Small World Series now Offers Creative Advertising for Businesses through Children Book Stories

“Illuminating the 21st century business advertising”

Small World Series is a new world for book advertising”

— SWS Little Contributors

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, October 6, 2021 / — Have you heard of Small World Series and its new book advertising service? If not, it is high time you did, as the new innovation comes to ease the era of business advertising or perhaps business promotion. Small World Series is a must have branding partnership if you want to achieve the best exposure for your business or service by communicating to all tribe and race of the world through children book stories.

Small World Series founded by Kwashawn Barnett known to be a collection of illustrated words and concept aimed at children in preschool or early primary age is thrilled to announce to the general public about the launch of their new book advertising service where business owners, organizations and brands can get to advertise their product or service to worldwide audience through the use of book stories. How does it work? Companies or businesses will get to sponsor a book and they will have a customize book created and handouts to accompany their book.

In a digital age where most things are made conveniently and formidably on point, a blistering innovation from Small World Series comes to clarify the needs of businesses or companies who find it difficult to maximize worldwide exposure for them to stand out amongst other competitors. If you are looking for a meaningful partnership through uniting consumer passions through a unique one of kind brand opportunity then Small World Series will be the perfect initiative to draw people and cultures together. Each book in the Small World Series is customize, edited and illustrated to be distributed to over 40,000+ book source channels.

When asked about the brainchild behind the creation of Small World Series book advertising the Founder and CEO Kwashawn commented “The idea dawned on me after realizing that many businesses, brands and companies don’t get the maximum exposure they need for them to stand out properly. As a Librarian and Journalist I will personally write every book to customize their brand. I draw inspirations from my little contributors (my children) to help write rhythmic stories through real life experiences. Businesses and companies have to know that they have another way to market their business, destination and/or country through book advertising”.

“At Small World Series we want to connect people of different backgrounds with new experiences, based on shared interest to travel. If you are looking to differentiate your brand and increase business opportunity then we have the solution. Small World Series is a new world for book advertising. Each book will be plugged into the largest global book distribution networks, including access to over 40,000 independent bookstores, online stores, chain stores, E-book retailers, Libraries and Universities thereby Increasing Brand awareness across the globe”. She added.

Quality children book stories, excellent customer service and a true commitment to providing a fun filled platform for businesses to advertise their services and products to be seen by hundreds of potential clients each and every day of the year is what Small World Series is all about.
About Small World Series

Small World Series is a collection of illustrated words and concept aimed at children in preschool and early primary days. The series is written to educate young children in their first travelling experience. The books help children expand their English vocabulary in a fun and entertaining way.
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