · · · A· · Let's focus here.· You're focusing on the

10· ·video.· I looked at your contract, okay, there was no

11· ·damages.· I looked at four previous contracts, there

12· ·was no damage.

13· · · · · · ·So, regardless, if there was no video, I

14· ·would still pursue you.

15· · · · Q· · Okay.· Fine.· We know there is video.· You

16· ·already acknowledged that you looked at it.· We all

17· ·understand that.· Why would you not keep that video?

18· ·Why don't you have a protocol in place, don't you think

19· ·that's critical?

20· · · · A· · If there was any evidence of damages, it

21· ·would have been documented on all the previous

22· ·contracts, it was not documented on yours as well. I

23· ·rely on the evidence before me.

24· · · · Q· · Just to be crystal clear, so I understand,

25· ·Enterprise Holdings has no policy to have video when

·1· ·they're implicating a person for damage, you allow it

·2· ·to rerecord?

·3· · · · A· · As I explained before, after 30 days they

·4· ·rerecord.· I explained that to you.

·5· · · · Q· · But I want to make sure I keep a note of

·6· ·that.· After 30 days, it rerecords.

·7· · · · · · ·THE COURT:· Sir, that's the fifth time you

·8· · · · said that.· Please move on.

·9· · · · · · ·MR. HOWE:· I don't think I have much more.

10· · · · This will be used for Congress.· Oh, believe me.

11· ·BY MR. HOWE:

Hear the proof that the video was demanded and Howe made a costly and time-consuming trip to Miami exactly as instructed but to no avail: Camera Request MIA 1078722 – Cr – 2016 – 12 – 09.21 – 18 – 37 – 6baa — https://soundcloud.com/user-370781554/camera-request-mia-1078722-cr-2016-12-0921-18-37-6baa-1

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EHI pre-existing damage that can easily implicate renters

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Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival Wraps An Outstanding Season & Looks Ahead To 2019

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival is located in Vanier Park in Vancouver, British Columbia

We are thrilled with both our artistic achievements and our attendance this year.”

— Christopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach Artistic Director

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA , September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ —
The 2018 Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival has ended on a record-breaking high note, with a total season attendance of over 108,000 – up 8% from the previous year – and a lineup of successful plays and special events that repeatedly sold out houses throughout the Festival.

The 29th Bard season ran from June 6 to September 28. On the BMO Mainstage, a powerful classical production of Macbeth ran in repertory with As You Like It, set in ‘60s Vancouver and featuring 25 classic Beatles songs performed live by the cast. The intimate Howard Family Stage offered the rarely-produced drama, Timon of Athens with a female-dominated cast, alternating with a Bard-commissioned new adaptation of the classic Greek comedy Lysistrata.

As You Like It emerged as the superstar of the season, smashing every benchmark the Festival has ever set. Seven additional performances were added to meet ticket demand, extending the Festival season by one week to September 28. Macbeth performances also sold out throughout its run, and it drew enthusiastic critical praise for both its acting and classic staging. Highlights from the season include visitors from around the world and every field including politicians, academics, sports stars and notable actors including Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) and Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey).

“We are thrilled with both our artistic achievements and our attendance this year,” said Christopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach’s Artistic Director. “We were especially heartened by the response to the range of programming in the Mainstage tent – from As You Like It, a modern, Beatles music-filled comedy, to Macbeth, a Shakespearean tragedy told in true classical style. This season proves that the appetite for Shakespeare remains strong and passionate across the many forms and styles we present.”

Many of Bard’s special events returned in 2018, from the extremely popular Bard-B-Q & Fireworks nights to Opera & Arias concerts, pre-show Wine Wednesday tastings, and themed Family Nights that encouraged a new generation of young theatre-goers to embrace Shakespeare and the Bard experience.

Adds Gaze, “Our success this season allowed us to serve our community better, from strengthening our unique professional and youth education programs, to helping more people to come to Bard who would otherwise face barriers to seeing live theatre.” To that end, Bard advanced its mission to share Shakespeare with young people. Almost 7,000 patrons aged 6 to 22 took advantage of the $32 GLOBAL BC Youth Price, and 6,600 students attended student matinees in June and September, at a deeply discounted student price. Bard also offered its Young Shakespeareans workshops in July and August (ages 8-18); 226 participants gained experience performing and playing Shakespeare in a total of 17 sessions, led by current and past Bard acting Company members. The Riotous Youth program continued for its fifth year, giving a gifted group of young adults the chance to continue training in Shakespearean performance while working in various administrative roles.

