New Mailing List Website Offers Hot Sales Prospects to the Canada Market and is Owned by A Disabled Veteran

Red Hot Sales Lead for Canada

Canada Business -New Customers Today

Canada Investors – Donors – Sales Leads

Canadian marketing is about to get a huge boost in power and possibilities thanks to a new lead mailing list services now available in Canada.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, May 19, 2020 / — Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing recently announced that effective immediately they are expanding their operations into Canada. They will provide a brand new, expertly complied Canada business mailing list service to make it easier for Canadian businesses to reach customers and for foreign businesses to crack into the Canadian market if they wish.

These new Canada business mailing lists can be tailored specifically for the needs of an individual or business and include Canada Donor Lists, Canada Consumer Mailing Lists, Canada Email Lists, and much more. This allows different businesses to build and access exactly the lists that work for them and their target markets.

The Sprint Data Solutions Difference
Based in Nevada, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has developed years of experience over the years. Initially, they began with compiling direct mailing lists for clients, gradually evolving their focus into the digital world. Today, they offer business email lists and other similar services.

The team at Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has more than 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of business marketing. And Sprint Data Solutions is a disabled veteran owned company, and giving them business provides even more support to those who deserve it.

Now, offering Canada business mailing list services, Sprint Data Solutions allows individuals and companies who have an interest in growing their strength in the Canada markets to do just that, using the most accurate lists available. Whether it’s a business to business mailing list, a Canada consumer mailing list, email lists, or something else, Sprint Data Solutions offers new resources and tools to increase engagement and create more meaningful business interactions.

Sprint Data Solutions offers a number of business mailing list services including the following.

Artificial Intelligence Mailing Lists
Managing large groups of data isn’t always easy to do, and identifying particular patterns and information makes it harder to get the information that leads to successful marketing efforts. But Sprint Data uses AI to review large groups of data and create Canada business marketing mailing lists that give businesses the best results and ROI possible.

Donor Mailing lists
When searching for a donor that will actually be interested in offering money, individuals and organizations need to know who has a history of donating. Sprint Data Solutions complies information to provide donor lists that are made up of those with a history of interest in donating to causes related to specific areas.

Text Messaging Lists & Business Fax Lists
In a day and age when almost everyone has a phone near them that they use regularly, text messaging marketing is incredibly effective and is becoming as popular as email marketing. Sprint Data Solutions can connect clients with numbers that will translate to conversions, not just dead end leads via SMS.

Telemarketing Lists
Making a personal connection can be important as well, and few things are as effective at reaching leads on a personal level as a phone call. But with robocalls and scams being so prevalent, it’s not easy to get through or to even know who to try to contact. Sprint Data Solutions offers Canada business marketing lists including telemarketing lists that make it easier to call with confidence and see results.

Canada Email Lists
Email marketing has become one of the most common marketing tools out there, and modern Email inboxes are much more important than physical ones in many cases. Those digital inboxes are also flooded on a daily basis with messages. That’s why businesses have to be able to reach clients and leads that will actually click to open their messages.

Digital marketing also allows for the compiling of metrics and data that can then be analyzed and used to create a truly accurate mailing list. This means that Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can gather data and use it to create lists that work for businesses. The information and metrics they use can be applied to create lists that actually get results. Businesses can set their demographic parameters and get lists that work better for their specific needs.

Consumer Postal Mailing Lists
Reaching customers is important, and the days for physical postal mailing aren’t over. Today, it’s still possible to connect with potential leads through the mail and getting results. However, it’s vital to do so the right way. Direct mail requires a solid list of leads that will be open and receptive to mailings and who will also be interested in what a business offers. This means that demographics and engagement metrics have to be considered carefully. Businesses need to reach exactly the right group of leads in order to maximize their ROI. Sprint Data solution will deliver carefully curated Canada consumer postal mailing lists that clients can expect to get results from.

Business Postal Mailing Lists
Business to business connections are important for many companies, and they’re also an incredibly unique and specific type of transaction. It’s important to be able to reach accurate business lists and to target marketing services accordingly. Accuracy and relevance are absolutely vital, and Sprint Data Solutions provides only lists that offer relevant candidates with the most potential possible to Canadian companies. This allows for business to business marketing to take place and deliver real results and improved Return on Investment. All files have hundreds of lifestyle selections available and all our files are completely CASTLE complainant for Canada.

