Recruiting for Good to Reward Funding for 10 Trips to 2018 Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

Enjoy the Best Foodie Party of the Year

Recruiting for Good is sponsoring 'Foodies Party for Good in Maui' to reward people in L.A., who make a difference collaborative funding for Hawaii Festival

When we love life the party never ends…We love to reward people in LA who make a lasting difference, and enjoy fine dining; fun trips for 2 to the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival in Maui. Join us today”

— Recruiting for Good, Founder, Carlos

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — Recruiting for Good, a staffing company in Santa Monica is sponsoring 'Foodies Party for Good in Maui' to reward 10 people in L.A. who make a difference collaborative funding for 2018 Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. People participate and enjoy all-inclusive trips for two people; flights, 3 night hotel stay, and tickets to main event.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "We are sponsoring 'Foodies Party for Good' our collaborative and personal travel funding reward service to celebrate people in L.A. who make a lasting difference and love fine dining."

How to Participate in Foodies Party for Good in Maui?

Must live in LA, be 30 years old, and has made a difference for at least 5 years or more.

1) Attend a Creative Writing Foodie Party in Santa Monica at Air-Food Restaurant to meet founder Recruiting for Good founder, Carlos in person.
2) Once the team verifies that the person makes a difference.
3) The person is invited to participate in funding travel reward service. And must participate by no later than July 30, 2018 to enjoy the 2018 Hawaii Food and Wine Festival trip (in Maui).

Carlos Cymerman adds, "Our fun mission is to reward travel for good…because when we love life the party never ends."


Recruiting for Good since 1998 has been connecting talented Accounting/Finance, Engineering, and IT professionals to great jobs. "We support Our Moms Work, a fun community service." And reward referrals with travel to celebrate life.

The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is the premier epicurean destination event in the Pacific. The Festival features a roster of more than 150 internationally renowned master chefs, culinary personalities, and winemakers and mixologists. Hawaii Food & Wine Festival (HFWF) is a program of the non-profit, Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance. Its mission is to attract national and international attention to the extraordinary culinary talent and the diversity of quality locally grown products to ensure Hawaii maintains its competitive edge as a world-class destination. In the past 8 years, HFWF has expanded from a three-day festival with 30 chefs in Waikiki to more than 20 events with over 10,000 attendees and 120 chefs spanning three Islands. Since its 2011 launch, HFWF has donated more than $2 million to community organizations that support sustainability, culinary programs and agriculture.

AIR⋮FOOD is born of two passionate visionaries, Marc & Thierry. "They come from two completely different backgrounds. One was a contractor in logistics, the other a chef in London and Paris. What they both have in common besides the love of good food, is the love of street culture. Several years ago they met in Paris during a regular shoe sale at the place de La République…"

AIR⋮FOOD is located at 109 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday & from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Friday & Saturday

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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Luxury jet travel- Egypt

Jet Charter service In Cairo, Egypt

Jet Charter service In Cairo

Jet Charter service In Egypt

CAIRO, EGYPT, May 21, 2018 / — Egypt is the Mother of the World ( “مصر أم الدنيا” Umm el donnya in Arabic ). A saying that I’ve heard so many times while traveling in Egypt and around the world. No one really utters these words in arrogance and It’s mostly followed by a gentle smile. I love Egypt and Its people. They have an old gentle soul. Humor and wit, hard work and kindness are what separates them from the rest. The Arabic spoken in Egypt has a poets virtue to it. One can easily distinguish the Egyptian dialects softness when compared to the Arabic spoken in any of the Gulf Countries.

It has now been 7 years since the Arab spring took place. Started in Tunisia, it caught up all the way to Oman. It left a lot to be desired and when the dust had settled, many of these countries were left in a economic ruin. Egypt, however, is a story of success, an anomaly one would think, but I, on the other hand, think that It’s who the Egyptians really are. Pride, but not just false nationalistic pride. Millions hit the street in the aftermath of the Coup to clean their streets. They got down to whatever it took to take care of their nation and bring it back to a road to recovery.

