Naples Realtor John Dolle Dominates with Distinction

Naples Realtor John Dolle

In America's most competitive real estate market, one Realtor proves success comes from focusing on service as opposed to sales.

That's the best part of my job… getting to help people here in paradise. I feel like the luckiest man alive!”

— John Dolle

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2018 / — With its sunny weather, gorgeous Gulf beaches and appealing (if not affluent) quality of life, Naples, Florida, has one of the most active of real estate markets in America. Buyer demand for homes has not only spurred development of residential enclaves enriched with amenities in golf, tennis, spa services and more, but has also fueled what is widely recognized as one of the most competitive of professional enterprises as there are thousands who work within the real estate industry. Yet, amidst the gracious plethora of gated neighborhoods and among the abundance of professionals, there are certain ones which stand out above the others. Consider Lely Resort, this marvel of master-planned developments is nestled among more than 3,000 acres graced with lakes, preserves, three championship golf courses and a 26,000 square-foot lifestyle complex known as The Players Club & Spa (it rivals anything you'd encounter at a Ritz Carlton Resort). The quality of the amenities, homes and overall ambiance of Lely Resort has led to its achieving multiple years of distinction as a Community of the Year. Yet, throughout this duration that Lely has reigned among the most compelling of Naples' communities, there has also been one Realtor, John Dolle, who has consistently achieved multiple years of distinction as the leading sales producer. No other Realtor has accrued so many years of top sales status in such measure as John Dolle, but for the record, this only helps to put in context an overarching truth that John Dolle is anything but your typical Realtor. For all his success, Dolle says he is less concerned with sales figures and "only interested in how I can best serve the customers who come to me."

As Dolle explains, "There's a number of professionals whose focus is on qualifying buyers. They'll ask how much does someone want to spend, how high do they qualify for a mortgage and so forth. My only question is 'How can I help you?' At the end of the day, that's really the best part of my job… getting to help people here in paradise. I feel like the luckiest man alive."

Of course, Dolle's success could never be said to derive from luck. In addition to being one who embraces old school concepts in customer service and accountability, he is savvy in the ways of technology and has consistently used cutting-edge tools to deliver a differentiated quality of service to his customers. As evidence of that, John Dolle was among the early investors in a little emerging social networking solution now known as Facebook. As a Realtor, he was also among the very first of professionals to harness the capabilities of a real estate technology solution known as REfindly. The REfindly platform enables John's customers to conveniently identify all residential listings throughout the Naples area and also allows John to more efficiently manage communications and appointments with his customers. Interestingly, John's expertise in technology and real estate has been passed on to his children as both his daughter and daughter-in-law (Stacy Reed and Mindy Dolle) are also successful Southwest Florida Realtors. John's son, Jason Dolle, is CEO & Founder of an award-winning firm specializing in reputation management technology known as Testimonial Tree.

But while John Dolle affirms that technology can provide significant operational support, he also insists that it cannot replace good old fashioned, hands-on, human to human service. As he says, "Processors can't always replace people. The real estate business is still a process of people helping people. When you're about to make the most significant investment in your life, or are going through a sale that may well result in the greatest return-on-investment, you don't want to rely on a machine, or a robot. People want to work with someone they can trust, someone who not only understands their goals, but is uniquely committed to helping them fulfill their goals"

As for his own goals, Dolle says he never set out to become the top Realtor in Naples' top community. He says his sole priority has been delivering the best service possible to each of his customers.

John Dolle is originally from Ohio, but since moving to Naples with his wife and children more than a decade ago, he says the family has fully made Southwest Florida home. Helping families discover the home of their dreams, has ultimately become a family affair for the Dolle clan. "We love our life here and we love what we do," says John, "We take it as an honor and privilege to help others experience the quality of life we've come to enjoy."

And to that aim, Dolle's work as an agent affiliated with Premier Sothebys International Realty doesn't so much involve selling homes, but is more geared for helping customers connect with that succinct state-of-being known as The Florida Lifestyle. As Dolle affirms, "That's what most of my customer's want, the access to beaches, the golf courses and tennis … fortunately, Naples has plenty of all!"

John Dolle
Realtor John Dolle
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Murder on the High Seas!

Murder Mystery Mini Cruise

Murder Mystery Mini Cruise

Red Herring Games

Red Herring Games

CosyCruise - for the travelling detective

CosyCruise – for the travelling detective

The UK’s multi-award winning murder mystery company Red Herring Games today announce their latest event – a murder mystery mini cruise 5-7th October

GRIMSBY, N.E. LINCS, UNITED KINGDOM, June 18, 2018 / — The UK’s multi-award winning murder mystery company Red Herring Games today announce their latest event – a murder mystery mini cruise!