More than 290 volunteers gave their time to provide governance, administrative, site and Front of House assistance, contributing a total of 17,000 hours of service during the Festival season. Bard audience members generously contributed more than $41,000 to Theatre Cares, the Actors Fund and Bard’s own youth-education Bursary Fund, and the Festival gave 450 complimentary tickets to various local charities and under-served communities throughout the season.

The Festival’s 2019 Lineup: Celebrating The 30th Season

The 2019 Festival season will run from June 5 to September 21 and will include the return of a record-setting Bard hit, an internationally-popular romantic comedy, a cross-cultural romance and a powerful political drama.

The BMO Mainstage hosts a revival of a huge Bard crowd-pleaser, 2007’s Wild West-set The Taming of the Shrew, which will play in repertory with the playful romantic comedy, Shakespeare in Love. The Howard Family Stage offers two innovative new productions: Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, set in India and sparked with south-Asian music and dance, and Coriolanus, a no-holds-barred political drama filled with resonance for our time.

Advance-priced 2019 Season Packs are currently on sale and offer a substantial discount on tickets for all four 2019 productions. Flex Packs go on sale starting November 1. Single tickets go on sale in April, 2019 on the Bard website or from Bard’s Box Office at 604-739-0559.


A selection of photographs for media use is available on the Bard website.
Please contact Cynnamon Schreinert for password access or for post-season interviews.
Tel: 604-802-2733; email: cynnamon@hartleypr.com

Cynnamon Schreinert
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Fun High Purpose Club Launches to Help Our Moms Work and to Reward Exclusive Parties in LA, NY, and Vegas

Join the Club for People Who Love to Make a Difference and Party for Good

Join the Club for People Who Love to Make a Difference and Party for Good

Participate to Make Mom Proud....and Party in Vegas for Good

Participate to Make Mom Proud….and Party in Vegas for Good

Get a Kickass Tech Job & Party for Good www.RecruitingforGood.com

Get a Kickass Tech Job & Party for Good www.RecruitingforGood.com

Recruiting for Good, launches Club We Party for Good to reward people VIP Party Weekends for making referrals that help fund 'Our Moms Work' community service.

Join Today Help Moms and Never Pay for a Good Time Again!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Advocate Having Fun Fighting for Our Moms

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every year, Recruiting for Good is rewarding 100 exclusive LA, NY, and Vegas weekends to people who join 'We Party for Good' to make a difference and help the staffing agency support Mom cause. Club members enjoy luxury 2 nights stay at 5 Star hotels, and VIP concert tickets.

According to Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "Since 1998, I have been fortunate to get great referrals for candidates and clients. In 2017, I launched 'Our Moms Work' to make a difference, and have been funding it by making recruiting placements. I need your help raising more money for our moms' services. So, I am launching 'We Party for Good' a fun club for professionals who love to make a difference; simply make referrals to earn rewarding concerts in your favorite party city."

How to Join We Party for Good

Everyone is socially connected to people who hire professional staff at companies, or know professionals looking for work.

Simply make the introduction to either a company hiring or a great candidate looking for a job, when Recruiting for Good makes a successful connection; a portion of the finder's fee earned is donated to fund 'Our Moms Work.' And the person who successfully makes the referral, earns one VIP party weekend reward.

Carlos Cymerman, adds, "If you are in tech, and are looking for a Kickass job in engineering or IT, simply submit your resume directly to Carlos(at)RecruitingforGood(dot)com, complete your probation, and earn your party for good."


We Party for Good, is the only rewarding club for members who make a difference; enjoy exclusive fun weekend parties in L.A., New York, and Vegas. "Love to help moms and experience life differently, join the club." www.WePartyforGood.com. We Party for Good members enjoy personal service; and the best concerts tickets provided by First Choice Tickets, in business for 25 years.

