Visit Istanbul in 2020 on a Gem's of the Southeast Danube Cruise

Sophia Hagia Museum

Former Mosque Sophia Hagia in Instanbul

AmaCerto Double balcony cabin

AmaCerto Double balcony cabin

Budapest Parliament at night

Budapest Parliament at night

Europeanbarging is announcing that with the 2020 Danube cruises of Gems of the SE Europe, guests have the chance to visit Istanbul on a 3 night land tour.

SPRING, TX, USA, September 30, 2019 / — Gems of the Southeast river cruise itinerary covers the lower Danube, cruising between Budapest Hungary and Giurgiu Romania and includes 5 countries. In addition to Hungary and Romania, guests will visit Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria on the cruise and Turkey and Austria for pre or post cruise programs

Istanbul, once known as Constantinople is a city rich in cultures and history with much to offer. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited spots of the world, it's exotic architecture including mosques, colorful basilicas, cathedrals and centuries old ancient bazaars. Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus peninsula and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Istanbul lies at the crossroads between the East and the West, Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and a city with vibrant mix of cultures
Some of the sites to experience in Istanbul during your land program include:

Visit the great sites including the iconic Blue Mosque and beautiful Hagia Sophia (cathedral-turned-museum) it was the center of the Roman and Byzantine city and is a great place to begin exploring Istanbul. At the Hippodrome, see the Egyptian Obelisk of Theodosius (the oldest monument of Constantinople) and the Serpent Column from the Delphi oracle remain, having been in this same location since the 4th century. The four bronze horses that used to be on top of the emperor's box were looted during the crusades at this ancient chariot-racing arena. They are now on the façade of Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

The Old City reminds one of the ancient times of the Roman Empire. The centuries-old city walls stand out. Extending for nearly 14 miles (22 kilometers) and stretching from the Sea of Marmara to the Golden Horn, these walls have stood for centuries. They were demolished twice in their history: first, by the Latin Crusaders who intended to head toward the Holy Land in 1204 and again in 1453 by the Ottoman Turks in their attempts to conquer the city.

The Valens Aqueduct (located within the old walls), was once part of the Roman aqueduct. It was the single longest ancient aqueduct system ever to be built – nearly 270,000 square feet (250,000 meters). Completed by Roman Emperor Valens in the late 4th century AD, it was used by the Byzantines and later the Ottomans, and was operational until the end of the 19th century.

Topkapi Palace, dating back to the 15th century, is rich in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Overlooking the ocean, from it's hillside location, its 27 towers and three miles of stone wall were at one time an official royal residence of the Ottoman sultans and the seat of the Turkish government. It is a museum now and considered the largest and oldest palace in the world. Inside, take a look at the harem’s quarters, and the seat of government. Some of the artifacts inside the museum include: collection of old weapons used by the sultans, palace kitchens with their huge porcelain collections, and the treasury with its collection of jewels and clocks, including the Topkapi Dagger and the stunning 86 carat Spoonmaker's diamond.

With the 3 night land program in Istanbul, guests will embark on a walking tour that will visit the Hagia Sophia, formerly a church, then a mosque before becoming a museum; the Blue Mosque and for those interested a guide will take you to the Grand Bazaar. The second day spend at the spectacular Ottoman Sultans' Grand Palace of Topkapi, home to every Sultan from the 15 – 19th centuries.

Cruise departures start in March and conclude in November. March 22, November 1 and 8 are also Wine Themed itineraries. Cruise rates start at $2899 per person and include the 7 night cruise, all meals, wine with meals, daily happy hour, multi choice excursions and Wi-Fi.

Experience Istanbul in all its splendor as part of your pre or post-cruise hotel/land extension on 2020 Gems of Southeast Europe cruises!

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UG Camp Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Union Glacier Camp and distance marker signs © Russ Hepburn

Antarctic adventure camps with Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Tucker SnoCat arrives at Union Glacier Camp © Christopher Michel

Scientist Kirstie Jones–Williams Will Lead a Team of Citizen Scientists in Antarctica at Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions camps.

“The demand continues to grow for world exploration, adventure and discovering ways to conserve our planet. This is an exciting time and can help change the global conversation.” ”

— David Rootes

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, September 30, 2019 / — Salt Lake City, Utah September 2019 – Airbnb announced they are funding a research sabbatical in the heart of Antarctica. Led by Antarctic scientist and passionate biogeochemist Kirstie Jones–Williams, five people will join an expedition to explore the impact of humans on Earth’s remotest regions. These five participants will be carefully chosen by Airbnb’s expert team and trained in Chile for an expedition on the ice at ALE’s Antarctic camps, working with highly trained professionals during their expedition.

