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LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, August 31, 2021 / — With the rise in non-alcoholic drinks, people may be drinking to their health. Not drinking alcohol comes with many health benefits, including consuming something that has less calories. For many alcoholic free beverages, they have less calories than their alcoholic version. 

Escape Mocktails, creator of 14 non-alcoholic beverages, has 9 drinks that are less than 35 calories per serving. They serve both non alcoholic version of popular mocktails and popular spirits. An alcoholic spirit has 70 calories for 1 oz. serving size.  Compare that to Escape Mocktails alcohol free spirits, many of them have 35 calories or less for 2 oz of product. For example, Escape Mocktails alcohol free Scotch has 35 calories for a 2 oz serving. The alcoholic version of a Scotch has around 97 calories for a 1.5 oz serving.

The best way to drink on a diet would be to reach for a non-alcohol beverage.  Think of a situation that involves friends out drinking at a bar.  

Let’s look at a strong IPA beer. It has 200-300 calories a serving. While a sugary mixed drink can have 150-250 calories a serving.  One drink many times turns into 2.  Then, add on fried bar food to munch on and it is a 1,000 calorie addition to what has already been consumed for that day. Escape Mocktails Cadillac Margarita has 20 calories for a 2 oz serving while a regular Cadillac Margarita has 160 calories.

Contributor Ester Ellis from  says that, “beverage choices are just as important as food choices.  Drinking sugary beverages can contribute unnecessary calories.”

Here are some tips on how to cut back on alcohol and calories: 
– Choose drinks that are made with real fruit juices. For example, with a margarita, why not add in some fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice. That provides the sugar naturally, from the juice.
– Savor the drink. This will cut back on the amount ordered.
– Eat before spending the day celebrating with friends. Choose healthy options at home to fill up on to avoid the temptation of ordering fries, nachos and jalapeño poppers
– Add sparkling flavored water to a drink of choice. This is a great way to get the bubbly added in and the extra flavor, without the calories.  Bubbly water has less calories than soda. 

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