Mailing Lists & Sale Leads for The Future
Businesses often struggle with reaching the right leads and customers, and marketing efforts can often be difficult. However, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is now offering tools and resources that can make it easier for businesses. They promise to deliver the best, most accurate lists available and to improve marketing ROI on behalf of their clients. Contacting them and speaking to their team is easy and offers the chance to support a Disabled Veteran Owned Company as well as to increase the capabilities of one’s own marketing efforts. To learn more about how the business can help, visit their website today.

Patrick Trump
Sprint Data Solutions
+1 7024728668
email us here

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DermaCare Packaging & Private Label, LLC – Launches Private Label Industry's First "Child Resistant" Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers with Child Resistant Bottles

Accidental Child Ingestion Problem – Solved by Child Resistant Bottle

Spray On Hand Sanitizers

Spray on Hand Sanitizer, Easy, Mess Free

Hand Sanitizers with Child Lock

Child Lock Hand Sanitizer, First of It’s Kind – Child Resistant Bottle

Accidental Child Ingestion & Poisoning from Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Products Inspires DermaCare Packaging to
Develop "Child Resistant" Sanitizer Bottles.

While the masks and gloves will eventually come off, alcohol based hand sanitizers will be the new normal moving forward, we must protect our children and prevent tragedies from happening.”

— DermaCare Managing Director, Rich Butler


With the recent COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, we have seen an unprecedented increase of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in our homes and in our daily lives.

Despite the benefits and convenience of these supplemental hand disinfecting products, an emerging new problem is occurring….accidental ingestion and poisoning by our younger population. Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 62% to 70% alcohol or higher, per CDC guidelines, making it equivalent to 120 proof of higher in relation to alcohol content. According to Poison Control, calls have increased 79% since the start of the pandemic. due to accidental ingestion.

DermaCare Line, the Promotional Product Industry’s leading high-volume manufacturer/producer of private label hand sanitizers has developed the first line of “Child Resistant” Hand Sanitizer Packaging to combat this emerging safety problem.

Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 62% to 70% or higher alcohol content, making it 120 proof or higher.

“To put this in proper perspective”, said DermaCare Managing Director, Rich Butler, “most beer contains only 5% and whiskey usually contains 40 to 45 percent alcohol content. This means that a small two-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer that is kept in a purse or diaper bag, may be equal to as many as four shots of hard liquor if a child were to accidentally swallow it.”

“While the CDC strongly recommends that alcohol-based hand sanitizers be kept locked up at home and kept away from children, accidents are occurring more frequently”, said Butler. “This is a frightening trend that is the result of the exponential growth of hand sanitizer use due to the worldwide pandemic”

"While the masks and gloves will eventually come off", said Butler, "alcohol hand sanitizers will be the new normal moving forward, we must protect our children and prevent tragedies from happening".

Safety Spray™ is a patented, pre-metered spray dispenser that incorporates an effective push button child safety feature. Filled with CDC recommended 70% liquid ethyl alcohol, a one-ounce tube dispenses approximately 300 pre-metered sprays while a two-ounce pocket size container dispensers about 600 sprays. Both sizes are available with house or private label. The safety feature is child resistant, yet senior friendly.

Purely Safe™ is our safety solution for gel sanitizers. It is a child resistant bottle that contains a safety cap similar to what you would find on a traditional prescription pill bottle – the push and twist method. Size options range from 1 oz. to 4 oz., and the bottles are filled with CDC recommended 70% ethyl alcohol hand gel with moisturizers.

Both Child Resistant safety packages are filled in FDA registered and CGMP compliant facilities in the USA and are available to promotional products distributors through Franchise Distribution Agreement only.

Retail chain stores and buyers are also invited to consider Safety Spray™ and Purely Safe™ as thoughtful, peace-of-mind safety products available to consumers in optional convenient counter top display boxes.

“We are excited to be bringing such important safety packaging innovations to the hand sanitizer industry", said Butler. “We look forward to working with top distributors and retail buyers and helping to prevent the spread of illness causing germs, while keeping our children safe!”


DermaCare Packaging & Private Label, LLC (DermaCare Line), has been a Supplier member of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI #537995) since 1989.