From the start, the focus on environmentally conscious travel has been part of ALE’s company mission. ALE is enthusiastic to support this program and what it will bring to planetary awareness. ALE has long played a crucial role in Antarctic conservation and works with Antarctic Treaty States to regulate Antarctic visitation and protection of the Antarctic environment.

With this new collaboration ALE will support the Antarctic component of the trip, including providing expert guides, safety and all logistical support in their premier deep field camps for the Airbnb team to conduct extensive research while also experiencing all the adventure and comfort ALE provides on the ice. The five volunteers will:
• Work one-to-one with expert scientist Kirstie Jones–Williams
• Be immersed in training in Punta Arenas, Chile
• Learn about ice and snow, and field sampling
• Fly to Antarctica to conduct their scientific mission
• Collect snow samples to research how far plastic microfibers travel around the planet
• Visit the South Geographic Pole—the southernmost point on Earth
• Explore well-known sites such as Drake Icefall, Wind Scoop and Elephant’s Head
• Study their findings for final results
• Be Antarctic Ambassadors for the environment and share their experiences with the world

“The Airbnb community values healthy travel, including 64% of guests who chose Airbnb in 2018 because of its environmental sustainability,” according to Airbnb. Because their guests are exploring more social impact experiences, Airbnb launched their first Sabbatical earlier this year with high success, increasing excitement for the Antarctic Sabbatical starting in November this year.

“The demand continues to grow for world exploration, adventure and discovering ways to conserve our planet. This is an exciting time” says David Rootes, a Partner at ALE “Working with brands that understand that mission along with what we do, can help profoundly change the global conversation.” Find more on ALE’s commitment to safe and environmentally responsible adventure travel to the Antarctic at

To learn more and apply to the Antarctic Sabbatical, visit to apply to join this once in a lifetime opportunity. Candidates must be over 18 and available to travel to Chile and Antarctica for four weeks November to December 2019. Continue to follow the story through ALE and Airbnb updates and social media. ALE is proud to partner with Airbnb on this project.


About Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions: Specializing in expeditions to Antarctica’s deep interior, Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions provides 14 unique adventure travel experiences along with camp services, communications, travel safety, air support, overland support, meteorology and full logistic services. With a diverse international team and unparalleled access to remote camps and retreats, ALE is led by passionate and seasoned partners and highly sought teams to provide exceptional experiences. ALE is a Member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators ( and fully subscribes to the principle of safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic.

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About Airbnb
Founded in 2008, Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can belong through healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents and become hospitality entrepreneurs. Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace provides access to 7 million unique places to stay in more than 100,000 cities and 191 countries and regions. With Experiences, Airbnb offers unprecedented access to local communities and interests through 40,000 unique, handcrafted activities run by hosts across 1,000+ cities around the world. Airbnb's people-to-people platform benefits all our stakeholders, including hosts, guests, employees and the communities in which we operate.

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Antarctic Sabbatical | Only On Airbnb |In Collaboration with Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

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Large Group of Aircraft Sales Brokers To Be Tested for IADA Certifications

2000 Citation Excel listed by JBA Aviation, one of hundreds of jets listed exclusively by IADA dealers on

2000 Citation Excel listed by JBA Aviation, one of hundreds of jets listed exclusively by IADA dealers on

At IADA Fall Meeting Prior to NBAA-BACE

Both buyers and sellers of aircraft can rest assured they are dealing with the most competent experts available in our industry.”

— IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, September 30, 2019 / — Approximately 50 aircraft sales brokers will be tested for professional certification by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) at the organization's fall meeting, held just prior to the upcoming 2019 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas.

Those individual aircraft brokers who pass the rigorous testing protocol will join a group of 35 transaction brokers who passed the examination earlier this year. IADA, which also recently moved towards full professional accreditation for aircraft dealer organizations, expects a small group of additional aircraft dealers to join the 38 currently accredited dealers as IADA establishes an industry standard for professional ethics and transparency in aircraft transactions.

The newly certified IADA aircraft brokers, all working for IADA-accredited dealer organizations, exemplify the most experienced and highly skilled professional consultants who are available to represent both buyers and sellers of business aircraft. The rigorous certification program for brokers was developed and managed by Joseph Allan Aviation Consulting, which also developed accreditation standards for aircraft dealers.

Transparent Transactions

"With their new IADA certifications, the skilled brokers who pass these upcoming tests in late October will embody the very best qualities and transparency expected of professionals who can be trusted with handling aircraft transactions worth millions of dollars," said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. "Both buyers and sellers of aircraft can rest assured they are dealing with the most competent experts available in our industry."

The broker examination measures skills and competencies required of aircraft brokers in order to effectively execute their work. The Joseph Allan consulting firm has considerable experience in curriculum development as well as the development and management of examinations measuring knowledge-based competencies.

