Hong Kong’s Coronavirus-Related Air Crew Quarantines are Inconsistent for US Pilots and Crew

Poses an Ongoing Risk to US Air Carrier Pilots and Crew by Forcing “Close Contact” Crews to Quarantine Upon Arrival at a Government Quarantine Camp

Hong Kong’s refusal to honor its commitment to the U.S. Government poses an ongoing health-related risk to the working conditions of U.S. air carrier pilots and crew.”

— Air Line Pilots Association, International

UNITED STATES, February 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ALPA pilots have worked stoically throughout the pandemic to ensure the vital flow of goods and people, including, recently, global distribution of the vaccine itself. It is important that all governments cooperate to the maximum extent possible to ensure the safety of flight crews, and minimize intrusion on the liberty of personnel operating international flights.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong’s actions with respect to coronavirus-related air crew quarantines are inconsistent with an understanding with the US and pose an ongoing risk to US air carrier pilots and crew by forcing “close contact” crews to quarantine upon arrival at a government quarantine camp. Nonstop flights from the US involve crew layovers, but Hong Kong’s actions render nonstops untenable, putting US carriers at an arbitrary, unfair disadvantage.

These actions violate the US-Hong Kong Air Service Agreement. The implementation of new quarantine rules may worsen Hong Kong’s treatment of US air crew relative to other countries’ air crews. For the reasons discussed herein, we respectfully request that the Department limit to a period of 179 days American’s exemption request to continue codesharing with Cathay, Hong Kong’s major airline, until the Hong Kong government rectifies its treatment of US pilots and crew. By granting short term approval, the Department will have the opportunity to regularly revisit Hong Kong’s progress and compliance. Alternatively, on behalf of all of ALPA’s pilot members, we request that DOT exercise its Part 213 authority to achieve the same result.

In another arbitrary blow to U.S. carriers, the rules also include a troubling and curious carve-out for Hong Kong-based all-cargo operations to and from Anchorage, Alaska, if the crew remain in a sterile “closed-loop.” It appears that no U.S. carrier can make practical use of this exception, even those with Anchorage bases, because U.S. crews are exposed to the local Anchorage population.

Answer of ALPA to American/Cathay Pacific Codeshare Renewal: https://airlineinfo.com/ostpdf109/264.pdf

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Laura Hammarstrom Awarded Certificate in Event Management by Cvent

Laura Hammarstrom, Founder and CEO of Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC

Laura Hammarstrom

Laura Hammarstrom, the founder of Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC, earns Cvent Event Management certification, adding to her long list of noteworthy achievements.

BENTONVILLE, AR, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Laura Hammarstrom is a woman of many accomplishments. After leading global events as the Senior Event and Project Manager in support of Walmart's International President and CEO, she was promoted to an expatriate role in the United Kingdom, eventually filling the position of the Director of Global Associate and Executive Communications for the retail giant.

Her experience working with top executives on behalf of the brand, both domestically and internationally, would eventually lead to Hammarstrom pursuing her own entrepreneurial endeavors. She currently operates Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC, which offers a full suite of global, on-site event management services to clients, including VIP experiences, corporate meetings, international conferences, and more.

The event management certification program — which has trained over 20,000 industry professionals — offers an opportunity for graduates to demonstrate their proficiency and expand their expertise in the areas of marketing, event planning, and hospitality. Managed by Cvent, a prominent figure in technologies for meetings and events, the program has received praise from some of the biggest names around.

The globally recognized certification program requires that participants complete a rigorous exam. If the past year has taught us nothing else, it's that adequate preparation for the unexpected is key.

Given the current environment and the challenges that small business owners like Laura Hammarstrom have faced in recent times, it's more important than ever to recognize the achievements of those who continue to forge ahead and help propel the industry forward by remaining innovative and passionate.

By earning this prestigious certification, Laura Hammarstrom has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with. As she continues down her path of personal and professional development, one can only wonder what other accomplishments lie ahead for this events guru. What is clear, however, is her level of commitment — both to her own success and the success of her clients.

About Laura Hammarstrom

Laura Hammarstrom is a professional event manager, travel director, and entrepreneur with a diverse skill set and professional background, including domestic and international initiatives for Fortune 1 executives, high-net-worth families, and the Northwest Arkansas community. She has spent over 10 years in event management and communications roles at Walmart Corporate. Most notably, she was the Senior Event and Project Manager for the Walmart International President and CEO, the Director of Special Projects in the United Kingdom, and the Director of Global Associate and Executive Communications.

In pursuing her passion for events, she received her Certified Meeting Professional designation and served as the Events and Experiences Manager for the Walton Enterprises Family Office. In 2017, Laura started her own event business, Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC, to provide a comprehensive suite of professional, customer-focused, on-site event management services on a global scale.