I recently took a trip to Luxor, Egypt. The aircraft we flew in was a Citation Sovereign and it can easily seat 9 passengers. We were served a full hot catering and the Flight Attendant made all of us feel relaxed and comfortable. Our flight originated In Cairo and it was a short 40 minutes flight. The one thing that I noticed about the Egyptian airports was their security apparatus which was very modern and it made all of us feel very safe. Even private jet customers were searched and X-ray machines were used for every luggage carried aboard the aircraft.

Luxor is a city on the east bank of the Nile River in southern Egypt. It’s on the site of ancient Thebes, the pharaohs’ capital at the height of their power, during the 16th–11th centuries B.C. Today’s city surrounds 2 huge, surviving ancient monuments: graceful Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, a mile north. The royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are on the river’s west bank. The temple of Luxor is situated on the east bank of the River Nile in the town of Luxor (Thebes). The temple itself was known as “ipet resyt” or the “the southern harem”, it was built during the New Kingdom around 1400 BC. The temple is dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu and was the focus of one of the most important religious festivals in ancient Egypt – the annual Opet Festival. During this festival the statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu would travel from Karnak to Luxor. As a result, the temple is not aligned to the river, but to the temple complex at Karnak.

The Luxor Temple was a shrine of the king’s cult and not just to the Theban god Amun and his family. Access to the site in modern times is through a gate thought to have been constructed during the Roman period.

We also took a Felucca ride on the Nile, and I couldn’t help but light up my favorite Cigar ( The Blind Man’s Bluff). In the background, you can see the Winter Palace hotel. Agatha Christie wrote her Novel The death on the Nile while staying at the winter palace. It’s one of the best hotels to stay at while In Luxor.

The Felucca and the river Nile had gently rocked me to sleep. It was one of the deepest sleep I had ever had. The Felucca guide had remained pretty quiet the whole ride, and later I found out that this is pretty common for the river to gently rock you to sleep, and hence, he had not struck a conversation with any of us. He didn’t even bother waking us up, he just gently parked the Felucca by the Winter Palace and waited. It was an experience that left us trying to soak up the history. Two days spent In Luxor were not enough as the history that is this tangible and so much older than most of the other civilizations has to be the non-cliched bucket list for everyone and a 4-day trip is a must with Aswan and Abu Simbel Included.

Icarus Jet has years of expertise in luxury travel and tourism. We have our offices in El Gouna, Egypt. Contact us to design one of the most memorable trips for you and your family In Egypt.

Gurtej Dhanjal
Mobile: +(254) 724-288794, Office: +1 (972) 3641833

Kamran Khan
Mobile: +97 (155) 206-3754, Office: +1 (972) 3641833
email us here

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Automated Food Product Receiving & Cost Updating Available with Performance Food Group & Clear Sky Software Interface

With this new interface, time-consuming and tedious data entry is eliminated thus saving hours and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Our interface to Performance Food Group makes our inventory software a much more effective tool for our customers and prospects who utilize services from PFG.”

— Jay Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, May 21, 2018 / — Clear Sky Software, Inc. ® announced today the release of a new software interface between the company’s food inventory control system, called Clear Sky FOOD and Performance Food Group (PFG ®). This interface is available immediately.

Through the company’s PFG interface, users of Clear Sky FOOD have a food tracking system that streamlines the process of receiving PFG products. Once a PFG order arrives at a customer site, users select the Clear Sky FOOD receiving function and import PFG electronic invoices. Product pricing is updated to current amounts and product substitutions are added to the Clear Sky FOOD product master file. With this new interface, time-consuming and tedious data entry is eliminated thus saving hours and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

With this new offering from Clear Sky Software, hospitality organizations have a complete, back-office food inventory management solution integrated with a major foodservice distributor. Clear Sky FOOD helps users track food products from the point of purchase, through receiving and the ultimate transfer to kitchens, restaurants, banquets or any POS outlet. Clear Sky FOOD also includes physical inventory functions to speed up the process of counting bar coded and non-bar coded products.