Founding Partner, and Managing Director, Rich Butler was the first to introduce hand sanitizers as a private label promotional marketing tool for pharmaceutical distributors and brands in 1995.

Today, they maintain a leadership role in bringing innovative hand care safety packaging solutions, along with high volume, high speed production capabilities in FDA registered & compliant facilities throughout the USA and Canada.

For more information, visit:
Or email:; or email our Chief Sales Officer,

If you think your child has consumed hand sanitizer, call 911, or the American Association of Poison Control Centers 1-800-222-1222.

Richard S. Butler
DermaCare Packaging & Private Label LLC
+1 833-337-6872
email us here
Visit us on social media:

DermaCare Packaging Introduces Purely Safe Child Resistant Hand Sanitizers

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Gulliver Group completes transforming the assets into a digital ecosystem

Gulliver Group

Our roadmap for 2020-2022 includes over 10 new products with a global mission to transform the industries with our first-class line of products designed to maximize customer's satisfaction.”

— Matthew Richardson (Head of Business Developmen)t)

LISBON, PORTUGAL, May 19, 2020 / — Gulliver Group reports that transformation of the assets into a digital ecosystem is getting completed. The company is going to present a wide range of products and services for individuals and businesses under single «e» brand. Gulliver Group product portfolio will include:

– Wealth management services
– Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure solutions in Europe, North America & Singapore
– Fintech-Made digital banking in Hong Kong
– Legal, consulting, advisory & management services for supporting and boosting any IT business with a main focus on regulated financial services in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand
– Turnkey software platform for banks, payment institutions, e-money institutions and Swiss Financial Intermediaries
– Secured Android 10 smartphone with military-grade encryption designed to ensure the highest level of privacy and security
– Cashback-Powered online travel booking platform with lowest price guarantee for over 60% destinations
– Retail online stores
– Luxury lifestyle management & concierge services for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals
– Private jets & yachts booking

The most of products will be presented before May 25th. Gulliver Group is constantly working on new competitive products with strong advantages in comparison with market-leading and well-known products of the industry.

The company’s main goal is to digitize, automate and simplify business processes and improve everyone’s daily lifestyle to perfection while delivering the first-class products and services designed for improving the financial well-being and maximizing the comfort. The company’s team has «on the ground» knowledge and multi-year expertise in building, managing and accelerating businesses in most of Digital Economy sectors.

Gulliver Group
Gulliver Group was founded in 2015 as a private investment company focused on investing in the IT industry and securities of rapidly growing sectors, such as green energy, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Software and Digital Services. Since 2017, Gulliver Group has been actively working on building own ecosystem of digital products and services in most of sectors of digital economy. The company is involved in charity and supports over 15 charity organizations worldwide on regular basis.

Matthew Richardson
Gulliver Limited
email us here

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Across the Pacific: A New TV Series about the Birth of Transoceanic Airline Travel

The China Clipper, Pan American Airways' iconic flying boat left San Francisco bound for Manila on November 22, 1935 on its inaugural flight to Asia

The first air route across an ocean

Paul George Lawler's iconic and romantic image of a Pan American Airways flying boat over a South Pacific lagoonn

The iconic and romantic image of a Pan American Airways flying boat over a South Pacific lagoonn

Photo taken during the production of Across the Pacific, showing actors being filmed with sound boom operator in action

Photo from the production of Across the Pacific

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US, May 19, 2020 / — Dateline: November 22nd, 1935 – Pan American Airways’ brand-new flying boat, the "China Clipper" winged west over San Francisco's still-unfinished Golden Gate Bridge, destination: Manila, over 8,000 miles away. Before then, the only way to reach Asia from the US was by ship, a trip that took weeks. Now a small fleet of remarkable Martin M-130 seaplanes would cross the Pacific in only five days, making overnight stops on new mid-ocean island bases. It was a revolutionary advance in global transport. But operating an airline across the vast ocean expanse posed lethal hazards. Many thought the idea was reckless, even foolhardy. It was nothing short of a breath-taking, win-or-lose all technical and commercial gamble.

