NomadQueen’s Jamilia Grier Levels up the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Jamilla Grier, Digital Nomad and Owner of NomadQueen Academy

Jamilla Grier, Digital Nomad and Owner of NomadQueen Academy

NomadQueen Academy is specifically designed for women looking to reinvent and transform their lives .”

— Jamilla Grier

SINGAPORE, October 22, 2021 / — Researchers found some 15 million Americans transitioned to the digital nomad lifestyle in 2020 and one innovative globetrotter is leading the way in this new business terrain. Serial expat, attorney-entrepreneur, Jamilia Grier is truly living her dream. After sojourning to China as a college student, she was bitten by the travel bug and so her journey began to live a bold and adventure-seeking life. As the founder of NomadQueen, she teaches women how to expand their professional horizons by exploring the world outside of their home country.

This industrious expat says, “NomadQueen Academy is specifically designed for women looking to reinvent and transform their lives to experience new sites, immerse themselves in different cultures, and catapult their careers beyond domestic opportunities.”

As a New York attorney based in Singapore, Jamilia is fluent in Chinese and has risen to the top of her field. Having recently graced the cover of CEP magazine, through NomadQueen Academy she encourages women of color to consider international careers in order to develop new professional opportunities. The virtual classes help students navigate potholes they may encounter while living and working abroad. This in-depth course is focused on the how-tos of thriving and flourishing in a new country.

So, what is a digital nomad? A remote worker who earns a living while taking in the rich culture of a new city or drinking in the sunset by the seashore. Those who embraced this flexible lifestyle describe it as synonymous with freedom. Freedom from commuting for hours, freedom from workplace doldrums and water cooler conversations – freedom from a small cubicle and four grey walls.

Becoming a location-independent person provides you with the ability to work from wherever you want and have a meaningful impact on society, all while doing what you love. It makes working more rewarding and leaves much-needed time for your family, as well. “It is the perfect blend of freedom, travel, and purpose.”

Past participants in NomadQueen Academy have given five-star reviews: Mira exclaims, “Working from home for over a year allowed me to reflect on all of the places I have never traveled to. I wanted more cultural experiences and a deeper connection to humanity.” Mike also chimed in; “Breaking away from the norm wasn't easy. But I owed it to myself to get serious about building the life that I truly want. NomadQueen helped get me there through courses and practical knowledge that I applied in my life.”

Take the next liberating step by enrolling in NomadQueen Academy and put yourself on the road to explore endless possibilities abroad.

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