Setting sail on the 5th October 2018 travelling between Hull and Amsterdam, this unique weekend experience will engage travellers in an immersive murder mystery experience from the moment they board.

The story will be set in the 1930s and is linking up (in prequel fashion) with the popular murder mystery subscription box the firm launched in 2017.

“Those currently engaged in our Cosykiller experience have said they’d love to meet our characters in real life.” Jo Smedley, Managing Director of Red Herring Games said. “This murder mystery mini-cruise is the obvious time to introduce them to each other.”

Cosykiller, which launched after a successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2017, follows the story of Marie Jones, a young woman sent out from England to India during the time of the Raj. Her disappearance in 1935 is the case under investigation by the subscription box fans.

“You don’t need to be involved in the subscription box to enjoy the weekend” Jo Smedley said. “This is a stand-alone event. It was just that everyone involved in Cosykiller wanted to meet Marie, and this seemed like a great way of making that possible. ”

The murder under investigation during the cruise is set on board a British ship heading for India and the colonies. As yet Red Herring Games aren’t revealing the suspects, the only thing they have confirmed is that the mysterious splash Marie Jones reported in her diary entries may be explored during the cruise.

“We’re planning a mix of activities during the voyage.” Jo Smedley said. “There will be clues delivered to the cabins, as well as suspects they can interrogate while on board. The cruise will run in a similar way to our live action multi-room events with clues and suspects in different areas of the ship. Guests can decide who they want to speak to and when, and also form their own lines of questioning. It’ll be very much participant led.”

Red Herring Games have designed events all over the world, creating bespoke murder mysteries from Hawaii to Egypt. They’ve worked with big names such as Crimecon and the Agatha Christie Festival, and have received numerous awards for their unique creative business.

This cruise will be their first interactive event on board a ferry.

“It might be our first time running a ship based event.” Jo said. “But it’s not our first experience designing for them. Our games have been played on both large private yachts and on cruise liners before. This’ll just be the first time we’ve been on board ourselves while the game plays out!”

Tickets for the Murder mystery Mini-cruise start at just £245 per person and can be obtained directly from them on 01472 348909.

Jo Smedley
Red Herring Games LTD
44 1472 348909
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Augmented Reality to help patients who are considering aesthetic or reconstructive breast procedures

Crisalix releases the first ever 4D Augmented Reality software for aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — One of the most difficult decisions for women looking to undergo breast surgery (eg. breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift, lipofilling) is choosing the right implant. With thousands of different implants in the market, combined with different surgical techniques and the multiple choices of the positioning of the implants, it represents literally millions of options.

Combining several years of advanced medical and scientific research with state of the art 3D and 4D imaging technology, Crisalix has released the first ever 4D Augmented Reality software for aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures. The doctor first scans the patient to generate her breasts in 3D. The patient will then be able to view her new look on a screen in real time, similar to a mirror, without even having to go under the knife.

“The 4D Augmented reality from Crisalix is the only solution that allows patients to see themselves in full proportions, in motion and in real time. It is the most advanced educational tool for any patient and since the introduction, my breast practice changed a lot with increased conversion rate and satisfaction” says Constantin Stan MD PhD, board certified plastic surgeon. Cronosmed Breast clinic in Bucharest, Romania.

Thanks to these fundamental e-health innovations, patients are finally able to enjoy a fully immersive experience before the surgery:

LIVE: patients can now view their new body whilst moving or changing their posture, allowing them to feel how the new look would be in real life.

REAL TIME: as everything happens instantly, they can confidently express how they want their new body to look as if they were living with it already.

FULL BODY PROPORTIONS: a realistic experience which includes the whole body, from head to toe: probably one of the most important aspects when choosing the correct implant.

“Crisalix with advanced imaging technologies such as the virtual reality and the new augmented reality features is a game changing advance in the area of breast enhancement with implants. With these results prediction tools, the communication between patient and surgeon becomes much more precise leading to happier patients and a safer operation.” says Dennis C. Hammond MD, board certified plastic surgeon. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan, United States.

“Impressive, a new way of evaluating patients. With no doubts, Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality becomes a very important tool for plastic surgery practice." says Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, board certified plastic surgeon, former AMCPER president, Clinica Medica Sur, Mexico.

