Costa Smeralda Prize: the finalist announced

Fiction, Non-Fiction and Blue Innovation
6 works of sea literature and 3 innovative projects for the sea

A prize in balance between the humanities and applied sciences, capable of raising the level of attention and consideration around the sea and around the literature of the sea”

— Beatrice Luzzi

PORTO CERVO, SARDINIA, ITALT, March 20, 2019 / — The jury of the Costa Smeralda Prize 2019 after a selection among the 39 literary works in the competition has decreed the finalists. The Blue Innovation section was selected by the Scientific Committee of the MEDSEA Foundation among the 12 projects participating in the call for proposals aimed at reducing the negative impacts of economic activities in the seas and oceans.

Promoted by the Consorzio Costa Smeralda and capable of attracting writers, scientists and authoritative guests to Sardinia, including Marino Sinibaldi, Piero Angela and Maxwell Kennedy (Robert's son will present his book Sea Change), the Prize will award the winners of the individual categories in Porto Cervo on April 27th during the long weekend (April 26-29th) of events and debates whose artistic direction is entrusted to Beatrice Luzzi.

The complete list of candidates is available on and on the award website

– La Bounty a Pitcairn by Sébastien Laurier – ed. Nutrimenti – On 15th January 1790, after having sailed the seas of the South, Fletcher Christian and eight mutinies of the Bounty, accompanied by men and women of Tahiti, fleeing from the Royal Navy, settled on a deserted island: Pitcairn.
– The North Water of Ian Mc Guire – ed. Einaudi – 1859, Patrick Sumner is a young doctor who served in the British army during the siege of Delhi. But in his military past there is a dark event that forced him to resign and whose memory persecutes him.
– Magellano of Gianluca Barbera – ed. Castelvecchi – Year 1519. From Seville sail five carats under the command of Ferdinand Magellan. The journey will last three years… mutiny, storms, polar frost, disease and clashes with ferocious tribes, in search of a passage through South America that will lead him to the East, to the final destination: the fabulous Spice Islands.
*This year marks the 500th anniversary of this first circumnavigation of the globe.

– Arcipelago Isole e Miti of Giorgio Ieranò – ed. Small Library Einaudi. I Maverick – The Greek islands are lands of myth. This book, a very special travel diary in time and space, tells the inextricable interweaving of myth and reality, history and legend, which has always characterized the Aegean.
– Destino Mediterraneo by Domenico Nunnari – Rubbettino – The Mediterranean is a "wonderful enigma". Sea of adventurous journeys, theatre of the greatest naval battles in history and of irremediable religious conflicts, common home of Christian and MuslimS, cradle of Homer. Inland sea, the Greeks and our Romans called it.
– Storia del Mediterraneo in 20 oggetti by Alessandro Vanoli and Amedeo Feniello – ed. Laterza – Where does the Mediterranean arrive? It would be limiting to say that it stops at its shores. Its influence, its characters, its soul, as well as its tastes and its smells, however, range. They go beyond…

– Alterego Surfboards by Alessandro Danese is the line of surfboards by ItalianWaves made with only renewable materials (cork, linen, wood, etc..). The boards are drawn on 3D CAD and the 'core' shaped with a numerical control machine in a factory in Alghero, where the entire production takes place.
– Enea Roveda's SeaBin is part of the Lifegate Plasticless initiative, a basket for the collection of waste that floats in surface water that can capture about 1.5 kg of debris per day, including microplastics from 5 to 2 mm in diameter and microfibers from 0.3 mm, as well as cigarette butts. By the end of 2019, more than 20 ports in Italy will be involved.
– WBS (Waste Boat Service) by Davide Melca is a start-up about the application of new techniques and technologies in the field of maritime services and waste management at sea. Its aim is the collection, transport and authorized recovery of non-hazardous waste called garbage, raising public awareness and responsibility on issues such as 'Marine littering'.

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