“Our interface to Performance Food Group makes our inventory software a much more effective tool for our customers and prospects who utilize services from PFG. We are happy to add PFG to our growing list of interfaces to North America’s leading food product vendors.”
Jay Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing, Clear Sky Software

About Clear Sky Software, Inc. ®
Clear Sky Software is a software developer, systems integrator, and technology solution provider to the hospitality industry. The company provides bar code-based food and beverage inventory management systems that help organizations control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs and increase profits. Clear Sky systems replace manual inventory practices and eliminate repetitive steps therefore offering improvements in worker efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Ultimately, users have access to better information thus supporting smarter purchasing decisions that affect a company’s bottom line. Visit the company at

About Performance Food Group (PFG ®)
PFG is the parent company to Performance Foodservice, Vistar and PFG Customized. Each division meets the needs of a unique group of customers and continues to evolve as the industry grows and changes. As a group, PFG can meet almost any foodservice need, spanning independent restaurants, national chains, vending, concessions, and more.

Jay Williams
Clear Sky Software
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EVIDENCE DESTROYED by National Car Rental While Agent Asserts Enterprise Holdings' Damage Liability Threat to Renters

Renters easily implicated by $200 'stain' cleaning fee stamped to contract.  Stain preexisting.

Renters easily implicated by $200 ‘stain’ cleaning fee stamped to contract. Stain preexisting.

Preexisting damage; driving light missing means $$$ for renter

Preexisting damage; driving light missing means $$$ for renter

Preexisting damage; significant scrape means $$$ for renter

Preexisting damage; significant scrape means $$$ for renter

Preexisting damage; under car damage means $$$ for renter

Preexisting damage; under car damage means $$$ for renter

Company repeatedly notified to secure booth surveillance but purposely destroys while National agent effectively acknowledges the risk$$$ waiting for renters.

In the last 18 months after more than 100 hundred rentals, I’ve had only two vehicles that I could find no concern or minimal damage that warranted written and photographic evidence to prove condition”

— David Howe, National Car Rental crime victim

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 20, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation's largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today the presumably intentional destruction of video booth surveillance by Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental. The company notified the Lee Clerk of the Court that they do not have evidence that was directly and repeatedly requested as part of an investigation related to a 'ding and dent' scam at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport in October 2016. SEE THE STUNNING 'SPOLIAGE' ADMISSION CONTAINED ON THE OFFICIAL FILING WITH THE LEE CLERK OF THE COURT:

In addition, National Car Rental crime victim David Howe has produced audio from a conversation with a National agent who explains the company's 'expedient' rental process (listen now to agent: that places the car renting population at incredible financial risk related to the virtually unlimited instances of minor 'wear and tear', as well as more apparent preexisting damage that has successfully ensnared millions of consumers from here and around the world.

Related: CBC News: 'Agents Say Scam is Systemic'

“Tomorrow I’m going to earnestly investigate what remedies and what sanctions are indicated for this intentional and, perhaps illegal (, destruction of critical evidence regarding proof of whether vehicle damage – which was ultimately determined to be nothing more than normal ‘wear and tear’ by Enterprise owns standards – was preexisting at the time of rental origination,” said David Howe, National car rental fraud victim and America’s identity guardian for babies for girls and for boys.

“Within days of the predatory encounter at SW FL Fort Myers International airport and immediately after receiving notification of the financial extortion attempt, I made direct and repeated requests to obtain video booth surveillance to unequivocally determine the vehicle condition at the moment I obtained the rental.

“I ultimately was told to return to Miami where the rental originated. In fact, that’s exactly what I did,” continued Howe. “And when I arrived at the rental location, of course, no one was aware that I was coming despite multiple calls to agents and even to the Manager on duty, ‘Ricardo’. For the record, and the call to prove it is recorded and in my Ohio office, Ricardo specifically stated to ‘come here and a manager would assign you to the person who has access to the video’. In addition, Lee Port Authority Police made multiple calls to the Miami office but reported on the official police report that ‘as of the date of this report those calls have not been returned’.