"As a cosmetic surgeon, we wish to provide not only satisfactory results, but also convincing consultations. The software is designed in a user-friendly way and the simulations facilitate communication with the patient. The recently developed AR feature allows patients to see their new look without any operation, so that they can approve the proposed procedure as well as speeding up the pre-operation consultation time." says Dr. Chang, board certified plastic surgeon, President of Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic, Taiwan.

Crisalix has been introducing successfully this game changing medical solution as an avant-premiere during the American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 in New York from April 28th till April 30th, largely considered as one of the most important scientific medical events in the world, and has been officially launched at the Beauty Through Science (BTS) meeting in Stockholm on June 7th 2018.

“I am happy and honored that this new technology has been launched at our BTS meeting and that Akademikliniken is pioneer in using it in Scandinavia. One of the obstacles in patient communication is to give patients a realistic picture of the outcome of a breast augmentation. The Crisalix augmented reality technology provides a higher level of realism in prediction of outcomes compared to traditional 3D techniques” says Dr. Per Heden, board certified plastic surgeon, founder and partner of Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Sweden.

All surgeons quoted here have no financial relationship with Crisalix and therefore speak on their own behalf.

About Crisalix:

Crisalix enables aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive professionals and patients around the world to answer the common and ultimate question “How could I look after the procedure?” through its exclusive online 3D and 4D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology.

Compared to traditional consultations with photos or 2D morphing, the largest international clinical study ever made in this field with more than 1500 plastic surgeons representing 40000 Crisalix consultations has scientifically proven unprecedented results in terms of:
– Less re-operations and dissatisfaction: 99% post surgery satisfaction versus a standard of 80% to 85%.
– Patient decision: twice more surgeries per consultation.
– Word of mouth: 99% of patients recommending their surgeon.

Combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art information technology, Crisalix game changing technology caters some of the most recognized surgeons and clinics around the 5 continents and is now the leader 3D imaging.

Natalia Zakharova
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See this video for more details about he new Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality

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Realidad Aumentada para ayudar a pacientes pensando en someterse a procedimientos reconstructivos o estéticos de pecho

LAUSANNE, SUIZA, June 18, 2018 / — Una de las decisiones más importantes para las mujeres que desean someterse a una cirugía de pecho (por ejemplo, un aumento, una reconstrucción, una elevación de pecho o una lipotransferencia) es la elección del implante adecuado. Debido a los miles de implantes distintos que hay disponibles en el mercado, así como a las diferentes técnicas quirúrgicas y a las distintas opciones de colocación de los implantes, existen literalmente cientos de posibilidades entre las que elegir.

Gracias a varios años de investigación médica y científica avanzada, en combinación con la tecnología de imagen en 3D y 4D de vanguardia, Crisalix ha lanzado el primer software de realidad aumentada en 4D para procedimientos reconstructivos y estéticos de pecho. El doctor escanea primero a la paciente para generar sus pechos en 3D. A continuación, la paciente puede observar su nuevo aspecto en tiempo real en una pantalla similar a un espejo, sin necesidad de pasar por el quirófano.

“La realidad aumentada en 4D de Crisalix es la única solución que permite a los pacientes obtener una visualización de cuerpo entero, en movimiento y en tiempo real. Es la herramienta instructiva más avanzada para cualquier paciente y, desde que la introduje en mis consultas para cirugía de pecho, la tasa de conversión y la satisfacción han aumentado mucho”, comenta Constantin Stan, doctor en medicina y cirujano plástico certificado. Clínica Cronosmed Breast en Bucarest (Rumanía).

Con la ayuda de estas innovaciones fundamentales en el campo de la cibersalud, los pacientes pueden por fin disfrutar de una experiencia de inmersión total antes de la cirugía:

· EN VIVO: ahora los pacientes pueden visualizar su nuevo cuerpo mientras se mueven o cambian de postura, lo que les permite experimentar cómo sería su nuevo aspecto en la vida real

· TIEMPO REAL: gracias a su inmediatez, pueden expresar con confianza cómo desean que sea su nuevo cuerpo; parece que se marchan de la clínica con el aspecto deseado

· PROPORCIONES DE CUERPO ENTERO: una experiencia realista que incluye todo el cuerpo, de la cabeza a los pies: probablemente uno de los aspectos más importantes a la hora de elegir el implante adecuado

“Gracias a las avanzadas tecnologías de generación de imágenes como la realidad virtual y las nuevas prestaciones de realidad aumentada, Crisalix supone un progreso innovador en el campo de la mejora del pecho a través de implantes. Con estas herramientas que permiten predecir resultados, la comunicación entre cirujano y paciente resulta mucho más precisa, lo que contribuye a una mayor felicidad de los pacientes y mayor seguridad en las operaciones”, afirma Dennis C. Hammond, doctor en medicina y cirujano plástico certificado. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan (Estados Unidos).