Laura Hammarstrom
Laura Hammarstrom, CMP, LLC
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The Fundamentals of Yield Management & Dynamic Pricing

Yield management finds the optimal balance of supply and demand, where the price perfectly meets the demand.

Yield management finds the optimal balance of supply and demand, where the price perfectly meets the demand.

Finding that sweet spot where your price perfectly matches the demand is when your rates will “yield” the most amount of sales and revenue.

Even if we hired a full-time person to set rates, we couldn’t post hundreds of rates multiple times a day or analyze the results the way Smarking’s dynamic pricing does.”

— Rick West, CEO of Millennium Parking

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — What’s Yield Management?

Yield management is a variable pricing strategy based on the principle of maximizing the revenue from a fixed, limited resource. It finds the optimal balance of supply and demand, where the price perfectly matches the demand. This is the sweet spot where your rates will “yield” the highest number of demand at the highest possible price. If you order an Uber at three different times of the day – you’ll get three different rates, depending on the number of cars available (supply) and the amount of people who requested a ride (demand). That is a yield management pricing strategy.

Yield Management and Parking

Yield management pricing strategies work best when the following conditions are met:

– Inventory is perishable
– Product is sold in advance
– Demand fluctuates

Industries where yield management strategies work well include: ride share, hotels, airline, and parking. All have a fixed amount of inventory that needs to be priced based on the demand and the remaining amount of inventory available. If a can of soda is on the shelf one day and sold the next day – there is no loss. Whereas, a parking spot is open all day – that revenue is lost forever, making yield management strategies vital in parking.

Traditional Pricing Strategies

For decades, the pricing of parking inventory has been largely based on: competition, location, and historical performance. It does not consider the demand of the market nor does it price inventory appropriately given the remaining daily supply. Typically, prices are updated yearly, seasonally, or at best – monthly. It is a slow and time-consuming process that is inefficient and leaves thousands of dollars on the table monthly. In today’s world, since this process can be automated, companies that rely on traditional pricing methods will soon find themselves edged out by the competition.

The Mobile Movement in Parking

It’s estimated that about 30% of traffic is caused by drivers searching for parking. To reduce the congestion and stress that comes with looking for an available spot, the demand for parking reservation apps is growing, and now more than ever, commuters are reserving their space before they leave their home. Overall the U.S. is behind the curve in terms of adopting mobile reservations, currently under 20%. In China, over 90% of parking transactions are processed online. Currently, the US parking market is a $131 billion dollar industry and is only growing. It’s estimated that within the next 10 years, more than half of all US parking transactions will be completed digitally. The direction of the parking industry is clear – it’s critical to expand your parking operations to online channels. Your competitors will continue to improve their online presence and shift parkers away from your facilities. Behaviors are changing – commuters are searching and securing spots before they go.

Do Online Sales Channels Cannibalize Transient Traffic?

One of the major hesitations operators have with online reservations apps is the perception that the online traffic is taking away, or converting, their transient visitors. However, after a year and hundreds of thousands of transactions, the data consistently shows a neutral impact on transient demand. Most drivers have their preferred method of parking – either drive-up or pre-paid reservation. Visitors that prefer to just drive-up continue to do so, and those who use reservation apps, consistently use the app when visiting new or repeated locations. It’s very rarely the case that drivers check and compare both options. By opening up spaces on an online sales channel, you’re simply allowing a new segment of visitors to find your garage.

A recent doctoral study by Todd Tucker, SVP of Market Development at Arrive, showed that online sales channels proved to create additional demand parking. The study was conducted at 30 parking locations, over the course of 180 days, totaling 5,400 total observations.

Results Of The Study Indicated That Online Sales Channels:

– Contribute a significant amount of revenue contributor to brick-and-mortar facilities
– Improve revenue per space
– Attracted new commuters
– Do not cannibalize the demand of transient parkers

Implementing Yield Management in Your Parking Operations

To effectively implement a yield management strategy, you need to have an idea of how changing the pricing will affect the demand for your product.

– High demand = higher price to optimize the revenue opportunity
– Low demand = lower price to encourage and increase demand

But by how much?

How high can the rate increase before the cost makes commuters turn away and returns diminish? To determine this, it’s important to monitor the change in the number of transactions after a rate change has been implemented. You can take the percentage change and divide it by the percentage change in price. The challenge with this approach is that it’s virtually impossible for a human to do this fast enough to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the market. Now that demand data has become available, parking operators can enable and automated a true demand-based pricing approach.

Continue reading here.

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R3 Stem Cell Wins 2021 Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company Award

stem cell center

best stem cell company

Most Outstanding Regenerative Company 2021

Coming off an Award filled 2020, R3 Stem Cell has now won the Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company Award for 2021.

As we've grown over the past 10 years, our main priority has been the safety of the biologics. With our patient satisfaction remaining at 85% consistently, I'm very proud of that track record!”