Recruiting for Good, a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals kicka$$ jobs, since 1998. Companies retain us to find the best talent in Accounting/Finance, Engineering/IT, and Marketing/Sales professionals. We reward referrals with fun experiences. visit: www.RecruitingforGood.com

Our Moms Work is a Santa Monica based community service sponsored by Recruiting for Good; offering cost free personal career mentoring services. In 2019, coming out with funded services to offset the cost of running a business for mom entrepreneurs and business owners. Our fun mission…"When we love life…the party never ends." www.OurMomsWork.org

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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Betterez Helps Wroute Launch New Sustainable Transportation System

Wroute Powered by Betterez

Betterez announces that it is powering reservations for Wroute, a Waterloo, Ontario-based company that is disrupting the transit landscape

Wroute’s approach to transportation is incredibly thoughtful and forward looking. ”

— Tal Shalit, Founder & CEO of Betterez

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Betterez, a Toronto-based tech start-up modernizing the ticketing and reservation systems of the ground travel industry, announces that it is powering reservations for Wroute, a Waterloo, Ontario-based company that is disrupting the transit landscape.

Launched in September 2018, Wroute is breaking ground with a fleet of Tesla Model X 100Ds that will transport people from one city to another all powered by Betterez’s modern, powerful ticketing platform. Customers can easily purchase tickets through Wroute’s mobile-friendly booking system and will then be on their way to a better travel experience.

“Wroute’s approach to transportation is incredibly thoughtful and forward looking,” says Tal Shalit, Founder & CEO of Betterez. “They offer a flexible and comfortable travel option while promoting a meaningful and more sustainable mode of transit.”

With the ability to carry up to six passengers and two bikes, Wroute is moving passengers comfortably, enjoyably and quickly with its new service. Wroute-scheduled trips will depart every 15 minutes, making moving between cities fast and easy.

“Wroute wants to grow the passenger market place so that all service providers can prosper,” says CEO, Jason Hammond.

Betterez is helping customers digitize their operations with its modern, cloud-based reservation and ticketing system. Stay tuned for more exciting news from our team.

About Betterez
Betterez, founded in 2011, is a next generation Reservations & Ticketing Management (RTM) technology company focused on helping motorcoach, tour and multi-use ticketing operators grow their businesses, and run operations and finance more efficiently. For more information, visit: www.betterez.com.

Jannine Krish
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Are Celebrities Cutting Corners with Personal Security?

Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris

The October 2016 Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris did make a number of VIPs review their personal security.

A female Bodyguard operating covertly in Exuma

A female Bodyguard operating covertly in Exuma

Miranda Kerr's Bodyguards

Dynamic and quick thinking Bodyguards

Celebrities are exposed to threats every day, from stalkers and over exuberant fans, but are celebrities taking their security seriously or only being reactive?

Bodyguard services are not all about some big guy or girl in a suit, those times have changed – an intelligent approach is required…”

— Alex Bomberg

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — There are several examples in the world’s Press of celebrities facing security incidents, some of these are more serious than others but all could have been avoided or risk diminished greatly if the celebrity had adequate security.

Celebrity stalking is on the rise with much of it manifesting itself on social media before in extreme cases, becoming physical.

Security breaches happen often because of a serious lapse in security, obviously due to several factors that may include budgetary restraints or plain bad practice, as in the 2016 Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, as described below.

We should start by saying that many security incidents are not perpetrated by unknown individuals, often the perpetrators have attempted to communicate via social media, this is often the case where stalking becomes more sinister and often drifts from online fixation to physical contact.

Examples of Celebrities having security issues:

Justin Bieber – The international recording artist Justin Bieber has faced a number of well-publicized security issues over the years, particularly in 2012 when there was a credible threat to kidnap, castrate and murder the star. An inmate plotted with his nephew to carry out the act and the plot unraveled by chance due to a Police traffic stop near the Canadian border.

Further issues with fans and stalkers have plagued Bieber over the years. One fan was arrested after gaining access to the star’s property three times in one week.

It is fair to say that Justin Bieber does have a security team around him that is effective.

Kim Kardashian – In Paris in 2016, the star was famously robbed in her rented apartment and relieved of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. It is very clear that in this case, not only was Kim Kardashian’s security totally inadequate – being one individual who was not suited; but that the actions of the bodyguard, Kim Kardashian and those around her, added to the security risks with their use of social media.

Jenson Button – The British F1 racing star has on two separate occasions been the subject of security incidents. In 2010 in Brazil, he came close to being the victim of an armed group during an encounter at a set of traffic lights. More recently in 2015, the star and his family were gassed in their sleep and robbed when in a property in the South of France.

In any of the three examples the outcome could have been very different and fatal.

Is it a case of the more security the better?

It’s a great question and the short and fast answer is that any security service or Executive Protection needs to be tailored to the requirements of the client and fit his or her life and of course their family’s lives. Just throwing money or resources at the issue is not going to mitigate the risk and can in many cases make matters worse and draw unnecessary attention.