“Impresionante. Una nueva forma de evaluar a los pacientes. No hay duda alguna de que la realidad aumentada en 4D de Crisalix se convierte en una herramienta de vital importancia en las consultas de cirugía plástica”, comenta el doctor Alfonso Vallarta, cirujano plástico certificado y anterior presidente de la AMCPER (Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva). Clínica Médica Sur, México.

“Como cirujanos plásticos, no solo queremos proporcionar resultados satisfactorios, sino también ofrecer consultas esclarecedoras. El software está diseñado para que sea fácil de usar y las simulaciones facilitan la comunicación con el paciente. La prestación de RA desarrollada recientemente permite a los pacientes ver su nuevo aspecto antes de cualquier operación, de modo que pueden aceptar el procedimiento propuesto, así como acelerar las consultas preoperatorias”, afirma el doctor Chang, cirujano plástico certificado y presidente de la Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic (Taiwán).

Crisalix ha presentado con mucho éxito esta solución médica innovadora (antes de su estreno oficial) durante el American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 (Congreso de la Sociedad Americana de Cirugía Plástica y Estética de 2018), celebrado en Nueva York del 28 al 30 de abril, y considerado uno de los eventos médicos y científicos más importantes del mundo. Finalmente, la solución se ha lanzado de manera oficial en el congreso Beauty Through Science (BTS) (Belleza a través de la Ciencia), celebrado en Estocolmo el 7 de junio de 2018.

“Me alegra y enorgullece que esta nueva tecnología se haya lanzado en nuestro congreso BTS y que Akademikliniken sea pionero en utilizarla en Escandinavia. Uno de los obstáculos en la comunicación con las pacientes es poder ofrecerles una imagen realista del resultado de un aumento de pecho. La tecnología de realidad aumentada de Crisalix proporciona un nivel superior de realismo en la predicción de resultados en comparación con las técnicas en 3D tradicionales”, comenta el doctor Per Heden, cirujano plástico certificado, fundador y socio de Akademikliniken, Estocolmo (Suecia).

No existe relación económica entre los cirujanos aquí citados y Crisalix, por lo que todos hablan en su propio nombre.

Acerca de Crisalix:

Gracias a su tecnología única de realidad aumentada en 3D, 4D y realidad virtual en línea, Crisalix permite a los profesionales de la medicina estética y de la cirugía plástica y reconstructiva de todo el mundo, así como a sus pacientes, responder a la pregunta más frecuente e importante: “¿Cómo me veré tras la cirugía?”.

En comparación con las consultas tradicionales en las que se utilizan fotografías o morphing en 2D, el mayor estudio clínico internacional realizado hasta la fecha en este campo, con más de 1500 cirujanos plásticos que representan 40000 consultas con Crisalix, ha demostrado científicamente resultados sin precedentes en los siguientes aspectos:

– Decisión del paciente: el doble de cirugías por consulta (tasa de conversión).
– El boca a boca: el 99% de los pacientes recomienda a su cirujano.
– Reducción en la repetición de las operaciones y la insatisfacción: 99% de satisfacción tras la cirugía frente al porcentaje habitual de entre un 80 y un 85%.

Gracias a la combinación de investigación médica avanzada y de las últimas tecnologías de la información, algunos de los cirujanos y de las clínicas de mayor renombre de los 5 continentes cuentan con la tecnología revolucionaria de Crisalix, que está ahora a la cabeza en la generación de imágenes 3D.

Natalia Zakharova
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Vea el vídeo siguiente para obtener más información sobre la nueva realidad aumentada en 4D de Crisalix.

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Erweiterte Realität als Hilfe für Patienten, die ästhetische oder rekonstruktive Brustverfahren in Betracht ziehen

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — Für Frauen, die sich einer Brustoperation (z. B. einer Brustvergrößerung, einer Brustrekonstruktion, einer Bruststraffung oder einer Eigenfetttransplantation) unterziehen wollen, stellt die Wahl des richtigen Implantats eine der schwierigsten Entscheidungen dar. Mit Tausenden von verschiedenen Implantaten auf dem Markt und verschiedenen chirurgischen Techniken und mehreren Optionen für die Positionierung der Implantate gibt es buchstäblich Millionen von Optionen.