On May 18th American Public Television begins distribution of Across the Pacific, a new three-hour documentary series about this aviation milestone, and the trailblazing events that led up to it. The just-completed program is the work of Moreno/Lyons Productions, an independent Boston-based media company, working in association with the Pan Am Historical Foundation, Inc. (PAHF), the premier source of authoritative information about Pan American World Airways. Virginia Public Media, the program's presenting PBS station, will premiere the series on May 21st.

How did Juan Trippe, the young visionary who led Pan Am from its start in 1927, manage to achieve this aviation breakthrough? It’s a gripping story, replete with political intrigue and high-stakes financial gambles, of technological innovation and masterful organization, and of barriers overcome and dreams achieved. Trippe enlisted top talent to pull it off: A brilliant radio engineer; a gifted aircraft designer; and a small cadre of dedicated aviation professionals, including Charles A. Lindbergh. It’s a remarkable story.

It had taken only eight years for Pan American to grow from a tiny three-plane operation with a single 90-mile route to become the world's largest and most dynamic airline. But bridging the mighty Pacific with an airline route confronted Trippe and Pan Am with a challenge much greater than any that had come before. A failure would mean disaster and the whole world was watching, spellbound.
In later years, Pan American Airways was synonymous with the advent of global jet travel and airline luxury and glamour. In the 1930s though, the world was in the midst of the Great Depression and drifting towards global war, Trippe was betting the destiny of his company and his vision of the future on the venture.

The producers went to great lengths and over five years, to craft this story for public television, skillfully using dramatic recreations of carefully researched historical events, complemented by insightful interviews with authors and historians. They uncovered long-lost archival photographs, recordings, and motion pictures that had been locked away for decades. Writer/Producer Stephen Lyons (The Mystery of Matter) brought together a talented and experienced team to create the series, including Emmy-award winners Lisa Wolfinger of Lone Wolf Media (Mercy Street) who directed the dramatic sequences, and Katha Seidman (Percy Julian, Forgotten Genius) who managed series production design.

The PAHF is a member-supported non-profit educational organization founded in1992. The Foundation is the premier source of authoritative information about the legendary airline, through its website, Clipper Newsletter, and other programs. The PAHF provided significant resources for Across the Pacific, complementing major support from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and other funders.
For Information about finding Across the Pacific on a PBS station in your area, and to see a short trailer, please go to:

Doug Miller
Pan Am Historical Foundation
+1 415-254-1686
email us here

Across the Pacific: short trailer

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Meridian Beam Gate at Miami’s Ocean Drive

Archer 1200 Barriers affect Miami street closure

City Plans for COVID-19 Social Distancing Call for Expanded Pedestrian Footprints

Some cities closed parts of the street so people can have more room outdoors and that’s just based on the science that this thing is not as transmissible outdoors as it is in an enclosed environment.”

— Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

PASADENA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2020 / — When the City of Miami made the momentous decision to close the famous Ocean Drive in South Beach to traffic and turn it into a pedestrian plaza Meridian Rapid Defense Group was there to help. Ten blocks of the colorful and iconic street are now closed off with Meridian’s Archer 1200 barriers and Archer beam gates.

City leaders said the closure is primarily to allow restaurants with outdoor seating to create distance by extending tables into the street, something that Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis mentioned in his recent COVID-19 briefing. “You’ve had some cities where they’ve closed parts of the street so that people can have more room outdoors and that’s just based on the science that this thing is not as transmissible outdoors as it is in an enclosed environment.”

The Archer barriers are placed at every street entrance to Ocean Drive and while creating an impenetrable barrier to vehicles attempting to enter, they still allow pedestrians the freedom to enter and leave.

The mobile Archer Beam Gates are placed at several locations allowing permitted vehicles and delivery trucks to still enter Ocean Drive to service the restaurants, hotels and businesses. The Archer Beam Gates don’t require electricity or hydraulics and are deployable in one hour.

Eric Alms, Meridian President said, “It has been a pleasure to work with Miami Beach PD over the years and we are delighted to be involved with one of the most remarkable street closures to allow the city to re-open to businesses and the community.”

Miami is emerging from a nearly two-month COVID-19 lockdown, which crushed its hospitality-based economy and, in turn, cut into the tens of millions in resort taxes and parking fees the city receives.

Meridian Rapid Defense Group is working with other cities throughout the U.S. to create similar “safe zones” for restaurants and other businesses to expand onto the streets while the COVID-19 emergency continues.

