“The Quiet Man” Commemorative Euro Making Noise In Ireland

"The Quiet Man" 0 Euro Note

“The Quiet Man” 0 Euro Note

"The Quiet Man" 0 Euro Note Back side

“The Quiet Man” 0 Euro Note Back side

Limited edition “0 euro note” commemorates iconic John Wayne film

The Quiet Man’ gave people all over the world the chance to fall in love with Ireland”

— Peter Schneider

HEADFORD, GALWAY, IRELAND, June 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nearly 70 years after its release, the classic John Wayne film “The Quiet Man” has been immortalized in a special limited edition “0 euro note.”

Euro Note Souvenir created the note, which has been officially licensed by the European Central Bank and printed by Oberthur, the French facility that prints the euro. It has the look and feel of a euro, along with a watermark, holographic protection and UV-responsive tactile marks. On the front, the iconic image of John Wayne scooping up Maureen O’Hara can be clearly seen. Only 5,000 copies of the note will be produced.

The limited-edition note will no doubt be a collector’s item to John Wayne fans, as well as those passionate about Irish culture. The 1952 film was shot on location in Ireland, largely on the grounds of Cong’s Ashford Castle. It won two Oscars and is widely regarded as one of John Wayne’s most beloved films. The film has a devoted following, and is still shown at Ashford Castle, which has been converted into a world-famous hotel in the years since the film’s release.

“’The Quiet Man’ gave people all over the world the chance to fall in love with Ireland,” says Euro Note Souvenir Managing Director Peter Schneider. “We believe creating a note that immortalizes that moment will delight collectors and movie buffs all over the world. With travel restricted due to the coronavirus, fans of the film won’t get to come visit in person right away, so we hope this note can be the next best thing.”

Quantities of “The Quiet Man” Euro will be limited to 5,000 and it is available in the company's online shop. Peter Schneider is available for any inquiries about the new note and about the growing trend of collecting Zero Euro notes.

About Euro Note Souvenir:

Euro Note Souvenir is the exclusive license-holder for zero-euro banknotes in Ireland. These popular souvenir notes have the look and feel of real money, and are printed in the same facility in France that produces real Euro banknotes. More information is available at www.euronotesouvenir.ie.

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Source: EIN Presswire