— CEO David Greene, MD, MBA

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — R3 Stem Cell announced it has won the 2021 Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company Award from Corporate Vision. As a long standing trusted USA and international provider of regenerative therapies, the company consistently maintains high patient satisfaction and an unparalleled safety record.

With over 16,000 procedures performed worldwide in the past decade, R3 Stem Cell has become the worldwide leader in stem cell and exosome therapies. R3 International offers stem cell treatments for autism, MS, ALS, diabetes, stroke, kidney/heart/liver failure, Lyme, dementia and more.

According to Dr. David Greene R3 Stem Cell CEO, "As we've grown over the past 10 years, our main priority has been the safety of the biologics. The quality assurance of the stem cell and exosome biologics has been paramount, and as a result we've never had a significant adverse event!"

R3 Stem Cell offers over 35 Centers of Excellence in the USA, and currently has six International Centers in Mexico, Pakistan and Honduras. More countries are in the works. Internationally, the regenerative treatments are offered by either injection, intravenous, intrathecal, nebulizer, intramuscular, intralymphatic or intranasal. Over twenty protocols are offered, depending on the particular patient's condition and severity.

How many stem cells and exosomes a particular patient receives depends also on a patient's condition and its severity. It ranges from 30 million cells, upwards to a billion.

R3 Stem Cell Dr. David Greene added, "Hearing patients rave about how well they are doing after procedures and also complimenting our staff is so gratifying to our team. A lot of our patients come from referrals now, which is directly attributed to the quality of care!"

A few years ago, the R3 Heroes Program was started. The program offers free regenerative therapies to military veterans who are nominated by either themselves, friends or family. The ailments do not need to be service related. To date, over 100 Heroes have been treated in the program.

For anyone interested in seeing whether or not he or she is a candidate for regenerative therapy, simply call (844) GET-STEM to get set up with a free phone consultation.

David Greene, MD, MBA
R3 Stem Cell
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The Best Stem Cell Clinics

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Concierge Auctions Announces February/March Global Auction Lineup of $94 Million in Properties—Most No Reserve

Private hilltop escape with ocean views

Private hilltop escape with ocean views

Exquisite gardens and your own pine forest greet you upon entry to the property.

Exquisite gardens and your own pine forest greet you upon entry to the property.

Built to entertain, the stately grand pavilion entrance with custom cast entry steps and manicured two-acre parcel will impress from first sight.

Built to entertain, the stately grand pavilion entrance with custom cast entry steps and manicured two-acre parcel will impress from first sight.

Private four–sided infinity–edge pool

Private four–sided infinity–edge pool

Deeded access to a private beach and miles of coastline wait to be explored just outside your front door.

Deeded access to a private beach and miles of coastline wait to be explored just outside your front door.

I am looking forward to working with Concierge Auctions again. From their robust database, to their award winning marketing team, I know we will find a perfect new owner for this incredible property. ”

— Sean Stanfield, listing agent

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Concierge Auctions has released its February/March lineup of over $94 million of luxury properties spanning 5 countries and 4 U.S. states—the majority offered No Reserve to the highest bidders.

Offerings include The Barn House, a masterpiece that offers one of the most dramatic views in Laguna Beach; an Architectural Digest-featured contemporary Spanish home that is part architectural wonder and part work of art with views of the Mallorcan countryside, vineyards, and Serra de Tramuntana mountain range; and an incredible state-of-the-art estate sitting at the highest elevation in the coveted, hidden jewel of Little Compton, Rhode Island atop two impeccably manicured acres with deeded private beach access.

Buyers may bid digitally from anywhere in the world via the firm’s online marketplace, ConciergeAuctions.com.

Featured Properties Include:

Torrent Fals | Santa Maria del Camí, Mallorca, Spain
Bid Now–3 March

Perfectly positioned between the villages of Santa Maria del Camí and Santa Eugènia, Torrent Fals, a unique contemporary Spanish home will auction in cooperation with Marilí PérezUrízar and Leigh Lewis of Zest Mallorca. The reserve is set at €1.95M.

Torrent Fals is part architectural wonder and part work of art. Designed to flow seamlessly from the luxury finishes within to the Spanish countryside, vineyards, and Serra de Tramuntana mountain range surrounding it, the home makes best use of the stunning scenery visible from every room. Cohesive design brings luxury to every room, with brushed copper fixtures and custom, locally-sourced tile throughout the interior spaces. The main living and gathering area features incredible vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, a fireplace, and floor to ceiling glass doors on both sides.

“We believe that Torrent Fals is well suited for the auction platform, and Concierge Auctions was the only choice for us, given their incredible track record in the market and impeccable global reach,” stated Olivia Calafat, seller. “While we have loved working on this project—creating a beautiful, architecturally stunning home that has gained attention from Architectural Digest itself—we are ready to pursue other ventures, including additional award-winning projects.”