Robert Penfold
Meridian Rapid Defense Group
+1 213-503-0686
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Operation BBQ Relief Serves Five Millionth Meal in Nashville

The Operation BBQ Relief command center was set up outside Nissan Stadium in March to provide over 60,000 meals to families and organizations affected by the tornado.

Operation BBQ Relief will serve its 5 Millionth Meal in Nashville on May 20, 2020 at Martin’s BBQ Joint to first responder.

Disaster relief nonprofit supports those affected by COVID-19 with free meals

Serving our five millionth meal is a huge milestone for us, and we’re excited to do it in Nashville.”

— Stan Hays, Co-Founder and CEO of Operation BBQ Relief

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2020 / — Operation BBQ Relief, a nonprofit disaster relief organization that supports communities by feeding displaced residents and first responders heartwarming barbeque meals, announced today that their 5 millionth meal will be served to first responders on May 20, 2020, at Martin’s BBQ Joint in downtown Nashville.

While typically serving those affected by natural disasters, Operation BBQ Relief has shifted its efforts to serve those affected by COVID-19—whether that be families in need, first responders, or health care workers caring for those who are sick.

“We were here in March serving over 60,000 free meals after the tornado, and are thrilled to be back helping those in Nashville affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Stan Hays, Operation BBQ Relief CEO and Co-Founder. “Serving our five millionth meal is a huge milestone for us, and we’re excited to do it in Nashville.”

As part of the new ‘Operation Restaurant Relief’ program, Operation BBQ Relief has teamed up with Peg Leg Porker and Martin’s BBQ Joint to help make the meals in their restaurants. Operation Restaurant Relief is an initiative that revives closed restaurants by utilizing their kitchens to make free meals that are then distributed to those in need. As part of the effort, the restaurants rehire laid off workers to make the meals, and in turn, the restaurant will receive a stipend from Operation BBQ Relief.

“Restaurants have been hit particularly hard during the COVID-19 crisis. Yet, they have the ideal facilities, expertise, and staff to help us make and serve meals to those affected by the pandemic,” said Hays. “We work diligently with our restaurant partners to follow all the recommended CDC and local health
guidelines to keep everyone safe as we help those in need. It’s been a win-win for all involved.”

Operation BBQ Relief has successfully piloted the program in Kansas City, and it is in operation now in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Over the next four weeks, local Nashville nonprofits partnering with Operation BBQ Relief will distribute and serve 70,000 meals to families and communities affected by the pandemic.

As a non-profit disaster relief organization, Operation BBQ Relief relies on corporate, civic, and personal contributions to ensure their efforts continue. Those interested in donating can do so at The need for donations is greater now than ever before due to the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis.

# # #

About Operation BBQ Relief
Operation BBQ Relief is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports communities following natural disasters with hot barbeque meals to those in need and on the front lines. After the devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo. in May 2011, competitive pitmasters from eight different states answered the call to feed displaced families and first responders and served over 120,000 meals over 13 days. This experience was the catalyst that started what Operation BBQ Relief is today. With the help of more than 14,000 volunteers, Operation BBQ Relief has provided nearly five million meals throughout the United States. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization has provided meals to first responders, medical workers, veterans, families and organizations affected by the pandemic. In 2017, Stan Hays, CEO and Co-Founder was recognized as one of the “CNN Heroes” for his work with Operation BBQ Relief.

For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @opbbqrelief.

Sharon Green
Operation BBQ Relief
+1 574-214-7959
email us here

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InVision Launches Post-Pandemic Events Solution

CLEANevents logo

InVision Launches Post-Pandemic Events Solution

Created in collaboration with InHouse Physicians, CLEANevents facilitates bringing people together again safely

CLEANevents will set a new standard for the industry as we proactively create solutions to help our clients connect with their most important audiences—today and in the future.”

— Drew Hagen, co-founder and Chief Culture Officer, InVision Communications

WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 19, 2020 / — Today, InVision Communications debuts CLEANevents, a proactive initiative designed to bring people together again safely in the wake of COVID-19 and to help revive the events industry.

A transitional solution developed in collaboration with InHouse Physicians, CLEANevents mitigates health concerns, using proactive measures to alleviate pandemic exposure. The proprietary program comprises a mix of facility vetting, communications planning, content production and executional strategies—all in accordance with stringent safety protocols.

