Stephen Shabot Tennis is Great for Multi-Sport Athletes

Stephen Shabot

Stephen Shabot

LONG BRANCH, NJ, USA, June 3, 2020 / — Stephen Shabot is a skilled business professional who recently discussed the importance of tennis for the competitive spirit of multi-sport athletes. These high school students may want to consider using tennis to stay in great shape and advance their athletic careers, he states.

Why Stephen Shabot Thinks Tennis is a Great Sport

Tennis isn't always considered a cool or tough sport by many athletes, Stephen Shabot says, but he believes that it is an excellent option for those who want to stay in shape. In all of his athletic experience, he says he has never found a sport that stresses so many elements of athleticism. For example, stamina is critical because matches can last for hours in the hot sun.

And strength is crucial, Stephen Shabot argues, in ways that many may not realize. First of all, a player needs excellent leg strength to run on the court, pivot, leap if necessary, and streak to return a shot from across the court. Just as importantly, Stephen Shabot believes this strength is crucial for avoiding injury in a demanding and sometimes tricky sport.

Flexibility, Stephen Shabot states, is just as crucial in tennis. Players must be able to react quickly to sudden changes in the game and use their flexibility to hit awkward shots and stay active on the court. All of these elements make tennis a very demanding and exciting sport, Stephen Shabot argues, and one that multi-sport athletes should try to stay fit and to challenge themselves.

Tennis Tips From Stephen Shabot

If multi-sport athletes have another sport that conflicts with the typical tennis competition season, Stephen Shabot suggests playing tennis on the side. Picking up a racket now and trying to compete with players who have years of experience will only cause them to struggle. Instead, he suggests starting with players of similar abilities and learning with each other in a fun environment.

In this way, athletes can play tennis during all of their sports seasons, Stephen Shabot states, by practicing during their off-time. And those who live in cold-weather areas should find an indoor tennis area where they can practice. These areas are often in better shape than some outdoor tennis courts and provide temperature control and other elements that make them more enjoyable and engaging.

Stephen Shabot states that multi-sport athletes who go on to play in college or even professionally should stick with tennis as a pastime. The skills it teaches can help in just about every athlete. For example, baseball players can get more significant leg and arm strength, football players more stamina, and competitive gymnasts more flexibility for more robust events, Stephen Shabot argues. And tennis can help keep these athletes stay strong as they age and ensure that they keep a competitive spirit long into their adult life and even into their senior years.

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