Award Winning Pilot Episode "Wild Lands Wild Horses" – Now on Youtube

Wild Lands Wild Horses, Deb Lee Carson, Jamie Baldanza

Sinatra of Twin Peaks – Photo by Deb Lee Carson

Wild Lands Wild Horses, Deb Lee Carson, Jamie Baldanza

Poster of Award Winning Pilot Episode “Wild Lands Wild Horses”

Wild Lands Wild Horses, Deb Lee Carson, Jamie Baldanza

Photo by Jamie Baldanza

With our social media outlets today, it's really easy to sit on a chair behind your computer and judge what's going on versus stepping into the landscape yourself and experiencing it.”

— Deb Lee Carson

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 21, 2021 / — Combining beautiful cinematography with expert interviews, "Wild Lands Wild Horses" docu-series will reveal the complex story of America’s wild horses and the western lands they call home.

The pilot episode "Twin Peaks" in this docu-series is available to watch for FREE on Youtube.

Watch it Here.

An idea was born; back about four or so years ago. Two wild horse photographers, after spending time on the range together, recognized that the wild horses were caught up in an age-old tug of war between many people—those for and those against their existence on the western range. These same two photographers were also dismayed at the number of Americans who did not know they even existed. Then there was the inability to find real ‘truth’ or unbiased data or accurate statistics regarding the ‘plight’ of the wild horses on the range. Finally, there were the mustang’s own stories, those heart-swelling stories of wild horses who have been gathered—stories of great success, incredibly sad stories with amazing endings, and stories of the once wild horse whose only job is to just be their incredible spirit filled selves.

Wildlife photographers Jamie Baldanza and Deb Lee Carson, join forces to document and hold exclusive conversations with those tasked with managing our public lands, along with scientists, public land stakeholders, wildlife advocates and more, who—despite their differences all share the same goal—TO KEEP THE WEST WILD.

This groundbreaking docuseries has already won multiple film festival awards including: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Awareness Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival, and more.

Wild Lands Wild Horses (WLWH) seeks to save America’s iconic western heritage and find solutions that will work for all stakeholders who have a vested interest in our public lands. WLWH goal is to raise awareness so those 45,000 wild horses in need of adoptive homes, actually find a new freedom, a forever home. Lastly, WLWH will show ways to improve and maintain rangeland health, allowing horses to remain on the range for future generations.

The pilot episode, "Twin Peaks”, is only one episode out of twelve. In the remaining twelve episodes Jamie and Deb will travel to America’s ten western states and North Dakota to visit twelve herd management areas and a treasured national park, all which America’s wild horses call home.

Wild Lands Wild Horses the docu-series will cover the following topics in the rest of the series:

History of the Wild Horse
Sustainability of the Land
The Origin of the Wild Horse
Herd Dynamics
Adoption Stories
Herd Management Solutions (including birth control)
Stakeholder Involvement—which will include the following and much more: government employees, ranchers, miners, wildlife advocates, scientists, artists, anyone who has a vested interest in the use of our public lands.

The pilot episode “Twin Peaks” is inspired by the story of a tough mustang mare gathered from an area located in the northeastern corner in the Golden State of America, California. Deb and Jamie introduce you to the wild horse and burros who call approximately 800,000 acres home in this herd management area (HMA) and reveal the little mustang mare’s story and her arduous journey, and how she ended up at Skydog Sanctuary in Oregon, saved by a woman with the heart of a lion named Clare.

“Twin Peaks” was a difficult and remote wilderness area to navigate with a film crew, has ‘true’ wild horses, rocks lots of rocks, and only a few short days to try and obtain the epic shots we had in our minds' eyes, presented challenges we are not afraid to share with you.

Sit back, enjoy and thank you for taking time to watch the pilot episode of “Wild Lands Wild Horses” docu-series: Twin Peaks!

Wild Lands Wild Horses is currently seeking a network or streaming service to be their champion, if you would like to set up a meeting please contact This Mustang Life Productions.

Visit the WLWH Youtube Channel for more content.

About Jamie Baldanza (CREATOR/HOST)
Jamie Baldanza has loved horses since birth, and quit her job as an advertising Creative Director to photograph wild horses across the U.S. Today, she leverages her passionate Instagram following to raise awareness for the plight of these majestic animals. Wild Lands is the culmination of her outstanding photography and tireless advocacy.

About Deb Lee Carson (WRITER/CO-HOST)
Deb Lee Carson is a photographer and artist whose Fly Without Wings exhibit pays tribute to America’s wild spirit, and has raised substantial funds for wild horse non-profit organizations. Her new work, entitled Wild and Untethered, was exhibited at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN and was made possible by a grant from SEMAC. Deb has more than 50 years of equine reproductive experience, 12 years observing wild horse behavior, and 3 years working as a field research technician with the CSU wild horse contraceptive study.

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Wild Lands Wild Horses – Trailer

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