The Swinging Lifestyle is Saving Marriages

“Swingers” used to mean married couples who engage in sexual activities with others. This is still true, but activities and details of swinging have shifted.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 24, 2019 / — Once upon a time, the word “Swingers” meant a married couple who engage in sexual activities with other married couples. While this is still true, the activities and details surrounding this lifestyle has shifted in recent years.

Back in the day, Key Parties were the norm, where husbands put their car keys in a bowl or bag at the beginning of the party. At the end of the evening, the wives would draw a set of keys from the bowl to determine who they would go home with. This sort of random match making seems to have gone the way of the DoDo Bird.

Today, modern swingers find many other ways to connect with interested participants, such as online swinger dating sites, Meet & Greets, hotel parties and swingers clubs, to name a few. Most modern swingers are a bit more discerning than our 1970’s counterparts, and are looking for more than just the proverbial shag.

By attending events organized specifically for swingers, attendees can chat with, share info and get to know others interested in this Lifestyle. For many, this goes a long way towards taking those first steps.

There are still those who are looking for the down and dirty of it all, but many modern couples are taking it slow and simply enjoying the atmosphere. Swingers clubs are seeing an upswing in numbers, and the owners of The O Zone in Toronto say it’s due in part to mature married couples looking for a chance to spice up their lives together. “Not all attendees are swingers. Many couples come to dance, to feel sexy, to flirt with their partner and perhaps with others, but many leave without ever visiting the playrooms”, The O Zone owners say. “We’re happy to offer a safe space where they can test the waters and see where they fit into this lifestyle, if at all.”

The club gets plenty of active swingers though, and by midnight the playrooms are in full swing, so to speak. One couple said this of The O Zone, “We love it here! While we are swingers and keep an eye out for others we might like to play with, we are very satisfied to spend an evening dancing, chatting with other couples and making friends. Visiting the club regularly has helped our marriage immensely.”

The O Zone has created a hedonistic nightclub paradise that appeals to many, no matter where their swinging mentality is. With state of the art sound and light system and numerous dance poles and platforms, attendees can enjoy an evening on the dance floor or chatting with other couples. If they find others to play with, there’s always the playrooms in the back, open all night long.

About The O Zone: Toronto's hottest couples' club, The O Zone is the place to be for swinging couples in Toronto. The O Zone is one of North America's largest "on premise" nightclubs. A hedonistic playground of over 10,000 square feet, The O Zone is filled with enough wild and sexy amenities to guarantee a most memorable night for Toronto swingers and open-minded couples. An alternative lifestyle social club, The O Zone is the hottest place in Toronto for couples to come and party, and to form friendships with compatible like-minded swinging couples. For more information about The O Zone, upcoming special events, and the latest club news, please visit

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Source: EIN Presswire