First Food App in the Kingdom of Eswatini Will Be Built by Routemotion

Routemotion Platform

Routemotion Platform

BERLIN, GERMANY, October 18, 2021 / — Routemotion is a new-generation service and technological platform focused on the creation of sophisticated mobile solutions for the tourism industry.

The Berlin-based company has recently been selected to develop the first food-related mobile app in the Kingdom of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland. This mobile application will help promote sustainable tourism in Eswatini while guiding users through the rich culinary history of the country.

Routemotion has created many custom tourism-focused solutions, and it is expanding its capabilities to include digital discount cards that allow users to enjoy discounts at hundreds of destinations. These discount cards allow venues to promote their business and draw in tourists. In the case of this food app, it will contain discounts for multiple restaurants, coffee shops, local producers, food tours and more.

Additionally, this app will make it possible for visitors to Eswatini to take fun and educational tours. Food-related itineraries and events will allow visitors to explore destinations and get to know the rich culinary experiences that Eswatini provides.

The Routemotion platform makes it possible to create highly-customized apps tailored to the specific needs or goals of the project at hand. This food app will be tailor-made to allow locals and tourists to get the best culinary experiences that Eswatini has to offer.

Routemotion apps offer more than just digital discounts and tours. They can contain a variety of modules, events, information and more to help enrich the experience of visitors to a geographical territory.

With the release of this food app, Routemotion hopes to facilitate sustainable tourism – mutually beneficial to local businesses and visitors alike – throughout the four regions of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Gianluca Falasca

Source: EIN Presswire