The Barn House, 2020 Donna Drive | Laguna Beach, CA
Bid March 19–24

The Barn House, a masterpiece that offers one of the most dramatic views in Laguna Beach, will auction next month via Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Sean Stanfield of Pacific Sotheby's International Realty. Currently listed for $6.995 million, the property will sell with No Reserve to the highest bidder.

The Barn House, created by Fred Briggs, one of the world’s top residential architects, is a masterpiece that sits high above Laguna Beach. The original Bauhaus-style with oak barn exterior has been refined by employing 3 materials for renovation: steel, wood and glass allowing this home to blend into the canyon beyond. Expansive walls of windows welcome light and views inside, while the two-story fireplace ensures comfort from inside to out. The Barn House is created with soaring ceilings and exposed beams overhead, and hardwood floors underfoot. The four-sided-infinity–edge pool is the centerpiece of the outdoor entertainment areas. The outdoors offer private luxury by featuring four balconies, the infinity pool with oceanfront views, endless walking paths, and a private orchard. The Boffi kitchen and living areas make entertaining indoors as easy as out.

“I am looking forward to working with Concierge Auctions again. From their robust database, to their award winning marketing team, I know we will find a perfect new owner for this incredible property. Together as a team, we will put on a competitive auction for The Barn House,” stated listing agent, Sean Stanfield.

Brutaliste sur Mer | Little Compton, RI
Bid June 8–15

Brutaliste sur Mer, a state-of-the-art estate that sits at the highest elevation in Little Compton, Rhode Island, will auction this June via Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Renee Welchman of Welchman Real Estate Group. Currently listed for $7.85 million with, the property will sell with No Reserve to the highest bidder. However, should someone want to snap up the property ahead of the scheduled auction date, it is available for sale with a Buy Now price of $5.95M.

Built to entertain, the stately grand pavilion entrance with custom cast entry steps and manicured two-acre parcel will impress from first sight. Admire the floor to ceiling glass that connects the living and dining areas to the terrace and pavilion, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, ideal for hosting any size party. The flawless gourmet kitchen boasts Viking/Subzero professional designer appliances, window walls, and Carrara marble countertops. Every room features its own unique view of the ocean, with custom floor to ceiling windows to invite the stunning scenery indoors, while deeded access to a private beach and miles of coastline beckons.

“I’m extremely excited to be taking my property to auction with Concierge Auctions,” stated Domenic Carcieri, seller. “It was clear to me that their superior database and marketing platform put the firm ahead of all other options—especially in a climate where a time-certain sale gives me the opportunity to move on to other projects on my timeline.”

Additional Properties Include:

56-1089 Kamehameha Highway #2 | North Shore, Oahu, HI
Bid Now–March 3
Currently Listed for $3.2M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with Julia Napua Fetzer and Sean F. Ginella of Hawaii Life

422 West Michigan Street | Indianapolis, IN
Bid February 19–26
Currently Listed for $2M. Reserve $1.25M.
In Cooperation with David Morris of eXp Realty

4921 Palmetto Street | Houston, TX
Bid March 17–23
Currently Listed for $1.99M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with Megan Cardet of eXp Realty

Villa la Zagaleta | Marbella, Spain
Bid 15–20 April
Total Construction Cost €6.75M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with Rob Pijpers of Owners Link

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Bid March 25–29
Currently Listed for $25.495M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with the Bullock/Sarkissian of Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty

Casa Rubia | Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Bid March 25–30
Currently Listed for $2.5M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with Chad Pimentel of Vivo Resorts

St. Andrew's | Little Ragged Island, Bahamas
Bid March 26–31
Currently Listed for $19.5M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with Stuart Halbert of Bahamas Realty

Parcel 1A | East Caicos, Turks & Caicos
Bid March 26–31
Currently Listed for $15.645M. No Reserve.
In Cooperation with Ian Hurdle of The Agency

Plus upcoming properties in Costa Rica, France, the Bahamas, and Oklahoma.

About Concierge Auctions
Concierge Auctions is the world’s largest luxury real estate auction firm with a state-of-the-art digital marketing, property preview, and bidding platform. The firm matches sellers of one-of-a-kind properties with the most high-net-worth property connoisseurs on the planet. Sellers gain unmatched reach, speed, and certainty. Buyers get incredible deals. Agents earn their commission in 30 days. Since its inception in 2008, Concierge Auctions has generated billions of dollars in sales, broken world records for the highest-priced homes ever achieved at auction, and grown its activity in 44 U.S. states/territories and 29 countries. The firm owns the most comprehensive and intelligent database of high-net-worth real estate buyers and sellers in the industry, and has contributed more than 300 homes to-date as part of its Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes™, which guarantees that for every property the company sells, a new home is funded for a family in need. For more information visit ConciergeAuctions.com.

