Lorraine Simpson’s Travel TV Show Added to Air Canada’s enRoute In-Flight Entertainment for 2021

Lorraine Simpson, Two Time Magellan Award-winning Travel Expert, Speaker and Educator

Lorraine Simpson, Two Time Magellan Award-winning Travel Expert, Speaker and Educator

Lorraine Simpson’s Travel TV Show "What’s on Your Post Pandemic Bucket List?" added to Air Canada’s enRoute In-Flight Entertainment for 2021.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you board an international flight with Air Canada in January 2021, then chances are likely that Lorraine Simpson played a big part in you booking the ticket. Her new Travel TV Show "What’s on Your Post Pandemic Bucket List?" will be added to Air Canada’s enRoute in-flight entertainment for 2021, and will be available on domestic and international flights starting in the new year.

You see, ever since COVID-19 shut down most of the world, the popular travel expert and travel personality has been working tirelessly on behalf of travel industry and she’s the big reason why consumers have more confidence to book trips again, according to scores of media outlets.

Her advocacy movement has two distinct goals: to help reboot the $1.5-trillion-dollar global tourism industry and to get travellers more comfortable with the “new normal” as we all continue to combat the world’s worst pandemic in over a century.

And it’s working, thanks to the launch of her new TV show, What’s on Your Post Pandemic Bucket List?

The show is now taking flight – literally – as Air Canada will broadcast it on their enRoute in-flight entertainment system starting in the new year. This means that when you travel anywhere inside and outside of Canada with one of the world’s top airlines, you can check out her show that’s getting amazing reviews from audiences around the world.

Through Zoom interviews and on-location footage provided by the travel leaders and experts she interviews, her show takes viewers on amazing, must-visit locations around the world.

From Kenya to Antigua and Barbuda, from the UK to Canada, and from Ireland to Tahiti, Simpson covers lots of amazing “bucket list” destinations, and she’s helping travellers’ dreams come true again. Sure, the launch of her show looks glamorous, even easy, but Simpson, like everyone else in the travel world, has been bombarded with setbacks.

However, she turned adversity into opportunity and decided to use her COVID-19 loan and invest it in making a TV show, which had been a lifelong dream since age 7, when she watched a show called Holiday in England.

Simpson is now in talks with two major networks with her new show, but who will obtain the exclusive rights has yet to be decided. However, stay tuned because the filming has gone much better than expected and she is delighted and humbly surprised that so many people like her almost-zero-budget-show. Her shows include all sorts of special guests, like the Prime Minister of Antiqua and Barbuda, The Honourable Gaston Browne, and international world-renowned architect and visionary designer Bill Bensley.

“Launching a travel TV show during a pandemic was a risk, but it all paid off in a big way for myself and the industry as a whole, and I am thrilled that Air Canada will include the show on its enRoute in-flight entertainment system,” says Simpson. “My new show, made at the peak of COVID-19, is a homage to the places we dream of, and now your dreams can come true with the industry getting back to normal again.”

Meet Lorraine Simpson

Lorraine Simpson knows travel, inside and out. Who better to share insights and perspective on the reinvention of the industry that has been battered globally by COVID-19 than someone who has reinvented their own travel persona? Simpson has the experience, know-how, and insight that will help guide a realignment of the $1.5 trillion-dollar industry.

In a small unfinished basement, she set up her first travel company focused on destination weddings in 2005. Fast forward to 2010 and with no financial backing, Simpson transformed her company into a $4 million success story. As part of her own reinvention, Simpson then shifted into the luxury group speciality travel market, and her story comes full circle this year with a move from travel agent to travel personality and leading travel expert in national and international media. With this enhanced public profile, Simpson is helping travel brands reinvent themselves amid global uncertainty in the industry.

Simpson is a two-time Magellan Award winning travel entrepreneur and now the CityLine TV Travel Expert. She has recently launched her own TV show, What’s On Your Post-Pandemic Bucket List? She is a popular keynote speaker at travel events and conferences across North America and round the world and works as a travel advocate with ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies).

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