“That is an outrage,” exclaimed Howe. “And if any one has any doubt about how outrageous this really is, then I defer to the nearly 8-million-dollar Chipotle jury verdict that was rendered last week against an employee who was accused – based on apparent video surveillance of her accessing a safe – but who was otherwise never offered the opportunity to view the footage that was used to implicate her.

“In many ways, this is the very same thing,” Howe argued. “The company was told in no uncertain terms, repeatedly, to have the video for my review. Moreover, the company was told to expect litigation as a result of this entire predatory behavior. And not only from me did agents and management hear my drum beat of pending civil litigation. In fact, the police detective who investigated the crime evidence, ultimately concluded – in writing and documented in the official police report – that this case should ultimately be pursued as a civil matter. That, to be certain, would mean to any reasonable person that ALL evidence, including in particular one of the most critical items of evidence — namely the booth surveillance, should be protected, safeguarded, duplicated, and preserved.

“Of course we now know, based on the response to the subpoena duces tecum and filed with the Lee Clerk of the Courts, that effectively Enterprise Holdings’ National Car Rental destroyed the evidence. In other words, they engaged in ‘Spoliation of Evidence’. And they should be sanctioned severely for this predatory and outrageous abuse.

“So today, I’m asking — I'm urging — Congress to listen to the words of a representative at National explain the company’s ‘expedient’ method of renting vehicles to consumers who otherwise expect the ‘good faith and fair dealing’ covenant: listen now to agent: I’m asking Congress to acknowledge the remarkable risk that such a method exposes for the renting public. In other words, the current method is truly a ‘liability in waiting’ for millions of renters who simply get in a rental car and drive down the road without any indication that preexisting damage is their financial liability. And Congress must understand that the industry isn’t eager or willing to change the method because it’s so lucrative and it’s so easy to implicate honest people and their insurance companies.

Related: BBB issues nationwide warning about Payless Car Rental —

“Need proof,” Howe asked? “Then here’s one video among myriads of similar examples I’ve been collecting since my own criminal victimization on October 29, 2016: . And in virtually every single instance of this financial extortion scheme, there's not a shred of evidence of liability; instead, the renters trust with the agency combined with the lack of photographic evidence of vehicle condition at the time of rental is exactly why consumers are routinely and easily victimized financially by the car rental industry.

“In the last 18 months after more than 100 hundred car rentals, I’ve had only two vehicles that I could find no concern or minimal damage that warranted written and photographic evidence to prove the vehicle condition at the time of rental. While remarkable, it's true. And in one very recent and very predatory situation, I was handed a rental agreement with a stamp conspicuously placed on the contract that specifically indicated that ‘vehicles returned with stains to the interior would incur a $200.00 cleaning fee’ (see photo of stained seat contained with this news). And like all customers, I simply initialed and signed where told. When I went outside and opened the door – SURPRISE – the vehicle has a very obvious stain on the driver-side front seat.

“That, Congress, is a LIABILITY IN WAITING,” declared Howe. “And the car rental industry is literally banking on said liabilities, despite their desperate lies to the contrary. Yes, had I not been a victim of a ‘ding and dent’ scam, I would have likely have not even noticed or thought about the stain. I would have simply driven away assuming when I returned the vehicle with the very same stain, the agency would not attempt to collect $200.00 based on the language that was stamped on the contract and otherwise legally implicated to me by my initials and/or signature. Of course, my predatory encounter at RSW changed all of that and I took photos and documented the stain to protect myself from a similar scam.

“And that’s why Congress MUST act to enforce predictable and uniform standards for this under-regulated industry. It’s the reason also that Congress must require predatory arbitration clauses greedily pursued by the car rental industry unlawful,” Howe concluded.

Related: Enterprise Holdings and Canadian Car Rental Scandal: Christopher Elliott and His Prophetic Article in the Chicago Tribune Could Not Have Been More Precise —

Media Relations
330-880-4848 x137
email us here


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Tenerife Tourism Board Announces November 2018 FAM to Tenerife, Canary Islands

Familiarization trip to the island of Tenerife is planned for November 2018.