Executive Protection, by nature, is somewhat intrusive and if done right the service has many elements, from counter surveillance, technical surveillance counter measures and advanced reconnaissance, through to vetting of staff, managing online reputation and cyber-threats.

The first thing on most clients' minds is not budget, but that is always obviously a consideration. The main concern is how much a major change in security will affect their lives. Most clients will not be starting from scratch, most will have either some regular personal security, or had some exposure to using it over time as their careers have taken off.

It is not unusual for a celebrity to use a bodyguard for a personal appearance at a shopping mall for example, and that would be their only use of security for that day. They might then not use personal security until their next personal appearance. It too is not uncommon for a celebrity to use a bodyguard/driver, this from a professional security point of view, is far from ideal as driving and Executive Protection are two different disciplines and it is not possible to carry out both the role of personal bodyguard & drive a vehicle.

Not all celebrities can afford full-time Executive Protection but opt for an “as and when” approach and again, this is very dangerous.

Are the celebrities at fault?

No, not entirely. A celebrity/artist is surrounded by managers, record labels and a whole myriad of advisors, financial advisors, personal trainers and nutritionists, PR people and so on. Security is very often not managed properly, or as we have covered in a previous article “Celebrity Stalking Cases”, their security arrangements do not grow with the celebrity and adapt to new risks, or are they scalable to events and threats.

So, how would you make a start to putting things right?

The very first thing any security consultant worth his or her salt would do is to carry out a security audit of the existing security. This would cover the home, the office, travel security, drivers and any technical security like cameras and alarms that might be in place. The audit would also look at any policies that might be in place, like what happens on an activation of a panic alarm or sensor etc…

A security audit ensures that all security is “fit for purpose”, all systems, training and qualifications, policies and procedures are up-to-date. All security, technical and physical, must work in unison.

The biggest problem with not doing a regular audit or review of security is that it can easily end up not fit for purpose, not working together and cohesive. This type of security service just costs money and adds no value.

Finally, I would say that getting security on the agenda regularly is never a bad idea. Talk about security, make sure that everyone who needs to know plans and policies has a good grasp of what will happen if the threat level rises or if there is an incident.

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PGA Tour Superstar Dustin Johnson Joins Myrtle Beach Golf Community To Raise Money For Victims of Hurricane Florence

Arrowhead Country Club – Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Johnson is partnering with PlayGolfMyrtleBeach.com to launch a community wide effort

MYRTLE BEACH, SC, US, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — PGA TOUR superstar Dustin Johnson, NASCAR champion Denny Hamlin, and Mark Bryan of Hootie & the Blowfish are teaming up with the Myrtle Beach golf community to raise money for families impacted by Hurricane Florence.


Myrtle Beach’s two PGA TOUR Superstore locations are also participating in the initiative.

Johnson, a 19-time PGA TOUR winner, is partnering with PlayGolfMyrtleBeach.com and the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association to launch a community wide effort that will raise money during the fall golf season to support victims of the storm.

Johnson, who played his collegiate golf at Coastal Carolina University and lived in the area for more than a decade, has pledged financial assistance through the Dustin Johnson Foundation.

Hamlin and Bryan are donating proceeds raised through their annual Pro Am Jam, held September 24, to ProjectGolf.org, a non-profit foundation started by Golf Tourism Solutions, the agency responsible for promoting the Myrtle Beach golf community as a destination.

“Dustin Johnson and Mark Bryan are long-time friends of the Myrtle Beach golf community, and we’ve gotten to know Denny Hamlin through his participation in the Hootie & the Blowfish Monday After the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am, which speaks to his altruism,” said Bill Golden, CEO of Golf Tourism Solutions. “Hurricane Florence has impacted so many throughout the Carolinas, and we, in conjunction with Dustin, Mark and Denny, want to do what we can to help people throughout the region and here at home who have been affected.”

Hurricane Florence made landfall just north of Wilmington, N.C., on September 14 as a category 1 storm, and deluged North and South Carolina with historic rainfall totals that are still significantly impacting both states.