IADA's dealer organizations and individual brokers do business in more than100 countries. They utilize, an online marketplace listing only aircraft offered exclusively for sale or lease by IADA members.

All IADA members agree to participate in a program of ongoing education to remain current on best practices and new developments in acquiring and selling business aircraft and abide by a strict code of ethics and transparency. IADA represents a variety of IADA verified product and aviation services that also operate with the highest professional standards in the industry.

IADA is a professional trade association formed more than 25 years ago, promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry. IADA now offers the world's only accreditation program for dealer organizations and the only certification program for individual brokers. The process delivers high standards of ethical business and transparency regarding aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace.

For more info about IADA go to

Jim Gregory for IADA
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Fertility Road Magazine To Cease Print Publication After 10 Years

Fertility Road Magazine

Fertility Road Magazine

Leah & JJ Our First Fertility Journey Baby

Leah & JJ Our First Fertility Journey Baby


Mike & Wes

Mack Publishing Ltd owner of pre-conception magazine, Fertility Road announces plans to cease its print publication after 10 years to focus on 'digital future'.

"Fertility Road’s digital-first evolution will really allow us to continue to innovate and maintain our position as the leading influencer in the fertility field".”

— Tone Jarvis-Mack

LONDON, UNITED KINDOM, September 30, 2019 / — Mack Publishing Ltd owner of the pre-conception magazine, Fertility Road has announced plans to cease its print publication after 10 years to focus on a 'digital future'.

The brand has attributed the decision to the changing needs of its audience's mobile-first approach to fertility information and advertisers wanting more real-time engagement with readers.

Fertility Road has established itself as the leading and longest-running fertility publication across the globe with readers from Europe, North America, Asia and India.

In 2014 Fertility Road launched the global Fertility Journeys Initiative, the first of its kind which offered free treatment to couples who had been affected by the IVF Postcode Lottery and lack of funded cycles in the UK. The initiative has resulted in over 30 babies including several sets of twins being born and counting.

Andrew Coutts, Editor of Fertility Road, said: "For more than ten years Fertility Road has been the go-to publication for anyone concerned, interested or affected by fertility issues; it has succeeded in raising awareness of an issue which had been wrapped in secrecy, shame and embarrassment. It has provided a global public platform and been instrumental in helping people to gain the confidence to talk publicly about IVF, an issue which affects increasing numbers”.

"We have seen a tremendous shift in online engagement and feel a new digital-first approach will satisfy the growing demand of our readers across the globe and will enable us to continue to drive our growing transformation into different markets".

PJ Jarvis-Mack, CEO of Fertility Road said: "Investing in our digital future is the logical next step in the evolution of Fertility Road. Our readers are demanding more up to date information than ever before and our advertisers are wanting to engage with our loyal readers within moments instead of every other month".

"By ceasing to print, pack and ship over 20,000 magazines every other month and moving all of our content online to, we are doing our part to help the global need to reduce our carbon footprint".

Tone Jarvis-Mack, Operations Director said: "Over the last 10 years producing a physical magazine has been unbelievable rewarding".

"For two years, I have been working on our digital-first strategy meeting with our advertisers, readers and our global Advisory Board to understand their thoughts on the evolution of Fertility Road".

"As we celebrate our 10 years in business, we look back on everything we’ve achieved and we look forward to the next 10 years".

"Fertility Road’s digital-first evolution will really allow us to continue to innovate and maintain our position as the leading influencer in the fertility field".

Fertility Road’s November 2019 issue will be the final print edition, with the magazine set to continue in a digital future via its website Alongside fertility Road’s 800,000 online users, the brand boasts a strong media following, including 14,000+ Facebook Fans, 12,700+ Twitter Followers and our rapidly growing Instagram fans.

Tone Jarvis-Mack
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HealthSoul – New Review platform for Switzerland hospitals

Should you trust online reviews | HealthSoul

Should you trust online reviews

Patient experience awards | HealthSoul

Patient experience awards

IL, USA, September 30, 2019 / — Switzerland ranks 20th in world health ranking per WHO. There are 4.04 physicians per 1,000 people in Switzerland as compared with 2.56 physicians per 1,000 people in the United States. In 2013, Switzerland had 293 hospitals, 70% of which were public or publicly subsidized. The 26 Swiss cantons are individually responsible for planning and funding their own hospitals. Cantons are also required to coordinate with each other in order to allow patients to move freely among them. An agenda called Health 2020 is working to improve health care and lower costs, which are among the highest in the world.

Whether you’re preparing to have surgery, hospital-based testing or treatments, or just want to plan ahead in case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to know which hospital near you is your best option. Looking online is the natural place to begin researching, and several sites rate and compare hospitals and doctors. However, before you put your health in the hands of an online ratings’ site, it’s important understand how they develop ratings and how those ratings may or may not reflect on your specific needs.