“The meeting industry cannot sit back and wait for COVID-19 to disappear. InVision and their CLEANevents initiative is a great example of what the industry is capable of doing to accelerate the rebirth of face-to-face events,” said Dr. Jonathan Spero, founder and CEO of InHouse Physicians.

CLEANevents takes a health security-first approach to safely bringing people together, implementing strict protocols to reduce health risks and anxiety for attendees, presenters and crew while delivering innovative, more impactful experiences for audiences. Strict health security protocols guide every level of service, and all personnel, procedures and venues must meet rigorous standards.

Under the CLEANevents umbrella, InVision will be rolling out three levels of service that facilitate a flexible and gradual approach supporting digital and face-to-face audience experiences: CLEANteams, CLEANstudios and CLEANexperiences.

• CLEANteams: For those who prefer to record or broadcast from their own corporate campuses or preferred remote locations, CLEANteams can serve event organizers and presenters anywhere in the United States with exceptional production services. Available now, this option allows companies to create professional-quality branded content that can be shared with audiences digitally.

• CLEANstudios: Rolling out in June, CLEANstudios will be pre-established studio venues located in major markets nationwide to provide up-leveled production capabilities, flexible staging options, varied delivery mechanisms and the opportunity to include a limited live audience.

• CLEANexperiences: Slated for August, CLEANexperiences will enable clients to connect with live, face-to-face audiences of fewer than 500 people in a way that maximizes production value and minimizes health risks. With a semi-permanent residency in CLEAN-certified venues, CLEANexperiences will allow InVision’s clients to minimize time on site and realize cost savings, all without sacrificing the diversity of branding, sponsorship, staging and technical options that allow them to maximize engagement and impact.

CLEANevents are governed by a four-tiered approach to reduce health and safety risks:
• Pre-Event Detection ensures the establishment and clear communication of health protocols and policies.
• On-Site Detection involves comprehensive screening measures to mitigate the spread of potential viruses.
• On-Site Prevention includes proper social distancing and regular disinfecting, among other critical measures.
• On-Site Medical Response, facilitated by InHouse Physicians, ensures high-quality medical care is available on site and local urgent care is pre-arranged.

“InVision continues to be a leader in the audience engagement space,” said Drew Hagen, co-founder and Chief Culture Officer at InVision Communications. “CLEANevents will set a new standard for the industry as we proactively create solutions to help our clients connect with their most important audiences—today and in the future.”

Event organizers interested in leveraging CLEANevents for their transition back to face-to-face engagements should contact InVision Communications at 925.944.1211 or To learn more about CLEANevents, visit

Make change. Not noise. Competing for attention is challenging, but InVision can help. A full-service engagement solutions agency since 1991, we move people to action through integrated experiential, design, digital and communications campaigns anchored in strategy, creativity and technology. We partner with iconic brands, including Oracle, Genentech, Dell Technologies, Facebook and DuPont, and bring them to life in memorable ways. We know audience attention is limited, so our stories go straight to the heart of what matters.

InHouse Physicians is committed to supporting people’s health and wellbeing—in the workplace and on the road. Created in 1992 to meet an unmet need in the corporate events industry, IHP provides access to convenient, high-quality medical care for attendees with acute healthcare needs. Its services have evolved to include on-site Duty of Care and risk management, employee health and wellness programs, permanent worksite clinics and more to drive employee engagement and fulfillment, improving productivity and boosting the bottom line.

Leigh Long
InVision Communications
+1 240-605-3551
email us here

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"Golden Week on the Island of Kyushu" — a travel and photo guide

book cover

book cover

Kyushu map

Kyushu map



An American's impressions of her trip around the Japanese island of Kyushu, and her visit to all seven prefectures on various public trains and buses.

FARMERS BRANCH, TEXAS, USA, May 19, 2020 / — Magnin & Associates announces the availability of "Golden Week on the Island of Kyushu" — a travel and photo guide by Suzy Magnin

"This book documents my adventure through Kyushu, Japan in the Spring of 2019.  This trip was my sixth trip to Japan and my first to Kyushu. I enjoyed three weeks traveling the countryside of all seven prefectures on various public trains and buses. I wrote this book to encourage people from around the world who love Japan to visit Kyushu.  It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited as well as one of the friendliest.  I see so many people who visit Japan from overseas only going to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.  There are so many more places that are going undiscovered by the general public.  I visit Japan once to twice a year to find these places and spread the word about what is out there.  Kyushu is one of those places that is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!"

