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New traffic regulations in Greece solve a problem car rental companies in Santorini and visitors from the United states faced for years

SANTORINI, CYCLADES, GREECE, July 13, 2020 / — New traffic regulations in Greece solve a problem car rental companies in Santorini and visitors from the United states faced for years! All domestic USA licenses accepted since June 2020!

Rent a car while on vacation

When you really want to explore a place while on vacation, renting a car sometimes is the best solution. Especially in places where the local bus service is not so good. There many people that choose to rent a car instead of waiting for hours in bus stops, and then having to squeeze with other passengers till they eventually arrive to their destination. From now on, with the social distancing regulations, travelers will most probably prefer more “private” ways of transport. With a rental car, you have the freedom of making your own schedule, use the air conditioning as you please, listen to your favorite music and discover places outside the routs of buses and trains. Parking and fuel expenses are low compared to other means of transportation, and with the insurance companies covering almost everything, renting a car becomes a worries free service. Car rental companies offer all kinds of models so the client has a big variety of cars to choose from. Solo travelers, couples, small or bigger families, and groups of friends, will find a car to fit their needs. Saving money is always a good thing to do, so car rental industry might get some advantages against taxis and private mini vans that are usually much more expensive in holiday destinations, such as Italy Spain and Greece . As a simple example the smallest taxi ride in a place like Santorini costs about 20 euro ( 24 US dollars ) while the prices for renting a car start from about 20 euro per day!

Driving in Santorini

Santorini is a very small island, but as mentioned before there are so many things to do. That is why many people prefer to rent a car. The bus service in Santorini was never very good, and someone would have to wait normally quite some time for the bus to arrive. Buses are usually almost always full. This year things are different, and the local buses are not so busy, but for that reason the schedule has changed, to one bus every 2 hours, instead of the typical every 30 minute departures. Taxis are not cheap either, so having a car is a very common solution. The roads in Santorini are not very good, and are sometimes narrow, but still as many roads are one direction, driving here is not a problem. There are quite a few signs indicating directions, and now days Google has solved the problem of finding places. All you need is a smart phone, and some data for your trip. Having a phone with you while you drive a rental car is very strongly recommended . Make sure you are able to use your smart phone, and make sure that you are able to call someone if you need anything (for example to contact the car rental company ). Some roads in Santorini are more difficult than others. If you collect your car from Athinios port, you would have to drive on a very steep, curvy road up to the top of the cliffs. That is why it is important to choose the right type of car. If you are used in driving automatic cars, then get an automatic car. Santorini is not the place to practice your skills on driving manual, if that is not what you drive back home. Rolling back on a busy steep road, is not something very safe. Another difficult road is the one going from the village of Pyrgos, to the monastery of prophet Elias at the top of the mountain. Here again you have to be extra careful. Apart from these two roads, the rest of the island is more than ok to drive. People sharing their experience, often mention that the traffic sometimes is very heavy, but this does not seem to be an issue this year..Parking should not be a problem either, as there are many free official parking lots, and since there are few people this summer, there is always a free spot to park your rental car.

Type of driver license required for Santorini car rentals

Greek government, even if there are not so many tourists this year, seems to be solving a problem that was at least annoying for American visitors. Until earlier this year, any traveler from the United states that wished to rent a car in Santorini, (and in Greece in general), was obliged to have an international driving permit, together with the American national driving license. The International driving permit, is for those who never had to issue one in the past, basically an official translation of the original license in several languages. The authority that issues the I.D.P. in the States is AAA. To issue this document, one has to apply usually online, provide a picture and a copy of their license, and pay a small fee of about 30 dollars. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but many people did not have the slightest idea, that they were supposed to. Santorini Car rental companies used to take the risk of getting a penalty from the authorities, for renting cars without the proper license from their clients, than risk loosing business or having unhappy customers. In case though, anything happened on the street, clients would also face the unpleasant surprise, of the possibility to get a fine from traffic police. This might not happen very often, as in Greece, authorities really want visitors to feel safe and protected, but there was always this small possibility. Who wants to deal with things like that, especially during their vacation?

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