Virginia’s Triple Threat ‘A. Ali’ Drops Club Anthem ‘U BAD’

P&M Music

P&M Music

A. Ali, U BAD

A. Ali, U BAD

A. Ali, Song writer, artist and producer

A. Ali, Song writer, artist and producer

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2021 / — Creators of the Fast and Furious breakout hit “The Fast Life” are turning their hand at another hit record. The Virginia-based P&M studio owned by creative director and rapper A. Ali is turning up the heat with his latest hit U BAD. The bumping rhythms have even the stiffest necks swaying to his unique beat. The single dropped October 29th with rave reviews from fans who say his latest club anthem is on fire! Listeners call U BAD “a fire truck without the sirens”

From the heavy percussion infused with the sound of woodwinds, A. Ali creates another musical masterpiece. The hook “Yea shorty U BAD” has heads bopping from the Big D to the Bronx. A. Ali croons “Let me see you drop. Let me see you roll. Let me see you drop – Don’t stop. Get low.”

The music video stars sought after Jamaican beauty Kim Bashy. Bashy known for her work with notables like Grammy Award winner Sean Paul, graces the screen. The agile dancer takes U BAD to the next level with her mix of ballet, High Heels, and Latin styles. The fast moving, heart pounding anthem was shot on location in Jamaica, Germany, and Colombia with post production in Virginia.

A.Ali has caught the eye of celebrities like Grammy Winning R&B legend Case, platinum producer DJPain1 and southern entrepreneur and super promoter Q. Davis who stopped by their Instagram page to show some love for A. Ali’s latest project. Bloggers like GlobalHipHops, Music&Fashion Blog, and one of the biggest hip hop bloggers on Instagram, ItzBizkit have also shown their support. Professionals know this talented singer and rapper is more than a club beat.

Ali is a triple threat as a singer, songwriter, and producer all wrapped in one. Along with his curated crew, this self-taught sensation is taking over the airwaves. The independent recording and production studio based right in the heart of Old Dominion is mixing unique sounds with a new attitude and tempo for this generation.

This private production company is the secret weapon behind many feature films and ghost-writing projects. A-listers and agents call on P&M for everything from writing to editing and postproduction. Their signature music is found on Amazon Prime’s Sucker for Love and the theme for the BlackPlanet website.

Ali, known for his signature wavy locks and 100-watt smile has been writing tunes for more than a decade. Whether love songs on club beats, Ali has his finger on the pulse of society. His thought-provoking lyrics on smash hits like Walking Away – grips listeners from start to finish. The pitch of the piano juxtaposed with his velvety voice and rhythmic rhymes take listeners through the story of broken families, wounded hearts, and shattered dreams. The listener feels every bit of his pain as A. Ali calls out in a thoughtful moan to his lost love “What you say got me walking away.”

The versatile songwriter moves from lost love to high-energy bumping sounds with ease. The signature thump from his latest single U BAD can be heard ringing in subwoofers from D-Town to Chi-Town from L.A. to Louisiana and from Biloxi to the Bronx and back again.

U BAD is available for download on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, iTunes, and all music platforms.

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