NEEDHAM, MA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2018 / — Turismo de Tenerife, the tourism board for the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands, Tenerife, has announced a familiarization trip to the island on November 2018.

"The FAM trip is a great opportunity for travel agents to become educated on the island of Tenerife, also known as the Island of Eternal Spring because of its year-round warm climate and 75-degree temperature," comments Cyril Lemaire, Managing Director of Quest Travel Adventures. "The island is a unique destination full of activities, vibrancy, culture, and great food and wine," adds Lemaire.

Travel Agents who attend this trip will have the opportunity to participate in experiences such as hiking on the UNESCO World Heritage site Mt Teide Canarias National Park, sailing with dolphins and whales in the cliffs of La Gomera, strolling the famous streets of the UNSECO site La Laguna, or indulging in the flavors, colors and aromas of Spanish wines at a popular vineyard, Bodegas Monje.

"The hype around Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is that it’s not your typical island destination,” said Lemaire. With more 5-star hotels than Madrid and Barcelona and a plethora of activities, there is something for everyone, and we’re excited let agents experience that first-hand,” Lemaire adds.

The FAM, which will take part November 4-9, 2018, will allow participants to discover all Tenerife has to offer – including top resorts in Tenerife, such as the Hotel Botanico (, rated the #1 spa in Europe by Conde Nast, unforgettable experiences, such as the Trip Advisor rated #1 zoo, Loro Parque, or #1 waterpark, Siam Park. In addition, participants will get to perform site visits of other new or newly renovated 4 and 5-star properties such as the Iberostar, JardínTropical, and Coral Resorts. Agents attending will come to find out why the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ is a truly undiscovered paradise.

Iberia Express ( is supporting the FAM by assisting with flights between Madrid and Tenerife. A limited number of spots are available. Visit to view detailed information on the hotels, videos, pre-recorded agent webinars, our Tenerife Specialist program, and more information on how to submit an application.

For more information, contact the Tenerife Tourism Board North America at 1800-693-1915 or Be sure to visit the Tourism Board’s blog ( for even more on the beautiful island.

About and Tenerife, Canary Islands
From its desert-landscapes to lush green mountains and stunning seascapes, Tenerife is an island filled with a variety of geographical options. Known as the island of eternal spring, Tenerife temperatures average 75 degrees year-round. The largest and most populated island of the Canary Islands, it’s a place where you can image yourself in thousands of locations around the globe, without traveling anywhere else. Visit the official website for Tenerife in North America –

About Quest Travel Adventures
Quest Travel Adventures ( has over 10 years of experience and partners with the top brands in luxury travel to provide you with the trip of a lifetime. Above anything else, we are specialists in destinations that are rich with history, culture, breathtaking landscapes, nature, gastronomy and wine. Experts in our destinations, we are the official office of representation for the Atlantic Islands of Tenerife, Canary Islands and the Azores, and always the first to know about new offers and promotions when they become available.

Cyril Lemaire
Quest Travel Adventures
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Now book your next holiday accommodation with smile at No Booking Fee, No Service Fee has announced the launch of its No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals services for travelers, who want to visit all across the world.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2018 / — has announced the launch of its No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals services for travelers, who want to visit any country, any place or destination in all across the world. Here, they are offering more than 15100 vacation rentals properties with different styles of home such as Cottage Rentals, Villas, Condos, Apartment Rental and Bed & Breakfast etc. in every top tourists travel destination around the world.

As compare to today’s scenario of Vacation Rentals market from the past days, it says that this market is coming up with cut throat competition; experts are busy in making new policies. The travelers are also becoming more aware and getting knowledge from internet and other mediums about ‘how to can get their vacation place at best prices’. is here to provide there travelers the best alternative of hotels, where travelers can enjoy their stay at luxurious homes with best amenities by paying the affordable rent. It was established to provide travelers best holiday packages, where they can save money by booking at No Booking and No Service Fee Vacation Rentals website in USA. As travelers are often unaware and misinformed about hidden charges, which they have to pay to hotels and other vacation rentals website, who ask for additional considerable cost in form of a service fee. Along with that, cancellation policies are not often defined on their websites in systematic way.