When online rating sites compare hospitals, they are not always comparing apples to apples. Different sites may look at different types of data to make their conclusions. Here are a few measurements a site may or may not include:
• Patient experiences: What do patients think about the care they receive?
• Processes: How many patients received the correct care they needed for their specific situation?
• Outcomes: How well did patients do after receiving treatment?
• Cost: How much do specific services cost?
• Safety: How many patients suffered from hospital-related injuries or infections, etc.?

Review sites are making it easier than ever to learn about other people’s patient experiences with doctors. But are those reviews reliable? While online reviews can be a good place to start, they are not always a true reflection of average patient experiences or of how knowledgeable or skilled doctors are at their craft.
One thing to keep in mind with review sites is that there typically is no vetting of comments, other than sometimes pulling off reviews that could be considered libelous. Because many reviewers can stay anonymous, they often feel safer when leaving negative reviews and are more vocal than they might be otherwise. However, there is no way to ensure that the negative or positive review was legitimate. And once a negative review is there, it’s very hard to get it removed. Another thing to keep in mind is that most online reviews have more to do with the doctor’s bedside manner than his or her medical skills.

HealthSoul is an online portal that allows healthcare consumers to share opinions about their experiences with healthcare providers and hospitals. HealthSoul provides listing of all hospitals in Switzerland, whether academic or private or government run hospitals. At the end of 2018, Switzerland had 293 hospitals,70% of which were public or government subsidized. There are also some for-profit private clinics for diagnosis and surgical procedures. HealthSoul also provides the opportunity for consumer to share their reviews on health insurance and travel health insurance companies in Switzerland.

HealthSoul users can review hospitals or clinics in Switzerland on following parameters
• Overall Experience
• Nursing and Doctor care
• Food service and Cleanliness
• Likelihood of recommendation
• The reviews on different specialties for a particular hospital and ability to compare hospitals.

Your Experience Matters

As with any type of online review site, there are going to be outliers – i.e., extremely good or extremely bad reviews. In some cases, there may even be fake reviews. You need to keep those things in mind when searching for a doctor or hospital. Look for common trends, not extreme responses.As a patient, your experience also matters. Just as you want to look to other people’s reviews online, other people want to look at yours as well. It’s human nature to let others know about negative experience, but be sure to include the positives as well. If you have a doctor or hospital that you like and trust, let others know. As a patient, you have power, use it wisely.

Travelling to Switzerland

Swiss visitors must pay for healthcare upfront and obtain reimbursement from insurance. Travel, or international, health insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage when traveling outside of one’s home country. Travel health insurance in Switzerland is different from travel insurance, as the latter may provide only emergency coverage but not full medical coverage. Travelers should check with their health insurance provider, as they may already have an option of international health coverage. If they do not, they can purchase travel health insurance from their home country or the destination country.

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Newmarket Driving School Promotes Safe Driving For Ontario Seniors With Senior Driver Assessment & Practice Programs

Happy senior driver at Tomorrow's Drivers

Happy senior driver at Tomorrow’s Drivers

Tomorrow's Drivers G2 Test Tips for Newmarket and Markham Drivers

Tomorrow’s Drivers G2 Test Tips for Newmarket and Markham Drivers

Shayraz Khan of Tomorrow's Drivers and a student who passed their Ontario G/G2 road test

Shayraz Khan of Tomorrow’s Drivers and a student who passed their Ontario G/G2 road test

Tomorrow's Drivers announces its Senior Driver Refresher Course to Ontario seniors, made to equip them with the confidence to drive safe for as long as possible

NEWMARKET, ON, CANADA, September 29, 2019 / — Tomorrow's Drivers, the premier driving school in the Newmarket area, is pleased to announce that it offers a Senior Driver Refresher Course.

For more information about the course and driving test practice for seniors, visit

The Senior Driver Refresher Course is recommended for seniors who have either lost their driving license due to an at-fault collision or are older than eighty years old and are due for renewal of their class G driver’s license. The course is also geared towards updating driving skills in order to gain good driving habits and be a safe and defensive driver.

To stay a safe driver for life, it is important to receive instruction from a qualified driving instructor. Whether an individual has had an at-fault collision or not, seniors can benefit from understanding how Ontario's traffic laws have changed and how aging can affect their ability to drive.

Tomorrow's Drivers specializes in training beyond just passing a driving test. Since driving is a daily need, Tomorrow's Drivers aims to teach practical knowledge. By strengthening skills, confidence, and mindset, the driving school prepares students for any on-road situation they may encounter in their lives.

Tomorrow's Drivers apply the same approach to training senior drivers. The driving instructor assesses the student's current driving skills and abilities and identifies areas that require specialized driver training. Instructors also consider special health needs so that the student can be a safer and more confident driver. When drivers turn eighty, they are required to renew their license every two years with a mandatory test component. For this reason, it is especially important to be well-prepared.