Emily Roberts
Concierge Auctions
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Antonio Luis LLinas Oñate, lleva a Europcar México en camino hacia un futuro más verde

Nuestro compromiso por cuidar del medio ambiente para su adecuada preservación, contribuyendo a reducir los efectos del calentamiento global

“Cuidar del planeta debe ser ahora una prioridad, como parte de una responsabilidad social, e incluso a la hora de hacer negocios, cualquiera que sea, debe considerarse el impacto ambiental”.”

— Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO, MÉXICO, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “En Europcar México, además de su liderazgo como marca de alquiler de vehículos, deseamos ser reconocidos por nuestro compromiso por cuidar del medio ambiente para su adecuada preservación, contribuyendo a reducir los efectos del calentamiento global que ya comienzan a afectar gravemente el mundo” – Antonio Llinas, CEO de Europcar México.

Llinas Oñate reconoce que la huella de carbono que la marca está generando ahora mismo es muy grande y se requieren de grandes esfuerzos para reducir hasta los índices necesarios para que los gases de efecto invernadero dejen de golpear al planeta y nos lleve a sufrir problemas muy graves en los próximos años.

Muchos especialistas, incluso el propio Bill Gates, ha mencionado que es urgente un cambio en las próximas décadas para evitar consecuencias peores que las causadas por la actual pandemia que asola al mundo entero.

Para Antonio Llinas Oñate, la preocupación de un mundo más sostenible es imperativa, entiende que resistirse a cambiar ahora implica una gran fatalidad para las nuevas generaciones, pues el mundo entero está expuesto a sucumbir ante la escasez, un cambio climático extremo y quizá nuevas enfermedades.

Por esta razón, y más allá de una simple estrategia de marketing, el CEO de Europcar México ha comenzado a desarrollar un plan para transformar la marca en un aliado del planeta, reduciendo la huella de carbono al mínimo posible e implementando acciones que permitan ser más amigables con el planeta.

Para Antonio Llinas es preocupante el camino que estamos tomando en estos momentos por lo que considera necesario revertir el daño que le hemos estado causando al planeta por mucho tiempo.

“A partir de ahora y en la próxima década, iremos empleando, gradualmente, acciones que nos permitirán reducir el impacto ambiental”.

Con esta frase, Antonio Llinas Oñate, se compromete a llevar un riguroso plan para convertir a Europcar México en una marca verde y totalmente ecofriendly. Entre las acciones más importantes a tomar en cuenta será la elección de una flota de autos más amigables con el medio ambiente, aunque ya con anterioridad se han incorporado autos híbridos como el Toyota Prius y el Toyota camry.

Llinas Oñate espera que, una vez que la turbulencia económica causada por la actual pandemia, termine, las personas demanden cada vez más, vehículos más amigable con el medio ambiente, debido a la alta responsabilidad y preocupación que las nuevas generaciones tienen por el impacto ambiental.

Mientras todo esto sucede, Europcar México ya se prepara para la adquisición de vehículos que cumplirán las expectativas de estos nuevos usuarios, cada más conscientes y responsables de sus acciones y del impacto que generan en el mundo.

Además, con el desarrollo de tecnología que permite procesos cada vez más rápidos para rentar un auto, se contribuye a disminuir drásticamente el uso de papel y otros materiales que terminaban convirtiéndose en basura después de un efímero tiempo de vida útil. Por ejemplo, Europcar México ha logrado migrar su programa de lealtad de tarjetas físicas a cuentas digitales en donde solo se requiere de un usuario y contraseña para consulta en cualquier momento, sin necesidad de una tarjeta plástica que en la mayoría de los casos terminaba siendo desechada.

Migrar, casi en su totalidad, el proceso de alquiler de autos ha ayudado a combatir el desperdicio de materiales que de una u otra forma impactan en el medio ambiente.

Otro punto importante a destacar, son las acciones que se tomarán dentro de las oficinas corporativas y las sucursales de Europcar México para reducir en mayor medida el uso de papelería y materiales innecesarios que puedan resultar dañinos para el medio ambiente.

La gran ventaja que Europcar México posee para realizar con éxito estas acciones es el entusiasmo que muestra el equipo que lo conforma, en todos los niveles, desde directivos, personal administrativos y personal en sucursales, por lo que para Antonio Llinas Oñate la tarea será mucho más sencilla de realizar, convirtiendo la marca en una de las más verdes e importantes de México, resultando ideal para quienes buscan soluciones de movilidad alternativas.