In order to get rid of all these problems, Perfect Stayz is providing the best vacation home rental property in incredibly reasonable price. Apart from that, this website is created by the community of passionate vacation rental hosts, where travelers can deal direct with owners and no middle men required in between.

Apart from that, Perfect Stayz not only provides their travelers the best accommodation, it also offer vacations home rentals owners an opportunity to do business by staying at home. As it provide home owners a great chance to advertise their property at by paying reasonable price in form of their business investment. So, that traveler can find their choice of property and book it for free. Along with that, this website also offers the facility of unrestricted communication between travelers and home owners. Because of this, travelers can directly deal with home owners to know about their additional amenities, other offers, cancellation policies at vacation rentals home and pay directly to them.

About Perfect Stayz:

Perfect Stayz is the fastest growing and the most efficient vacation rental platform, which are providing its services all across the world. It is designed to give both, property owners and renters the most effective and economical way to connect. As perfect Stayz is providing a large no. of vacation home rentals in destinations such as Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Disney land to across the world. Rental properties offered by include condo, cabin, apartment, villas, farmhouse etc. and traveler can book it at zero booking fees. Because according to their policy, they charge no booking fee and no service fee from travelers. It gives property’s owner the opportunity to advertise their property at low annual fee. Along with that, the opportunity of unrestricted communication between home owners and renters is also available.

Mehtab Alam
Perfect Stayz
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SuiteAmerica Wins 2018 In Their Shoes Award

Corporate Housing

SuiteAmerica wins inaugural In Their Shoes Award by Plus Relocation.

EL DORADO HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2018 / — SuiteAmerica has been awarded the inaugural In Their Shoes Award by Plus Relocation. This prestigious Plus Partner Award highlights SuiteAmerica’s ability to truly understand the relocating employee experience.

SuiteAmerica's empathetic approach "not just with an employee, but with his or her entire family" reinforces the company’s ability to ensure every client and their family is truly at home throughout the relocation process. In addition, SuiteAmerica is the first to reach out to a relocating employee should an issue arise. They guarantee everything is resolved quickly and efficiently.

The award nomination came from Plus Relocation employees and was voted on by the company's global supply chain team and top executives. When asked about SuiteAmerica, nominators stated that the company provides "a seamless process for relocating employees from meet and greets to an easy app where guests can review details of their stay. Their whole program is tailored around providing the relocating employee with a great experience."

The In Their Shoes Award also celebrates SuiteAmerica’s success in providing world class housing solutions and going above and beyond guests’ expectations. The award emphasizes that SuiteAmerica’s “empathy and understanding shows in everything they do.” SuiteAmerica is deeply honored by this recognition and will continue to deliver the highest level of service for all relocating guests and their families.

If you would like more information about these topics, please contact Sarah Buchanan at 916.941.7970 ext. 193 or email at

About SuiteAmerica
For over 25 years, SuiteAmerica has been providing award winning Corporate Housing and Destination Services to many of the world’s largest companies. Our concierge and personal transition services ensure all guests have a world class corporate housing experience. Through innovative technology and 24/7 guest support, SuiteAmerica offers temporary housing with customizable features and an unrivaled level of service, now available worldwide. To learn more about SuiteAmerica, visit or call 800-367-9501.

About Plus Relocation
Plus Relocation designs and implements completely customized mobility solutions with flawless execution for mid-sized companies to some of the largest, most-recognized brands on the planet. Our clients come from a wide array of industries, and they feature some of the most dynamic mobility programs in the world. We've been in business since 1968, and our innovative, game-changing approach has propelled us to a full-service, global mobility powerhouse with offices located around the world. Our tri-regional model allows us to deliver seamless mobility services in more than 150 countries. To learn more, please visit

Sarah Buchanan
916-941-7970 x193
email us here

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The Ultimate Travel Experience Launches with Wild Adventure Immersions & Bosscat Media

Wild Adventure Travel Platform Offers One of a Kind Master Workshops with Adventure Excursions in Luxury Locations.

