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Road tripping in Arizona is more than just a stop at the Grand Canyon and a hike. Here are 4 top rated attractions to visit you are sight seeing in Arizona.

I try to find ways to capture new angles that haven’t been shot before. Whenever I can, I'll elevate myself to shoot down on a location to get a more dynamic perspective.”

— Gregg Jaden

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 / — America is known for vast landscapes and incredible road trip locations. If you are planning on visiting the American Southwest, then look no further than Arizona. Last year, this marvelous state brought in 45.4 million overnight visitors which was the most seen in recent years.

Tourists travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to Arizona to hike incredible canyons, mesmerizing landscapes, and experience warm weather all year round. The State is known for its red rock adventures and road trips to see breathtaking sights. You'll find miles of red rock, flood formed canyons, desserts, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and even volcanos all while sightseeing in Arizona.

Here Are 4 Top Rated Attractions in Arizona.


Over three million people visit Lake Powell every single year. This man-made reservoir is 400 feet deep and is 186 miles long. You can find it off the Colorado River right in the middle of Arizona and Utah. There are tons of different ways to see this magnificent lake depending on what you're most interested in. Whether you want to see it by foot, boat, or even flying in a plane. Some people even like to tour Lake Powell on a raft which is one of the most immersive experiences.

Gregg Jaden @greggjaden_ , a top travel Instagrammer and pro photographer, shows us a top down view before embarking on a Lake Powell adventure. Always searching for new angles, he and his team made it a point to get to the ridge a few hours before sunset as it provides gorgeous views. This made it so they could get the incredible shot of the red rock and turquoise water.


Located in Page, Arizona is the one of a kind Antelope Canyon which is divided into two different parts. The upper and lower canyon. Many years of wind and water have created massive flash floods to carve these beautiful canyons. Upon arrival it doesn't look like much before you enter the beautiful sandstone. There are a few different tours offered for the Upper Antelope Canyon but each tour requires you to make reservations ahead of time. Don't forget your camera! Any camera will do. If you take a tour, work fast as there are other tours inside the canyon. Work with the angles and ask your knowledgeable guide they usually know.

Inside Upper Antelope Canyon, Gregg Jaden shows the massive scale using his Sony Alpha a7RIII camera + 12-24mm G Sony lens. "Whenever I explore places with other tourists, I always try to find ways to capture new angles that haven’t been shot before. Whenever I can, I try to elevate myself to shoot down on a location to get a more dynamic perspective." says Jaden. When traveling here you can also book a hiking tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon which takes about an hour and a half to complete. The farther you walk the smaller the space in the canyon gets. This tour is not recommended for people who don't like enclosed spaces.


The Grand Canyon is something that you hear about all the time and a place that you should visit sometime in your lifetime. Visiting the Grand Canyon more than once can even showcase new beautiful scenery and endless angles to shoot with your travel buddies. This astonishing canyon is a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide. The Grand Canyon National Park itself is 277 miles right along the Colorado River.

Gregg Jaden’s timeless capture of the Grand Canyon, he really wanted to show how massive the canyon truly is by incorporating a person. He thinks that it makes photographing landscapes more exciting and riveting by showing differing dimensions. Did you know that the Grand Canyon even changes depending on the time of year that you visit? In the fall time, it will look significantly different in color compared to the early summer.

North Rim vs. South Rim

When visiting the Grand Canyon you may be confused if you should visit the North Rim or the South Rim especially if you don't have time to see both. The South Rim is more easily accessible from the city of Sedona, Phoenix, and Flagstaff and usually has a lot more people visiting than the North Rim. You'll also be able to find lodging, dining options, more attractions, and great viewpoints to see the breathtaking sights. Don't immediately forgo the North Rim though especially if you like a quieter scene. The North Rim is perfect for people who love the outdoors. It is higher in elevation therefore it does tend to be a bit cooler and isn't open year-round like the South Rim is.


This is a non-negotiable must see in Arizona! Horseshoe Bend and its stunning rock formations. It is located in Page, Arizona which is very close to many of the other beautiful destinations so you're not going to want to miss out. Fairly easy to get to and only a few minute walk to the rim. Luckily, you won't need to book a tour to see Horseshoe Bend and will only need to pay $10 to park your car. From your car, it is only a 0.6-mile walk, but this walk can be grueling on a hot summer day. Make sure to bring lots of water with you to stay hydrated. Once you make it to the top of Horseshoe Bend you will be greeted with the most beautiful sight. Of course, you are up 984 feet so it can feel a bit nerve-wracking.

Gregg Jaden's shot of this hotspot is one you will want to capture whether if you're a pro photographer or not. The light is different throughout the day. This shot was just before sunset. Sunset is most likely one of the best times to take a photo of this location. The sun will set in the right spot for a breathtaking photo above the horizon. If you're planning a road trip

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