The book lays out a detailed itinerary of Suzy's travels, complete with lots of beautiful photos.

Pricing and Availability:
"Golden Week on the Island of Kyushu" is available for $5.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through Apple's iBooks Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. A Kindle Edition is available from the Amazon Store for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and all devices that support the Kindle format. For more information, please contact Ed Magnin.


All Material (C) Copyright 2020 Magnin & Associates. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Ed Magnin
Magnin & Associates
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Source: EIN Presswire's Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in Florida Where You and Your Dog are Given First Class Treatment's Logo’s Logo's Florida Dog Travel Guide’s Florida Dog Travel Guide

Florida is starting to open up or will be shortly. These hotels are a sampling of the top destinations in Florida where you can take your dog

UNITED STATES, May 19, 2020 / — Dog-Friendly hotels span the spectrum from luxury to the budget hotel and from the center city to the rural highway location. There are a number of factors that make a hotel stay truly pet-friendly. These factors effect how truly pet-friendly the hotel really is. These are the quality of the hotel, the size of the dogs permitted, the pet fees and the number of dogs allowed with you. Some hotels just permit dogs and greatly restrict the size and type of dog. Other hotels welcome dogs with dog cookies and snacks, doggy menus on room service, leashes and water dishes and other amenities. Florida is generally a very dog-friendly state with many pet-friendly hotels, outdoor and patio dining, parks, some beaches where dogs are allowed and shopping centers and stores that allow dogs.'s Top 10 Pet-Friendly hotels in Florida are:

1. The Perry Hotel in Key West describes themselves as not just dog friendly, but "dog-obsessed." Indeed, the hotel features two green dog parks, offers treats and gifts on arrival, and welcomes dogs to dine with their humans at the Salty Oyster and Matt's outdoor dining. For humans, the Perry offers direct marina and ocean access, two waterfront pools and pool bars, three restaurants and a distillery on-site, and much more.

2. The Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa in Vero Beach is owned by popular Latin artists Gloria and Emilio Estefan. This luxurious beachfront resort offers sophisticated accommodations, dining, and waterside amenities. Your four-legged friends are welcome to enjoy luxurious amenities of their own, including welcome treats, water, and food bowls, doggie bags, dog beds upon request, and are even invited to join their two-legged friends for breakfast on the Bamboo Patio. Best of all, there is no pet fee!

3. The Epic Hotel Miami offers incredible waterfront views and a central location within walking distance from restaurants and shops at Miami's Bayside Marketplace. High-end amenities include two 16th floor pools, a bar and cabana, fitness center, marina, spa, in-room iPod docks, Wi-Fi, yoga mats, rainfall showers and soaking tubs in hotel bathrooms, and a free wine hour every evening. The Kimpton states "If your pet fits through the door, we'll welcome them in." Your pup will be welcomed by name and greeted with plush pet beds, food, water bowls, and mats in-room.

4. The Silver Sands Treasure Island in St. Petersburg offers guests a family-friendly apartment-like experience. All units have full kitchens with glass cooktops, microwaves, and refrigerators. Units come in studio-style, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom layouts and feature flat-screen TVs, central air or A/C wall units, and retro furnishings. The Silver Sands is conveniently located close to Treasure Island, beaches, and shops.

5. The Confidante Miami Beach is a modern beachfront hotel located just ten minutes from South Beach and Miami's art districts. Amenities include a fitness center, luxurious spa, two heated outdoor pools, one adults-only, and direct beach access complete with artsy beach chairs. On arrival, pups will receive a water bowl and baggie dispenser. The Backyard, the hotel's signature outdoor pool and lounge area offers natural peanut-butter or watermelon pup popsicles, and the nearby Four Paws Pet Care offers pet sitting.