A key component of the Tomorrow’s Drivers method is to help students of all ages develop rock-solid confidence in their driving abilities. The MTO-approved driving school has an unsurpassed 99.5% road test pass rate, but passing the G1, G2, and G tests is only the beginning. Instructors train students far beyond the baseline Ministry requirements.

Tomorrow's Drivers equips people with the positive mindset they need to thrive on the road and works to cure anxieties that influence driving performance. This therapeutic approach transforms nervous drivers into safe, respectful motorists. Having and using the skills taught at Tomorrow's Drivers is vital to making Ontario’s roads safer for every motorist.

Tomorrow's Drivers is an innovative driving school that teaches students the knowledge necessary to make good, confident driving decisions. The school offers Ministry-Approved BDE Courses and has an unmatched 99.5% passing ratio. Centrally located in the heart of Newmarket, the classroom is a convenient six-minute drive from the Newmarket Drive Test Centre. The training methods at Tomorrow's Drivers have been honed over several years, and, with over 10,000 successful graduates, the school proudly provides the best driver training in the York Region.


For more information about the Senior Driver Refresher Course, visit the webpage at Tomorrow's Drivers can be reached by email at or by phone at 1 (800) 241-7493.

Shayraz Khan
Tomorrow's Drivers
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Tomorrow’s Drivers

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Modern Country Artist Time Travels With 'Jukebox'

Photo by Neon Leaf Media

"The song was started back in 1982 and finished 37 years later."

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, September 29, 2019 / — Shelby Lee Lowe, one of Nashville’s newer Mod Country singer-songwriters, is combining his traditional roots with today’s modern touch in his latest single, “Cuss the Jukebox,” available in music outlets on September 27th.

Lowe, raised on Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakum, and Merle Haggard, wanted to do more than just give a nod to his early influences – he wanted to channel them – so he brought in songwriting partners David Payne, a honky tonk veteran from Lewisburg, TN, and producer/writer Andrew Scott Wills, of Nashville, to add that element of authenticity.

“I knew I wanted Cuss the Jukebox to sound like something I would’ve heard growing up, and Dave was the perfect guy to help me get there. We met when I was first getting started in Nashville – let’s just say he’s been playing bass in country bands and cranking out originals since before I was even born. The song was started back in 1982 and finished 37 years later.”

Wills, who produced the single, immediately loved the idea of an old throwback, embracing the challenge to create something iconic that would still work in today’s streaming digital world.

“On the heels of Ken Burn’s incredible PBS special I feel like music listeners are ready for a modern take on Classic Country. It was fun to step into the musical time machine and hear some of Dave’s stories from back in the day.”

“Cuss the Jukebox” can be found at Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and other digital outlets.

For more information, visit

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IPCC Report Panelists

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, IPCC Author and Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School

No Silver Lining Without Dramatic Changes in Policy on a Global Scale

You can hear movements within receding glaciers when you stand on them, and these desperate murmurings should not be witnessed idly. Nature is giving us a very clear message.”

— Rt. Hon. Katrín Jakobsdótti, Prime Minister of Iceland

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 28, 2019 / — The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (“IPCC”) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (“the report”) made international headlines when it was released Wednesday at 5 am EST. The report reveals the extent to which climate change has already affected the world’s oceans and the cryosphere, which is defined in the report as “the components of the Earth System at and below the land and ocean surface that are frozen, including snow cover, glaciers, ice sheet, ice shelves, icebergs, sea ice, lake ice, river ice, permafrost, and seasonally frozen ground.” The report also provided myriad projections that reveal the probable effects on the oceans and the cryosphere if the world’s nations either fail to or fulfill their duties as established by the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement—namely, to keep the average global temperature increase to well below 2 ̊C above pre-industrial levels.

The report is clear: Failure to meet the bar set by the Paris Agreements will be catastrophic for humanity, as well as species that lack the ability to quickly adapt to dramatic changes in their ecosystem.

To better understand the report, three of its authors—Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Dr. Ben Orlove, and Dr. Robert DeConto—as well as two additional scientists, Dr. R. Max Holmes and Dr. Jennifer Francis, to speak before an audience at The Explorers Club on Wednesday evening. Following presentations by Drs. Oppenheimer, Orlove, DeConto, and Holmes, Dr. Francis joined the other four scientists on stage for a panel discussion that was moderated by host Dr. Philip Duffy, the Director of the Woods Hole Research Center and a former White House senior advisor on climate and science in the Obama administration. The event was part of The Explorers Club’s week of programming based around Climate Week.

