Matthew Keezer Talks About Safe and Convenient Summer Travels

Matthew Keezer

Matthew Keezer

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 18, 2021 / — The spring is coming, and more and more people are thinking about traveling to some exotic destination for leisure and relaxation. Last year was mostly reserved for business travels, and it was highly restricted, but 2021 brought vaccines and, with that, a hope that everything will soon go back to normal.

Still, the coronavirus is lingering in the world, and it's of the utmost importance for travelers to understand that traveling is not the same as it was in 2019. They need to stop for a moment and reconsider how and where they want to travel – from picking out the best destination through the booking process to safely returning from the vacation.

For those who plan to travel this spring for fun and leisure, Matthew Keezer has a handful of tips that will make their travels safe and convenient.

The coronavirus pandemic brought many changes into the traveling industry, and one of them is a rise in the popularity of booking travel through agents and established operators. According to Matthew Keezer, the one-way ticket to a dream trip is going on a vacation with a travel agent 'by your side.'

"People started to think more in terms of quality than quantity, and to ensure that you are getting the most 'bang for your buck,' you should book your travel through a travel agent," says Matthew.

Even before the pandemic, the travel agent was an ideal first step when planning a vacation, but people mostly believe that the commissions and extra fees are a ripoff. Despite that widespread belief, 2020 has shown that the financial protection and few other benefits of booking through a travel agent immensely outweigh the amount paid in fees and commissions.

Matthew Keezer further explains that expertise, invaluable knowledge, and industry connections of travel agents are essential for not having a trip full of regrets. "Pandemic forced their hands a little bit, and now as the expectations are growing, they will have to keep up with them, unless they want to go out of business,"
Matthew adds, "They will have to provide quality service, and with their knowledge and connections, they are more than equipped to do so. Travel agents are not just experienced when it comes to planning the trip, but their connections with airlines, hotels, tour operators, travel companies can net you some serious bonuses."

Matthew Keezer also points out that all those who plan to travel should get familiar with and always keep track of everchanging Covid-19 travel restrictions and protocols. The protocols and regulations that are being used today could be easily lifted tomorrow or be trumped with new, more rigorous ones. Protocols may include wearing the mask, social distancing, having proof of a negative COVID-19 test, online check-in instead of in-person, etc.

"Travel agents will prepare you beforehand and explain the protocols that are in effect, but you also need to be prepared for sudden changes," says Matthew. "Following rules and protocols at all times is crucial to your safety. It will save your time, your money, and your nerves and will ensure that your vacation goes through without a hitch. For those who are planning on traveling this spring, I wish you a safe and convenient travels."

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