Leading manufacturer of custom menus launches digital menu platform to assist restaurants with reopening

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No-Touch Menu for restaurants and hotels

Menu Designs, announces a new NO-Touch Menu Option to help Restaurants and Hotels open up safely, making it safe to read the menu on smartphones.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Menu Designs, one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of custom menus, today announced a partnership with Menuat to help restaurants, hotels, bars and other establishments offer a digital, no touch menu platform that allows patrons to safely view their menus instantly. The digital menu platform will help support CDC recommendations for reopening, in addition to accompanying disposable and existing menu covers that may be in use.

No-Touch Menus enables restaurant owners to be in control of their menu and update it in real time. This includes being able to update pricing, add or remove an item, and upload photos. No-Touch Menus also allows for displaying different menus and special at specific times throughout the day and is easy to use. Simply log into a password protected admin page and type in any changes you wish to make and it will instantly update the menu. Patrons can scan a QR code that will load the restaurant menu directly onto their smartphone or tablet, without requiring them to sign up or provide personal information. Menu Designs has been helping restaurants design and layout their menus, as well as producing high quality custom menu covers to restaurants across the nation for 40 years; adding No-Touch Menus allows us to provide an additional option to clients in the wake of COVID-19.

“With the restaurant landscape changing so quickly due to COVID-19, we wanted to be able to help our clients adjust as they begin to open back up by working with them to offer a digital menu platform so that their patrons would have a safe way to view their menu, and give the restaurant owners the opportunity to make quick price changes and edits to the menu without the high cost of re-printing,” said Elliott LaVercombe, National Accounts Manager for Menu Designs.

Signing up for No-Touch Menus is easy. Customers can either call Menu Designs at 1-800-889-6368 to speak with a representative or visit www.no-touchmenus.com


Menu Designs, is a Division of David Dobbs Enterprises, inc headquartered in St. Augustine, FL. Menu Designs has been in business since 1980 and serves primarily the hospitality industry, make custom menu covers, table stands, ring binders, drink menus and other POS items for restaurants and hotels. For more information on Menu Designs visit www.menudesigns.com

Menuat was launched in 2013, an all-digital, all-device menu solution for fast-casual restaurants and bars based on software written by Jeff Charette. Menuat participated in OneSpark, the first ever crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville, FL. After great success at OneSpark, Menuat was accepted into the inaugural class of PS27 Ventures, a start-up accelerator program that provides creators with mentorship and expertise needed to help scale their businesses. For more information on Menuat visit www.menuat.com

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