The evening’s event began with opening statements from the Rt. Hon. Katrín Jakobsdótti, the Prime Minister of Iceland, who spoke passionately about not only the report, but some of the more salient effects of climate change, particularly how glaciers are disappearing from Iceland. She also spoke about climate change’s effects of the ocean waters surrounding her homeland. “The impact on the ocean is less visible, but no less profound,” she said, before relaying reports from several Icelandic fisherman, who claim to be seeing new species of fish that have migrated north because of warming waters. In her closing statements, she noted that you can hear movements within receding glaciers when you stand on them, and that these desperate murmurings should not be witnessed idly. “Nature is giving us a very clear message,” Ms. Jakobsdótti concluded.

Following the opening statement by Ms. Jakobsdótti, Monica Dean, a Senior Associate with the United Nations Foundation who works on Energy, Climate, and the Environment, provided the audience with some preliminary information about the immense scope of the research required to produce the report, describing it as “the most ambitious report cycle the IPCC has ever undertaken its 30-year history.” To draft the report, Ms. Dean said it required 104 authors from 36 countries, who worked for two years and assessed over “6,000 different sources of literature” and reviewed “31,000 government and expert comments.” After completing the report, the authors spent five days with delegates from 195 countries to approve a 42-page summary for policymakers.

The first of the presenters, Dr. Ben Orlove, was one of the lead authors for the report’s section on mountains. He described how mountain glaciers in low- and mid-latitudes of the Earth are shrinking due to warmer air temperatures. Dr. Orlove also detailed how these glaciers and the usual runoff they produce from seasonal thawing contribute to rivers that are then used as a water source for peoples living in high altitudes. Increased runoffs due to warming temperatures, however, can lead to damaging floods and landslides. Should the process of deglaciation progress more rapidly, the results will not only be more flooding and more landslides, but the eventual disappearance of the glaciers. This will devastate communities in proximity to these rivers by severely restricting their water sources. Warming temperatures may also mean less snow in mountain regions, further denuding water sources during the spring thaw and threatening local economies, especially if they are based on agriculture or tourism.

Dr. Orlove added that the disappearance of glaciers has altered the topography of mountainous regions, thereby making some areas impossible to traverse. This can have a cultural—as well as an economic and environmental—impact. Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and mountains that are sacred to mountain cultures may be damaged or become inaccessible. France’s Mount Blanc, for example, may cease to be white.

The next presenter, Dr. Rob DeConto, was one of the lead authors for the report’s section on polar regions. Dr. DeConto presented a sobering look into how climate change is affecting glaciers in the Earth’s polar regions. He focused most of his attention on a series of graphs included in the report (see page 6 of the summary) that paint a picture of two vastly different scenarios.

In one, we continue on our current trajectory. If we follow this path, changes will become more pronounced in the future as the forces contributing to climate change compound and the effects (temperatures, sea acidification, ocean heat waves, etc.) become exponential in nature. Dr. DeConto, an expert on ice sheet dynamics, also noted that sea level rise could exceed previous projections because of changing dynamics within the Antarctic ice sheet system. Scientists did not fully understand the dynamics of this system until relatively recently. However, Dr. DeConto said the report shows that “Antarctica has the potential to contribute much more to sea level than we were thinking just five years ago.” Particularly after 2100, this could mean several meters in sea level rise. This will have a tremendous impact on existing coastal communities, especially small island nations.

The other path, which is more likely if we comply with the conditions of the Paris Agreement, shows these negative trends slowing or stopping entirely. In attempting to strike an optimistic tone, Dr. DeConto concluded, saying, “Even though there is going to be an ongoing increase in sea levels…you don’t turn the ice sheets around in decades or even centuries, but you can see it’s a much, much rosier picture with perhaps less than a meter of sea level rise even centuries out into the future, and that’s something that I think we can all probably deal with and tolerate.”

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, the next presenter, was one of the lead authors for the report’s section on sea level rise. Dr. Oppenheimer opened his remarks with a call for hope, but tempered this by admitting that his initial response to the findings was, “There’s a lot for us to do.” This especially pertains to adaptions and emissions reductions that can mitigate the effects and acceleration of sea level rise. Unfortunately, he noted that, “We’ve fallen further and further behind.”

Dr. Oppenheimer focused on a future in which sea levels continue to rise unabated. In this scenario, storm surges “will be riding on top of a higher sea level, so…the storm surge goes further inland.” Consequently, flooding in coastal areas becomes more common and so-called 100-year weather events become relatively common occurrences. By 2050, in many places around the world (including the East Coast of the United States), these storms may become annual events. Without adaptations and attempts to curb emissions, many coastal areas and small island nations will cease to be inhabitable without tremendous amounts of capital to either rebuild structures to accommodate frequent flooding or create barrier systems that keep sea water out.