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Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator, Handheld Air Compressor for Multiple Use ─ Enjoy Safety While Driving Your Vehicle

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator

Autowit Cordless Tyre Inflator – check your tire pressure safely at home or anywhere on-the-go.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator

Autowit Inflator offers compact travel design.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator Multiple Use

Handheld Air Compressor for Multiple Use

Autowit by GenHigh is a brand that offers the coolest car accessories at the best prices to provide more safety and comfort for your daily driving.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Keeping your vehicle tires properly inflated is crucial to driving safely, but adding air can be a bit of work if you don’t have an inflator in your house or working place. Cordless tire inflators, or cordless air compressors, provide an easy, portable solution to get the job done. If you have the Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator at hand, your problem is over.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator can save you from having to drive to a gas station to top up your tires. It runs either on the rechargeable battery or a vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet, making it easy to use without having to drag around a power cord and a long hose.

Fast Inflation

The Autowit inflator comes with a 6-inch air hose and a 11.5-foot adapter cable (that connects to your car’s 12-volt power outlet), so you can easily reach any tire on the vehicle. The screw-on air chuck connection enables you a tight connection onto the tire’s valve stem. It also has a built-in work light so you can see what you’re doing at night; its maximum pressure is of 115PSI and its 15-continuous-minute operating time at 45PSI ensures that you’ll be able to fill the tire in one go (Air Flow: 15L/min); it comes with a handy carrying case as well that keeps everything organized.

Auto Shut-off – Safety at Hand

The easy-to-read gauge is convenient to preset the recommended pressure (3 kinds of unit options are available: PSI, BAR and KPA). Inflating will stop automatically at the preset pressure in case of overinflating. The inflator needs to be cooled off for 15min after every pumping.

Handheld Air Compressor for Multiple Use

Autowit Tire Inflator provides 3 kinds of nozzles: a connection to inflate car, motorcycle and bicycle tires, a needle adapter to inflate basketballs, footballs, and the like. It also includes a special adapter for blowing up inflatables (swimming rings and other pool toys).

It is essential to have the inflator around your home or workplace. It will ensure that you inflate your car tires appropriately whenever you face any emergency. Autowit Inflator is a portable tool that you can take with you anywhere to solve your air compressing problems.

To learn more about Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator, please visit the product page.

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About Autowit
Autowit is a brand that offers the coolest car accessories at the best prices to provide more safety and comfort for your daily driving. Whether you want to modify your car's performance or add high-tech electronics to drive smartly, our great selection of high-quality products with cutting-edge technology solutions will just fit the bill. Choose one of our car accessories to enhance the driving experience.

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ADA Discloses Ranking of Top Android App Development Companies

App Development Agency

Get Your Next Development Partner

ADA seems hell-bent on making top Android App Development companies listing more facile.

BELMONT, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — App Development Agency (ADA) has just spread some more convenience around by spilling some sweetness and having you reach an inch closer to the bliss point – A tint of sweetness with a dash of saltiness, making the dish heavenly. With a brand new listing of android app development companies by ADA, service providers get a chance to know who requires their service. They can discuss and narrow down the price and decide to work together. In this techy scenario, we are blitzed with so many iPhone and Android app development companies and picking up the best one to be our next development partner is so much difficult that you tend to miss out on a lot of fun. The simple joys of going through the client testimonials, consulting the experts within the company, checking out the kinds of technologies that they have been using, the budget on which they carry the project, their flexibility, and scalability towards completion of a task, timely delivery, adeptness of latest technologies, incorporation of changes in middle of the project, adherence of app development lifecycle etc., seems to get a miss.

App development agency has come up with a list of Top Android App Development Companies leaned by ADA on their website, to release you from your burden of fetching service providers on a global platform. Get a load of it:

1. Konstant Infosolutions (https://www.konstantinfo.com/)
2. Fueled (https://fueled.com/)
3. Savvy Apps (https://savvyapps.com/)
4. Ethervision (https://ethervision.net/)
5. Dotcomweavers (http://www.dotcomweavers.com/)
6. July Rapid (https://julyrapid.com/)
7. Heads and Hands (https://handh.ru/)
8. Dot Com Infoway (https://www.dotcominfoway.com/)
9. Prismetric (https://www.prismetric.com/)
10. SemiDot InfoTech (https://semidotinfotech.com/)

Find more updates at this link: http://www.appdevelopmentagency.com/top-android-app-development-companies/

About App Development Agency (ADA)

App Development Agency is a global review and research firm that has been checking out the top niche companies in various domains like a mobile app and web development. Their listings are globally recognized and trusted by more than 200 firms. They have been independent decision makers and trailblazers in establishing facts and evidencing multiple ways that can help both software service buyers and service providers.

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