El camino no será sencillo de recorrer, pero Antonio Luis Llinas considera que con el apoyo de su gran equipo de trabajo, y la aceptación de esta nueva política verde que se está desarrollando, pronto se verán cambios significativos, no solo en la marca Europcar México, sino también dentro de las familias del personal que labora aquí, pues como parte de las acciones, también se prevé una campaña de concientización para que juntos se pueda combatir uno de los problemas que más preocupa a la humanidad: el calentamiento global.

Y, aunque existen muchas predicciones y cálculos de expertos sobre la fecha límite, lo cierto es que aún estamos a tiempo de lograr ese cambio, pero se debe actuar de inmediato para conseguir alcanzar la meta en la que gobiernos de todo el mundo ya marchan para alcanzar.

“Cuidar del planeta debe ser ahora una prioridad, como parte de una responsabilidad social, e incluso a la hora de hacer negocios, cualquiera que sea, debe considerarse el impacto ambiental”. – Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate.

Con estas palabras, el CEO de Europcar México se comprometió a reducir la huella de carbono de la marca para hacerla más ecofriendly en la próxima década e impulsar un estilo de vida más responsable con el cuidado del medio ambiente tanto con su personal como con sus usuarios, confiando en que después del 2030 las personas demanden más productos verdes, que respeten el medio ambiente y se comprometan a protegerlo, por su parte, las empresas deben responder adecuadamente, no solo debido a la demanda, sino por la responsabilidad social.

Sarahi Rangel
Europcar Mexico
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Governments and Corporations are Responsible for the Death of Small Business

No More Excuses: Small Business Needs Support, Not Lockdowns and Unfair Restrictions

When we complain about a problem and do nothing, we are worst than the problem itself. Canada has always been a country that defined itself on social responsibility. That is what Canadians do!”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — How many small businesses throughout Canada have struggled and closed while many large corporations have flourished and taken bonuses for themselves? Bonuses they have been able to afford because they are subsidizing employee wages and expenses with government contribution.

How many small businesses have been shut down due to health concerns without any data that suggests these same businesses are a greater risk than the large box stores? Why is small business on lockdown while other large essential corporations have been able to operate with almost no restrictions?

When will all business have equal rights?

When will a small business that can operate safely have the same privileged rights of the large corporations and be permitted to stay open?

The bottom line on this entire argument is that classifications of essential and non-essential are discriminatory to small businesses. Most small businesses have made greater efforts to protect their customers than many of the “essential” companies that have been allowed to operate freely with minimal restrictions. Big box stores that often violate capacity and social distancing limits and have only recently been investigated for violations.

The government has made health determinations with little logic, data, or explanation on why retail businesses outside of box stores are unfairly restricted to less capacity.

After two lockdowns and still no plan, there has been no discussion regarding fair treatment for small business. Everyone knows that small businesses are working from an unfair position. Many small business owners have had to take government loans to survive. Current data released by CFIB states that small business owes more than $135 billion. This amount requires repayment to the very government that is locking them down after adjustments they have made to their businesses to become compliant to guidelines that are ambiguous. The data from various departments are conflicting and inaccurate.

It is time for the government to balance the scale. Large corporations should be in partnership with small business, not sending business out of Canada. Businesses that have been unfairly treated deserve greater tax breaks and loan forgiveness based on the financial struggles that have been exacerbated by the continued mismanagement of poorly thought-out restrictions.

SmAll Business is Essential is an initiative created by Edward Henry Company and Social Distance Management. Our goal and function is to advocate on behalf of suffering small business due to the lack of support and unfair treatment from various government restrictions. The interest expressed by many small businesses throughout Canada, and even the United States for SmAll Business is Essential to help struggling small businesses has evolved to becoming more than a cause. It is now become an organization that will be on the front lines to fight for the rights of small businesses.

It is time for Canadians to be socially responsible and ensure that fairness is included in the metrics that we are using when governing through these difficult times. It is time to give small business support, and allow them the same rights that have been allotted to large corporations for over a year.

The restrictions put on businesses should reflect the health and safety threat, the business’ ability to manage their space and people, and the quantified rate/metric of spread in a specific region.

We are currently raising finances for businesses that are complying with health and safety recommendations and guidelines to stay open. We are advocating to keep business in Canada and to support small business. Edward Henry Company will be donating 50% of the proceeds from it’s recent new book release Cut The Bullsh*T to SmAll Business is Essential of Canada. Small businesses across Canada are done paying the price. Small businesses are going to unite and stand up to government and big business, because SmAll Business is Essential.

Edward Henry
Edward Henry Company
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Egyptian Producer "Hosni Mahmoud" launches his new movie "Aal Haroun"

The Producer Hosny Mahmoud

The Producer Hosny Mahmoud

The Producer Hosny Mahmoud With the Movie actors

The Producer Hosny Mahmoud With the Movie actors

The Producer Hosny Mahmoud In a press and television interview

The Producer Hosny Mahmoud In a press and television interview

Egyptian Producer "Hosni Mahmoud" launches his new movie "Aal Haroun"

GIZA, CAIRO, EGYPT, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Egyptian producer Hosni Mahmoud, revealed the details of his movie "Aal Haroun", which is starring a group of stars and artists, indicating that the film is supposed to be the second since there is another Movie that was affected after the end of contracts and preparations due to the Corona pandemic.