I get to host the coming together of people’s goals and dreams, and leave them with real experiences and connections that change them.”

— Liz Galloway

HOLLADAY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2018 / — Beyond trendspotting the typical retreat, Wild Adventures proactively works to create breakthrough itineraries for non traditional travelers. Are you investing in you? That’s one of the questions Wild Adventures set out to answer for active travelers. Envisioning the ability to transform retreat attendees with an itinerary that pushes physical and mental boundaries. Because our emotional health is key to our physical health, and what better place to do it, than on an exotic Bali estate?

Wild Adventures next fit-cation retreat offers a barrier breaking itinerary, and they are giving away an all-inclusive $7,000 transformational retreat package to one online winner. Including an unbeatable gift bag of gear. Join them in adventure, training, and full body health for 8 days, March 2- 9th, 2019, in the sacred jungles of Ubud, Indonesia. Named as one of the top locations not to miss in 2018. Applications are open now!

Partnering with eco-chic private resort Soul Shine Bali, co-founded by singer and social good entrepreneur, Michael Franti, Wild Adventures takes you on a journey. These types of fully packed master retreats are typically reserved for elite athletes, experienced outdoor expeditioners, and the ultra rich. Not any more! This is the everyday person’s access guide to transformational modern travel.Attendees have access to well known influencers and master workshop instructors throughout the week.

Wild Adventures founder Liz Galloway, wants to inspire people with travel. As someone who is a wellness and adventure junkie, outdoor guide, adventurist, author and consultant, she creates a focused lifestyle retreat for all levels and genders.

“This is about doing good for you and doing good for the world.” says retreat host Liz Galloway. “You can travel in a way that connects you to your environment and yourself. One that leaves a lifelong impression, and allows you to reach bigger and bigger goals!” she continues.

Wild Adventures creates luxury base camp outdoor focused programs. One’s that combine high end wellness, pushing physical boundaries, spa treatments, cultural excursions, entertainment, personal connection, outdoor training, coaching and reaching new goal oriented mindsets. While hundreds of tour operators and adventure travel options continue to flood the internet. Choosing where to travel and who to travel with becomes more overwhelming. Now you can work with a retreat host like Wild Adventures with trusted professionals and influential experts to guide you like never before.

Outdoor focused adventure is exploding in the travel industry because of its transformational aspects and its connection to local environments and social return. Wild Adventures operates with all of these in mind, and making a difference for its attendees. “I envisioned a retreat to share tips, insights, and discovery.” says Galloway. “I get to host the coming together of people’s goals and dreams, and leave them with real experiences and connections that change them.” she states of the Wild Adventure Immersion.

Applications are open now for the 2019 retreat. Apply at WildAdventures.Life or find Wild Adventures on You Tube. Find your voice. Create your tribe. Change the world.

# # #

About Wild Adventure Immersions & Bosscat Media Productions

Wild Adventure Immersions is a collective of top industry experts shaping the new form of adventure travel to get results for travelers and travel locations. Combining mental and physical boundary breaking itineraries, retreat attendees become transformed inside and out. Designed by a Wellness Expert who lives this as a lifestyle.
Bosscat Media Productions is a PR, marketing and media agency that works one on one to create media attention for brands nationally and internationally. Contact for complimentary consultation.

Bosscat Productions
email us here
Bosscat Productions

New Dates: March 2-9, 2019 Retreat Applications Open Now

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Crime Victim Demands One Million from Wrongdoer Enterprise and National Just Before Multi-Million Settlement at Chipotle

WRONG CAR IDENTIFIED UNDER OATH -- Witness Statement full of false information

WRONG CAR IDENTIFIED UNDER OATH — Witness Statement full of false information

COVER-UP: Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental counsel says evidence is GONE!

COVER-UP: Enterprise Holdings’ National Car Rental counsel says evidence is GONE!

In a case that has similarities to the alleged employment theft and video concealment at Chipotle, FL crime victim pursues settlement for harm, fraud, and abuse

ST. LOUIS , MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 17, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity theft, announced today the settlement demand provided to Defendant Enterprise Holdings’ counsel following the fraud and civil theft perpetrated by National Car Rental at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport on October 29, 2016.

