Frommer’s Names The World’s Most Tolerant Countries

A river scene of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

The Netherlands was chosens as one of the world’s most tolerant countries

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Faces of massacred Rwandans on display in a museum about tolerance

“Never Again” is a key national goal in Rwanda

Respected travel authority determines the nations that can serve as models for the rest of the planet.

Knowing that a destination is welcoming of differences can have an even greater impact on travel plans than price, cuisine, scenery, and other cultural factors.”

— Pauline Frommer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, January 14, 2021 / — For more than six decades, the Frommer’s travel guides have turned a critical eye on world cultures and facilities. Whether the iconic publisher is assessing the most awe-inspiring natural sites, spotlighting essential historic monuments and museums, or delivering independent consumer advice on restaurants, hotels, shops, and nightlife, Frommer’s helps travelers navigate an increasingly complex planet.

Frommer’s recognizes that, for many travelers, a destination’s intangible qualities are as important as its tourist sites. Knowing that a destination is welcoming of differences—including in race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion—can have an even greater impact on travel plans than price, cuisine, scenery, and other cultural factors. What’s more, travel itself can help reinforce understanding across divides. One of the company’s core values is, as founder Arthur Frommer puts it in a note that appears in every Frommer’s guidebook, to foster a “community of friends, where all human beings live in harmony and peace.”

Using a variety of internationally respected measures, including the Social Progress Index, the Legatum Prosperity Index, and the United Nations Development Programme, Frommer’s has determined the World’s Most Tolerant Countries, The list has been fully updated and expanded for 2021.

The selections are:

• Canada, for making multi-culturalism a pillar of its national values
• Albania, for religious tolerance in a country that’s almost evenly split between Muslims and Christians
• The Netherlands, for committing to personal freedom as an expression of national identity
• Uruguay, for standing as a bastion of peace and prosperity thanks to relaxed and progressive social attitudes
• New Zealand, for celebrating and protecting indigenous culture
• South Africa, for strengthening LGBTQ equality through law
• Ireland, for a centuries-long tradition of hospitality that has evolved to welcome migrants and other outsiders
• Costa Rica, for outperforming peers with similar economies by embracing inclusive values and extending core principles of tolerance from humans to the natural world
• Rwanda, for healing the wounds of the past and striving for equality and peace to become a model of post-conflict recovery
• the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, for being the gold standard when it comes to promoting personal freedoms and social tolerance

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