Producer Hosni Mahmoud and his company, "Moment Production" for TV & Cinema Production, had begun preparations for his previous film, "Eminent Member", by Mustafa Hamdi, directed by Hassan Al-Sayed, and the work was affected several days before filming by the Corona pandemic, which led to a complete halt and failure to complete the work.

Hosny Mahmoud said, "A prominent member" is a strong and new movie, and his scenes inside and outside Egypt are supposed to be filmed in some European countries, which made the filming impossible in the current Corona crisis, stressing that the film is still awaiting implementation.

He added, "As soon as the right factors are in place, we will start filming again without stopping".

Hosny Mahmoud added, in statements to many Egyptians TV Shows, that his foray into the field of cinematic production came from his love for cinema and Egypt as well as he hopes that the works that he will produce will contribute to reviving the art sector and contribute to improving the conditions of its workers, even a little, and also broadcast Spirit in Egypt's Soft Power and Returning Arab Viewers to Egyptian Art.

Hosny Mahmoud indicated that he decided to take a step in cinematic production 3 years ago, but he suffered from some drawbacks due to the lack of sufficient experience in this industry, and that he was waiting for the appropriate timing and the different idea that he is producing until it was settled that the first film he produced would be the phrase About a group tournament in which many brilliant names and great artists participate, and then came the stage of choosing the appropriate scenario, which he found in the movie "Aal Haroun" written by Ahmed Anwar and Mahmoud Jamaica. Director Moataz Hussam was also chosen.

Hosny Mahmoud confirmed that he ended the official contracts with all the artists participating in the work "Aal Haroun", and that the first filming days are already done.

Producer "Hosni Mahmoud", the owner of "Moment Production" Company, announced that the heroes of the new movie "Al Haroun" are "Monther Rayhana, Abir Sabry, Ahmed Wafiq, Mohammed Ezz, Ehab Fahmi, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Hagar El-Sharnouby".. and other stars known to the Arab world.

Learn More about the producer Hosni Mahmoud and his company moment production online here:

https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Hosnyy & https://www.facebook.com/AalHaroun.official/

moment production: https://www.facebook.com/MomentProductioneg

Moment Production
Moment Production
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The Producer Hosny Mahmoud In television interview

Source: EIN Presswire

Mujeres que inspiran a otras a ser exitosas

“La vida es sexy”: Derribando los mitos negativos al respecto

“La vida es sexy”: Derribando los mitos negativos al respecto

Grace Barrejón, sigue rompiendo esquemas y es nombrada por la plataforma 4qui.com como Gerente de Embajadores de Marca

IBIZA, ISLAS BALEARES, SPAIN, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Trabajar de manera independiente por una verdadera pasión, es un reto que hoy muchas mujeres encuentran liberador, las impulsa y empodera. Mujeres como Grace Barrejón quien logró conseguir el equilibrio entre la vida familiar, ser madre, profesional y que hoy día como modelo y empresaria, es designada a ser Embajadora Mundial de Marca, de por 4qui.com, la plataforma para comprar, vender, crear y difundir productos o servicios que desde ya reúne el talento de otros embajadores de marca, instagrammers, artistas y profesionales que le están dando un nuevo salto a sus carreras o negocios.

Grace Barrejón es una chilena de 42 años, radicada entre Miami e Ibiza quien desde los 16 años se inició en el mundo del modelaje y a partir entonces se ha esforzado por derrumbar estereotipos en una cultura donde ella estaba “fuera de los patrones o del standard de belleza” de su tierra natal, dentro de una industria donde tuvo que enfrentar obstáculos, sobre todo después de tener a su primer hijo. Es por ello que decide abrirse nuevos rumbos. Sin embargo, no todo fue tan fácil, pasaron muchos años hasta que Grace pudo volver a posar, pero esta vez había un giro en su actitud y pensamientos, su visión de empresaria corría por sus venas. Hoy día Grace ha llegado a realizar la gestión y monetización de las redes sociales de reconocidos artistas que superan los 10 millones de seguidores.