6. The Atlantic Hotel & Spa offers incredible views of the Fort Lauderdale oceanfront and skyline. Guests in oceanfront rooms can watch boats pass by from their private balconies. All guest rooms include fully equipped kitchens or kitchenettes, in-room coffee, large marble bathrooms, and plush beds. All four-legged guests are enrolled in the VID or "Very Important Dog" program upon arrival. They receive a welcome goodie bag, in-room dog bowl, and dog mat, a dedicated relief area, and most notably, a doggie menu at the hotel's oceanfront restaurant.

7. Le Meridien Tampa is located in a former courthouse and showcases downtown Tampa's history and culture. The concierge desk was formerly an old judge's desk, and original marble hallways and hand-painted ceilings add a one-of-a-kind hotel experience. Guests at the Le Méridien Tampa receive complimentary access to the local Tampa Museum of Art, one of downtown Tampa's best New-American and French restaurants, a fitness center, a pool, and beautifully decorated guest rooms. Dogs up to 40 pounds are allowed.

8. The Hilton Ocala offers non-smoking rooms, innovative on-site restaurants and bars, free parking, an outdoor pool, business and fitness center, and six-full acres of land. Centrally located in the middle of horse country, the hotel also houses a resident Clydesdale.

9. The Alfond Inn at Rollins College features a large courtyard, elevated pool, and a number of amenities maximized for guest comfort. Owned by a Winter Park liberal arts college, all operating income from the Alfond goes directly to the Rollins College premier scholarship fund. Dogs are welcome in designated rooms and suites.

10. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood is a brand-new, innovative hotel & casino experience. Featuring award-winning nightlife, luxury shops, a giant lagoon pool and beach club, spa, premium nightlife, and fine dining, the guitar-shaped hotel is one of a kind. Well-mannered dogs up to 40 pounds are welcome at the resort. They must be leashed and well behaved at all times. There is a $100 per stay pet fee.

For more details visit, founded in 1998 to provide dog travel information, offers a free website and complete pet travel information. also publishes paperback dog travel guides including's Florida Dog Travel Guide and's United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide.

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How to breathe comfortably and smoothly? The answer is Airwheel F3 smart fresh air mask.

air expert mask

Airwheel F3 electric mask

Airwheel F3 smart mask

Airwheel F3 electric mask

Airwheel F3 electric mask

Airwheel F3 smart mask

How to breathe comfortably and smoothly? The answer is Airwheel F3 smart fresh air mask.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, May 19, 2020 / — Abstract: In the current epidemic situation, it is imperative to understand how to improve your breathing quality. After all, wearing a sullen disposable medical mask every day for work and life, physical discomfort will also bring mood clouds. How to breathe comfortably and smoothly. Now, you need the Airwheel F3.

Airwheel F3 smart fresh air mask adopts 4 layers of high-efficiency filtration technology. The filter includes skin-friendly non-woven fabric layer, high-efficiency melt-blown fabric layer, activated carbon layer and non-woven fabric protection layer, which can effectively block PM2.5, bacteria and viruses and other harmful substances, so that the wearer can feel more at ease when traveling outside. Of course, this isn’t the end. Unlike traditional masks, Airwheel F3 are equipped with electrostatic micromotors and booster fans, which can actively supply air to the inside of the mask, so that the wearer can breathe smoothly without effort.

Airwheel F3 smart mask not only selects food-grade soft silicone on the materials that directly contact the face, which ensures that it does not irritate the skin and has no odor; it also uses ergonomic design to achieve a 360-degree fit on the face, making the force more even and brings no load. The mask lanyard also uses food-grade silicone material, with multiple gears that can be adjusted to meet the needs of people with different head circumferences and face shapes. It can also achieve two different wearing options of headband and earband.

Along with the upgrade of the mask wearing experience, Airwheel F3 electric mask also realizes the "reusable wearing" of the mask, which reduces the waste of raw materials, is more environmentally friendly, and is more cost-effective for consumers. It adopts a modular design, which can be easily and quickly disassembled. After disassembly, except for the fresh air module and filter, the rest of the parts are made of high temperature resistant materials, which can be sterilized by boiling or alcohol. According to research, boiling for 5 minutes can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Airwheel also develops an APP, and can periodically remind users to replace the filter according to the usage. In addition, you can also check the remaining power and duration of the smart fresh air mask through the APP, adjust the working mode, or turn on/off the timer switch.

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Airwheel Air Experts USB Charging Electric Mask With Fan Motor and filter in Resusable

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