The final presenter, Dr. Holmes, is a Senior Scientist and Deputy Director at the Woods Hole Research Center. Dr. Holmes spoke about the section of the report that focused on permafrost. “Permafrost is frozen ground,” he said. “It’s technically defined as ground that’s at or below the freezing point of water for two or more years consecutively, but in practice it’s ground that’s been frozen for hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of years.” Permafrost can be found underneath approximately 25 percent of the land area in the northern hemisphere.

Dr. Holmes said that as much as 70 percent of the near-surface permafrost in this region may be lost by 2100 due to rising air temperatures. On top of potentially damaging animals and people who rely on ecosystems underlaid by permafrost, thawing permafrost may release a great deal of carbon into the atmosphere, thereby contributing even more to climate change. To put into context just how much carbon is locked in the artic, Dr. Holmes explained that there are currently 850 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere; that there is approximately 500 billion tons of carbon stored in the vegetation around the world; and that there is 1,200 billion tons in existing fossil fuel reserves. In permafrost, “the thing that doesn’t get much attention…there is around 1,500 billion tons of carbon,” he said.

As permafrost thaws, bacteria begin to consume the organic matter that both contains the carbon and has been frozen, thereby releasing both CO2 and methane into the atmosphere. By 2100, Dr. Holmes said the report estimates that, in the best-case scenario, this will translate into “tens of billions of tons of carbon released.” If we do not act, he said, “We’re talking something over one hundred billion tons.”

The subsequent discussion began with a remark by Dr. Francis that seemed to capture the mood of the audience: “Thanks everyone for all that terrible news.” She added that, though the report does paint a ominous picture of the future if we fail to act, “One of the things this report does really well, and one of the reasons it’s so important, is because it’s really highlighting the changes that are going in two really important parts of the climate system: the oceans and the polar regions.”

Dr. Francis then emphasized that there is a vicious cycle in these parts of the climate system, wherein phenomena associated with global warming amplify one another. She used the melting of arctic sea ice as an example: “So far, we’ve seen the artic sea ice disappear by 75 percent in only 40 years.” As temperatures warm, more sea ice melts; as more sea ice melts, less solar energy is reflected back into space and is instead absorbed by the ocean; as the ocean absorbs more of the sun’s energy, temperatures warm; and so on, ad infinitum. According to Dr. Francis, this positive feedback loop “is causing the arctic to warm two to three times faster than just about anywhere else on the planet.” Additionally, this contributes to the thawing of permafrost and the melting of glaciers, particularly in Greenland.

Following the discussion, Mr. Julio Cordano, Chile’s Deputy Lead Negotiator for Climate, provided closing remarks. He noted that, while there needs to be more conversations between nations to address climate change, there is also a narrow window of opportunity. In the near future, he hopes that “we will be able to say we have a very substantial alliance of countries that are willing to increase their ambition and hopefully address the enormous amount of work that we need to do.”
This tone of conditional confidence in humanity’s ability to save itself from its own myopia had resonated among all speakers throughout the night. While the report makes clear that the effects of climate change will be severe if humanity does not work to reduce emissions, each of the scientists emphasized that adhering to the goals of the Paris Agreement will lead to significantly less grim results.

Dr. Oppenheimer described himself as an optimist in his opening remarks, adding: “It doesn’t pay to be paralyzed by gloom and doom.”

“We have the tools at our disposal,” he later added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Orlove claimed: “There’s twice as much glacier loss between now and 2100 with high emissions as there is with low emissions.”

Even Dr. DeConto expressed a hopeful tone while pointing to the two potential trajectories for the Earth’s oceans. Highlighting the projection that does not portend imminent doom, he said, “There’s still a lot of good news in this story.”

Dr. Holmes took a bolder approach: “Best case scenario is a hell of a lot better than the worst case scenario.”

A full recording of the event can be found on The Explorers Club’s Facebook page:

Kimberly Macleod
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Video Recording of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (“IPCC”) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

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Midnight Cannibalism Takes Top Award at Yap’s Annual MantaFest 2019

Best of Show image MantaFest Photo School 2019 Competition

Squid cannibalism: squid eating another one of it’s own species

MantaFest brings professional and amateur underwater photographers together on the hidden Gem of the Pacific

COLONIA, YAP, MICRONESIA, September 28, 2019 / — Long after sunset, 35 feet down and miles offshore, squid stalks in the inky darkness of the Yap Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. Like a lightning strike, it captures its prey in a forceful act of cannibalism. The split seconds that unfolded in this drama of one squid catching and devouring another of the same species was captured by blackwater diver/photographer Sheila Ott of Switzerland. Her image was recognized as the Best of Show by the international panel of judges during MantaFest 2019 held August 24 to September 8 and hosted by the Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers on the remote island of Yap.

