Evaluation of The Waterslide Experience In Terms of Biometric Parameters

AçıkBeyin Documentaries

AçıkBeyin Documentaries

KOCAELI, TURKEY, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Director of Marketing and Communications of Polin Waterparks, Sohret Pakiş, recently participated in Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan's ‘’AçıkBeyin Documentaries’’ series. Sohret has been leading research on the connection between waterslides and applied neuroscience, developing the first quantitative study in the field of neurorecreation.

A new phenomenon regarding the relationship between recreation and neuroscience, coined as neurorecreation, underlies a new concept and/or a new field of research. Recent studies into the possible relationships between recreation and neuroscience have the potential to contribute a great deal to our understanding of recreation in terms of behavioural, functional, physiological, and neurochemical effects. The aim of this study, was to explain and outline the concept and phenomenon of “Neuro-Recreation” as the intersection of Recreation and Neuroscience. The findings from theoretical explanations also have important implications, which primarily suggest that recreation — which is a powerful contributor to the emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals — is a meaningful form of experience. These explanations also theorize that using neuroscientific measures can provide an alternative method of measuring, understanding, designing, and optimizing experiences offered in a recreational context.

The details of the study, which was carried out to provide feedback to those involved in the fields of waterslides, entertainment, recreation — from attraction designers to recreational park investors and local government — as well as to guide future designs in this field. Her work evaluates the waterslide experience in terms of biometric and neural parameters and can be viewed on the AçıkBeyin Youtube channel with English subtitles.

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