Son muchas las dificultades que las mujeres comienzan afrontar en la sociedad a partir de los 30 o incluso desde el momento en que se convierten en madres. Tanto en el ámbito social como en el laboral, por años, la mujer se enfrenta a la disparidad en las condiciones salariales, el rechazo por la apariencia y no por cuan apto o no se sea para el trabajo y al mismo hecho de tener hijos o estar casada para trabajar y permanecer en ciertas industrias. Es por ello que Barrejón decide tomar las riendas, convirtiéndose en una Embajadora de Marcas de lujo y hoy, tras muchos esfuerzo personal y familiar, Grace demuestra que es posible lograr compatibilidad como empresaria y modelo sin dejar de ser una mujer extraordinariamente sexy que además también lleva una vida familiar adelante.

“La vida es sexy”: Derribando los mitos negativos al respecto
Para Grace “amor y confianza en sí mismas” es una de las premisas básicas para empezar a sentirse bien con lo que se hace, con lo que se viste, con la actitud y la sensualidad propia de las mujeres, lo cual en la vida profesional no puede seguir siendo visto como algo negativo. “Es necesario normalizarlo en el mundo de hoy y cambiar la percepción como algo negativo o de impulso meramente sexual. Una mujer puede ser sexy de muchas maneras, con su sonrisa, su mirada, su postura, su delicadeza o ferocidad para hacer negocios (por qué no) y si además cuida su cuerpo, su presencia, no tiene por qué sentir miedo o vergüenza en mostrar sus dones y talentos intelectuales” comenta la Embajadora Mundial de Marcas y Gerente de la plataforma 4qui.com

Ser independientes y liberales a través de un modelo de negocio: 4qui.com
Parte de sentir la libertad al manejar tu propio tiempo y negocio, es también contar con aliados que ayuden a impulsarlo. Es por eso que Grace forma parte hoy día de este nuevo concepto de ecosistema empresarial a través de una plataforma donde convergen emprendedores, marcas, tiendas, artistas, creadores de contenido o cualquier talento que se tenga, a través de estrategias 360 y propuestas adaptadas a cada persona y en donde Grace, será la máxima responsable de las todas las Embajadoras de Marca de 4qui para acompañarlas.

4qui.com que ya cuenta con presencia en Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos y España también funciona como un Marketplace, para la difusión y venta de productos o servicios, así como asesoría y gestión de manejo de redes sociales, ventas, distribución, logística, exportación, Marketing Digital, monetización de redes sociales y todo lo que involucre un plan de negocio integral para acompañar y aumentar las ventas de sus afiliadas.

Como Co-fundadora y Embajadora Mundial de Marca de 4qui.com y muchas otras marcas exitosas, Grace Barrejón tendrá el compromiso de guiar a quienes como ella busquen ese anhelado equilibrio entre la vida familiar y profesional.

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Green Globe Platinum Status Awarded to Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen

Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen

Green Globe recently awarded Platinum Status to Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen marking ten consecutive years of certification.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With panoramic views over iconic Swiss vistas, the comfortably modern Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen is located about a 45-minute drive from the cities of Bern, Lucerne, Basel and Zurich.

Green Globe recently awarded Platinum Status to Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen marking ten consecutive years of certification.

This year, Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen commemorates a decade of Green Globe Certification. Platinum Status is a magnificent achievement, testament to the dedication shown by management and staff toward the many sustainable practices and green goals carried out over the years at the hotel. This achievement is also particularly commendable given that Platinum status was awarded during very challenging times arising from the COVID pandemic.

In 2020, Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen focussed primarily on two key sustainability areas – community assistance and environmental initiatives.

Supporting Local Farmers in Egerkingen
Over three days last year, trainees from Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen worked with Mr. Anderegg, a local farmer from the region of Olten. The hotel organised a community initiative to support local farmers during the difficult COVID crisis by making a valuable contribution to the situation farmers are currently facing. Trainees were required to fulfil designated tasks such as bottling cider, sorting apples, cleaning and packing fragile eggs, applying insect sprays to young apple trees and packing goods for sale in the farm’s store. It was an extremely practical experience for the trainees to see how a day on the farm is spent.

“Once again, we would like to thank Mr. Anderegg and his family for this great opportunity to be a part of their daily routine, and hopefully our support helped make this situation a little bit easier to handle,” said Mr. Matthias Knoche, Hotel Manager at the property.

Schweizer Tafel Food Donations
In February this year, staff members presented various food donations including pasta, rice and potato chips to the Swiss Food Bank foundation Schweizer Tafel. The aim of the foundation is to collect food that has not been sold and distribute it to those in need. Everyday Schweizer Tafel distributes around 16 tons of surplus, edible food for the benefit of people affected by poverty throughout Switzerland. The food donations provide a valuable and much appreciated solution to reducing food waste in the country.

Eco-friendly Initiatives
To minimize impacts and help the environment, Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen uses Gaia's reusable wraps in its restaurant kitchens. Food can be covered with the wraps and hygienically stored without resorting to using cling film or aluminum foil. Furthermore, the hotel operates 10 Tesla charging stations for electric vehicles that contribute toward CO2 free mobility.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit www.greenglobe.com


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