Blackwater diving is a fairly new scuba diving endeavor, done well after dark and far away from land. Lights are hung from a boat that drifts in the open sea. During MantaFest, the divers entered the water in the Yap Trench, the second deepest ocean trench in the world that falls to depths past five miles. They search for pelagic larvae to drift by, but anything can show up. Then, camera in hand, they wait to see what the lights will attract. In this case, for Ott, it brought an act of nature few people have ever seen.

“Black water night diving is so addicting!”, exclaimed Ott. “If you get a chance, just do it! I first saw the squid attack at some distance and took off kicking to try to get a shot.” Ott’s efforts paid off as she won the top prize and racked up a free dive trip and other prizes.

During the annual two-week-long photo school and contest, the protected reef and ocean off Yap’s pristine shores produce daily shows from marine creatures big and small including its famous resident sharks and manta rays and a plethora of small, colorful tropicals like the brightly colored mandarin fish,

Now in its 13th year, MantaFest brings underwater photographers, both amateur and professional, to the small island to compete for prizes, attend workshops, take tours of the island, and experience the unique culture of Yap, considered to be among the best preserved in the Pacific region.

Workshops are led by experts in the field providing their knowledge of workflow and editing software. They also offer advice during sessions with local models in settings that include the island’s unique stone money banks and traditional dance performances. Daily underwater shoots provide opportunities to dive with the manta rays, sharks and other creatures that inhabit the surrounding, protected reef and steep coral walls.

In addition to Ott who lives in Les Monts-de-Corsier, Switzerland, grand prize winners were Mike Fusco of Guam, Best of Class DSLR ; Katja Jakobsen of Smorum, Denmark, Best of Class Non-DSLR; and Judy Bennett, New Orleans, Louisiana, Best Video Submission. Prizes were dive vacations and gear from leading manufacturers of diving and photo equipment from Dive Damai, Siren Fleet, Truk Odyssey Adventures, Aquanautic Elba, Mares, Ikelite, Akona, Diver Design, Ear Shield, Henderson, Dive 1st Aid, Gear Aid and Light & Motion.

Bennett was also the proud winner of the Crying Towel Award. “This special award is for the last dive day, after everyone submitted their contest entries,” said Bill Acker, founder/owner of Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers. “’Murphy's law’ is that one of the best images or video clips is captured the day after and, as history repeats itself, a video of a Zebra shark waking up and swimming off into the channel won a special edition MARES – Just Add Water mask and snorkel and a custom crying towel.” Bennett was overcome and immediately used the towel for its stated purpose.

MantaFest Photo School 2020 will take place August 31 to September 13, 2020. For more information, go to

Ruud van Baal
Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers
+691 350 2300
email us here
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Newverest® Launches New Interactive Scratch-off Map Inspiring Travelers To Document Travel Both Recent & Future

Trek Scratcher Collection

Trek Scratcher™ Collection




It was the perfect gift for an enthusiastic traveler. We didn't want something you can pull off a shelf at any random store or order online from overseas.”

— V. Samonova

HOCKESSIN, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2019 / — Newverest®, the makers of Trek Scratcher™ the leading scratch-off travel map, today announced the launch of their brand new Trek Scratcher™ of USA Voyage Edition. The new map comes in two versions. One dark and one light and is shipped in a specially crafted tube making it immediately gift-ready product.

Trek Scratcher™, also known as a scratch-off map, is a tangible way to keep track of places visited or for immediate inspiration in the planning of future trips. Every time a new country or state is visited (or targeted for future adventures), by scratching off the outer layer, a new beautiful color underneath is revealed. The map helps to keep track of a loved one in their travels, a souvenir of a past meaningful journey, or merely a hanging work of art meant to inspire and recall recent expeditions.

Viktoria Samonova, Co-Founder of Newverest®, and a self-proclaimed 'travel-lover' started the company while inspired to get her best friend a birthday present. Noting the poor quality of the scratch map options available, Samonova was inspired to do it bigger and better.

" It was the perfect gift for an enthusiastic traveler. We didn't want something you can pull off a shelf at any random store or order online from overseas. We wanted something special. Something that would really connect with him. I mean, what a great way to keep travel memories alive." Said Samonova. "By gifting this product, you do inspire emotions – whether it's memory or inspiring them to travel more. Maybe they've always had a goal to visit all of the states, and they need an original way to track their progress. And you don't need to broke the bank to buy it.

The products average in price at $35.00 retail and come with a 180-day guarantee. The US-based unique brand aims to inspire people to explore the world and the USA with its maps. Whether it's leaving their hometown, visiting a neighboring state or setting foot on Antarctica, map takes you away from your phone and into 3-d planning. The Newverest® Trek Scratcher™ of USA Voyage Edition will launch in September.

David Rachovski
Newverest LLC
+1 305-902-7904
email us here
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