Read the entire one-million-dollar demand letter including the crime victim’s strategy for justice: .

The demand letter presented one day prior to the national news headlines related to the nearly 8-million-dollar jury verdict against Chipotle, ironically enough, also follows another major news headline with ride-share company Uber in which the organization used predatory arbitration clauses to conceal, in particular, violent crimes against women.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, the firm Rissman, Barrett, Hurt, Donahue, McLain & Mangan, P.A., counsel for Tortfeasor Enterprise Holdings and National Car Rental, respectfully rejected the demand letter from victim Howe.

Fortunately, after CNN’s Drew Griffin completed a month-long investigation ( and put a national spotlight on the disgraceful and consumer-harmful tactic, Uber publicly acknowledged it would no longer engage in such a shameful approach to justice.

At the same time, ride-share competitor Lyft announced it would no longer resort to arbitration in a desperate attempt to conceal bad behavior.

Now, SubscriberWise founder and National Car Rental crime victim David Howe intends to pursue the same change for the car rental industry, particularly after having to dismiss a previously filed federal lawsuit ( because Defendant Enterprise Holdings and its companies also employ this shameful tactic to keep the public in the dark and to further victimize individuals who have been harmed by corporate bad behavior. For example, in the state of Florida and according to the FL Attorney General, the car rental industry is the single largest source of consumer complaints filed with the organization annually.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Holds Charity Gala in Honour of Ending of the Holy Land Tour

The final day of the Holy Land Tour was considered a delight for all participants of the trip.

LONDON, LONDON, UK, May 17, 2018 / — The final day of the Holy Land Tour was considered a delight for all participants of the trip.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and heart behind the Christ Embassy church, planned out a “day to remember”. The week-long visit to Israel played a crucial role in the spiritual success of Pastor Chris’ followers. The trip was divided into four different groups, each accompanying the Pastor at crucial moments and sites. The Holy Land Tour aims to connect Christ believers with the Land of Jesus, expanding their understanding of the Bible and scripture, and thus connecting them to the Jewish land on a new level of faith. The entire tour was broadcasted and covered extensively by the news agencies, social media, and multiple streaming websites. The organization have thus declared the visit as “an overwhelming success”.

The day began while one of the groups still resided in Jordan, a neighboring country to Israel. They visited the city of Jerash. It is a city of the Decapolis and the site of the ruins of a Greco-Roman city. The site is filled with historical and biblical references dating back centuries. Participants expressed their awe because of the rich archeological diversity at the site. They shared that “it was a moment in which Christians could understand, first hand, where Jesus resided and what He went through in His life.” The Biblical Holy Land is not just in Israel, it spreads out to other modern-day countries such as Jordan, making this tour an opportunity to experience new countries.

Lunch was at a traditional Lebanese restaurant in Jerash, Jordan. The group was given a warm welcoming with traditional food and drink. The Holy Land Tour provides the opportunity not only to connect to the scripture but also to experience the diverse Middle Eastern culture.
The group made their way back to Israel through the Allenby Bridge border crossing. The Allenby Bridge also known as the King Hussein Bridge, is a bridge that crosses the Jordan River, and connects the West Bank with Jordan. Other than through the West Bank, the bridge is currently the sole designated exit/entry point for West Bank Palestinians traveling in and out of the region.

To finish off the day and the entire Holy Land Tour, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn will hold a charity gala in Olmaya Hall, Jerusalem. The gala will include a ministration from the Man of God, leading his followers closer to Jesus and their faith. The guests will be from the local and international Evangelical community as well as many Jewish supporters and fans of Pastor Chris and the Jerusalem Orchestra.
The ministration before the Gala will be broadcasted live tonight (Thursday the 17th of May), at 6PM (GMT+1) or 8PM Israel time. The broadcast will be available on the following YouTube and Facebook livestream links:

For more information, believers are encouraged to visit and

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Pastor Chris & Benny Hinn LIVE – #HolyLandTour2018

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