How to Tell if an Online TEFL Course is Legit

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It can be hard for consumers to separate quality TEFL courses from the bad.

MyTEFL is a legitimate, trusted organization that provides accredited certification that can be used to teach around the world.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 1, 2020 / — In today’s age of the internet, more and more aspects of our lives are moving online and the traditional way of doing things is changing at a rapid rate.

One of these things is education. Obtaining a degree or certification of any sort once required commuting to a classroom and sitting in class for a set amount of hours to become qualified for certain positions. However this is no longer the case. Online education has come a long way in the last decade and more and more educational institutions are moving classes online.

Online classes offer much in the way of convenience, students can take a course online from anywhere in the world and depending on the class format, often at their own pace and schedule. They also offer a significant reduction in overhead cost as there is no physical building that classes take place in which results in a lower price for students.

However, this is not without it’s fair share of stipulations. The potential for anonymity online has led to a fair number of scams in all online industries, education and TEFL included.

This uncertainty can leave many consumers in serious doubt as to whether certain courses are legitimate ways to conveniently earn TEFL certification or money grabs that may leave them with less than they have bargained for.

The simplest and most commonly relied upon method for determining the legitimacy of an online TEFL course is consumer reviews.

Online reviews can only be trusted if they are published on independent, third party review websites that are not affiliated with any particular course provider.

Some trusted, nonpartisan sources of customer reviews for TEFL courses include;

Google reviews
Facebook Reviews

These websites are run by independent parties and do not earn commissions off of courses sold by any providers, they rely on advertising revenue to keep the sites running.

Some smaller, lesser known review websites may or may not be trustworthy. A common scam in the TEFL industry is for course providers to set up a website they claim to be “independent” and use it as a platform to write fake reviews promoting their own course and bashing other providers.

MyTEFL has high scores across the board on all major, trustworthy review websites and this is something we’re very proud of. We encourage all of our graduates to leave reviews on independent websites upon completion of our courses and we’ve even compiled a web page of our very favourites as well as a few we’re not so proud of.

This is not a webpage that students leave reviews on keep in mind but rather a collection of reviews collected from third party websites with links back to the original post.

Apart from providing proper training, TEFL certification also needs to be accepted by employers all over the world in order to fulfill its purpose.

MyTEFL’s 120-hour professional online course is fully accredited by both OTTSA and IATFLAC for unequivocal credibility.
MyTEFL’s certification is accepted by great EFL employers all over the world in public, private and non-governmental organizations in the education sector.

It’s also accepted and even sought out in various government education programs as preferred TEFL certification. Some of the many partnerships myTEFL has with government programs around the world include;

JET in Japan
EPIK in Korea
SENA in Colombia

These partnerships mean that myTEFL graduates are given priority over other applicants and myTEFL’s placement team will also be able to submit student’s applications on their behalf putting them on the quickest shortlist.

Being recognized by the government's ministry of education is also important for another reason, certificate authentication.

Some countries like China and Vietnam for example, require certification to be notarized or authenticated by their respective embassies in the country where the certification was issued before being eligible for work permit purposes.

Anyone wishing to teach in those countries should be very careful to choose certification that is easily authenticated should your employer request it. It’s always a good idea to contact your potential TEFL providers before settling on a course to make sure that their certification is able to be authenticated.

MyTEFL’s certification is recognized by both the Chinese and Vietnamese ministry of education and can be easily notarized or fully authenticated if need be.

We also have a direct partnership with who often help our graduates get their certificates authenticated right here in Vancouver BC seamlessly and without any coordination from the student.

Students wishing to notarize or authenticate their certificates themselves can also do so easily and without too much trouble.

In addition to satisfied customers and highly credible, versatile certification, myTEFL is very actively involved in the community and donates a portion of every course sold to charity. The two main charities supported by myTEFL are Little Footprints Big Steps and Trek to Teach.

LFBS is a child protection organization focused on family reunification and education in Haiti. TTT connects volunteer English teachers to underfunded schools in the Annapurna region of Nepal and also assists with the construction of school facilities there.

Both organizations seek to empower underprivileged individuals towards self sufficiency through education and support, a cause that myTEFL backs wholeheartedly.

So in short, yes, myTEFL is a legitimate, trusted TEFL provider that has been around for a long time and is here to stay.

Our thousands of satisfied graduates and long time business partners can attest to this and it’s not easy to become such a highly regarded name in the TEFL industry without a good deal of integrity and commitment to our customers and partners.

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

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Source: EIN Presswire