Magic Kingdom, the high-spirited new release by harpist Peter Sterling.

Peter Sterling and one of his harps.

Harpist, composer and entrepreneur Peter Sterling of Sedona, AZ

The award-winning artist’s sixteenth album is uplifting and effervescent, capturing energy released during the 2017 total solar eclipse, recorded in Sedona AZ.

Magic Kingdom showcases him in the embrace of energy and light…chalk up another successful album from this masterful harpist and multi-instrumentalist."”

— Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight

SEDONA, AZ, USA, October 5, 2018 / — Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, and harpist Peter Sterling’s Magic Kingdom has arrived just in time for holiday gifting to listeners of all ages. Initiated as an album for his young son, Sterling recognized the music’s appeal to instrumental music lovers of all ages and released it widely this week. It is his sixteenth album, available now on quality music streaming and sales sites in both physical and digital formats; explore more information, videos and sales links at Sterling's official website

Magic Kingdom’s mystical and playful melodies evolved over a period of a year in Sedona, AZ. Sterling plays keyboards, harp, recorder, Freenote chimes, Peruvian wooden flute and percussion, while Richard Hardy performs poignantly on Irish penny whistle and soprano sax, joined by Anthony Mazzella adding a guitar groove. The thematic album is a journey of sorts, full of sonic rewards with a slightly Celtic lilt. Sterling — a successful DIY composer, harpist, and entrepreneur – both produces and markets the album via his indie record label, Harpmagic Music.

Reflecting on the genesis of the thematic album, Sterling shares, “I was inspired by the energy of the 2017 total solar eclipse, and ‘Magic Kingdom’ came thru in a flash of light as I sat at my Korg keyboard and endeavored to express the potent energy of the sun into music. Initially, I thought this was music for kids–-specifically my son–but as time went on the music evolved into an emotionally resonant journey through the sun, into a stunningly beautiful magical kingdom, somewhat heavenly.”

The album has been called uplifting, and incorporates both electro-acoustic and nature sounds, light vocalizations and a mystical groove along the lines of new age and electronic fusion groups like Enigma, B-Tribe, Adiemus and Andreas Vollenweider. The listener sits back and follows the albums sonic sunshine through awakenings, joy, dreams, ascension and entry into the Magic Kingdom; this music is perfect for relaxation, meditation and visualization at its best.

Music industry veteran, Bill Binkelman of Retailing Insight magazine, writes “Peter Sterling never ceases to surprise and delight me. With each new release, his reservoir of talent seems to grow ever deeper and wider. Magic Kingdom showcases him in the embrace of energy and light, but also cheerful whimsy and a gentle playfulness. Chalk up another successful album from this masterful harpist and multi-instrumentalist."

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New Horizon 7:31
Joyful Journey 5:57
Over the Bridge 5:30
Sword and Stone 3:14
Everlasting Love 5:43
Tomorrow's Child 6:24
Kiss the Sun 4:43
Magic Kingdom 7:06

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About Peter Sterling:
Peter Sterling’s career as a recording artist began in 1994 with his first album, Harp Magic, released on the World Disc label and nominated for the Best Instrumental Album award by NAIRD (now A2IM). His acclaim grew exponentially in the 2000s with high-charting albums and multiple nominations from the prestigious website New Age Reporter/Zone Music Reporter, including several Album of the Year nominations. Best-selling authors and teachers such as Neale Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue Ph.D., and James Van Praag have embraced Peter’s music in their work over the years. While his recent works are released on his own Harp Magic label (including his 2018 album, Magic Kingdom), the renowned Real Music label released his Shadow, Mist and Light album in 2005. His most recent recognition came in 2017 when he shared the Hollywood Music and Media Award (HMMA) for Best New Age song. He is also a metaphysical teacher, an accomplished stained-glass artist, and a backcountry guide to the sacred sites of Sedona, Arizona. Visit for more information.

What critics are saying about Magic Kingdom:
“Alluring, magical and inspiring harp beauty…”
– Dick Metcalf,

“Peter defines the term indie musician…It takes tremendous dedication, commitment and talent to produce a recording such as Magic Kingdom.”
– Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck,

“Magic Kingdom is a delight from start to finish.”
– Kathy Parsons,

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