Durch Kombination von jahrelanger medizinischer und wissenschaftlicher Spitzenforschung mit modernster 3D- und 4D-Bildgebungstechnologie hat Crisalix die erste Software für Erweiterte Realität in 4D für ästhetische oder rekonstruktive Brusteingriffe veröffentlicht. Der Arzt scannt zuerst die Patientin, um ihre Brüste in 3D zu erstellen. Die Patientin kann daraufhin ihr neues Erscheinungsbild auf einem Bildschirm in Echtzeit sehen, ähnlich wie bei einem Spiegel, und muss dafür nicht einmal unters Messer.

„Die Erweiterte Realität in 4D von Crisalix ist die einzige Lösung, die es den Patienten ermöglicht, sich selbst mit vollen Proportionen, in Bewegung und in Echtzeit zu sehen. Sie ist das fortschrittlichste Instrument für die Aufklärung jedes Patienten und seit der Einführung hat sich meine Brustpraxis mit einer gesteigerten Konversionsrate und größeren Zufriedenheit stark verändert“, sagt der zertifizierte plastische Chirurg Constantin Stan, MD PhD von der Brustklinik Cronosmed in Bukarest, Rumänien.

Dank dieser grundlegenden Innovationen im E-Health-Bereich können die Patienten jetzt endlich bereits vor dem Eingriff eine vollständige immersive Erfahrung machen:

· LIVE: Die Patienten können ihren neuen Körper jetzt sehen, während sie sich bewegen oder ihre Haltung verändern und somit erfahren, wie sich ihr neues Erscheinungsbild im echten Leben anfühlen würde.

· ECHTZEIT: Da die erweiterte Realität sofort verfügbar ist, können die Patienten souverän bestimmen, wie ihr neuer Körper aussehen soll, als ob es bereits ihr eigener Körper ist.

· VOLLSTÄNDIGE KÖRPERPROPORTIONEN: Bei dieser realistischen Erfahrung wird der gesamte Körper von Kopf bis Fuß berücksichtigt, welches wahrscheinlich einer der wichtigsten Aspekte bei der korrekten Wahl des richtigen Implantats ist.

„Durch den Einsatz von bahnbrechenden Bildverarbeitungstechnologien wie der Virtuellen Realität und den neuen Funktionen der Erweiterten Realität steht Crisalix für einen bahnbrechenden Fortschritt im Bereich der Brustvergrößerung durch Implantate. Durch diese Instrumente zur Vorhersage der Ergebnisse wird die Kommunikation zwischen Patient und Chirurg sehr viel präziser und führt zu zufriedenen Patienten und einer sicheren Operation“, sagt der zertifizierte plastische Chirurg Dennis C. Hammond MD. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan, Vereinigte Staaten

„Beeindruckend! Eine neue Art der Patientenbeurteilung. Die Erweiterte Realität in 4D von Crisalix wird zweifelsohne zu einem wichtigen Instrument für die Praxis der plastischen Chirurgie“, sagt Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, zertifizierter plastischer Chirurg und vormaliger Präsident von AMCPER, Clinica Medica Sur, Mexiko.

„Als Schönheitschirurg wollen wir nicht nur befriedigende Ergebnisse erzielen, sondern auch überzeugende Beratungen geben. Die Software ist benutzerfreundlich gestaltet und die Simulationen erleichtern die Kommunikation mit dem Patienten. Die kürzlich entwickelte Funktion für Erweiterte Realität ermöglicht es Patienten, ihr neues Aussehen ohne jegliche Operation zu sehen, so dass sie das vorgeschlagene Verfahren genehmigen und die Beratungszeit vor der Operation beschleunigen können“, sagt Dr. Chang, Facharzt für plastische Chirurgie und Präsident der Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic, Taiwan.

Crisalix hat diese bahnbrechende medizinische Lösung als Vorabpremiere erfolgreich während des American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 (Tagung der Amerikanischen Gesellschaft für Ästhetik & Plastische Chirurgie 2018) in New York vom 28. April bis zum 30. April vorgestellt, das als eines der wichtigsten wissenschaftlichen medizinischen Ereignisse der Welt gilt, und offiziell auf der Tagung Beauty Through Science (BTS) (Schönheit durch Wissenschaft) in Stockholm am 7. Juni 2018 auf den Markt gebracht.

„Ich freue mich und fühle mich geehrt, dass diese neue Technologie auf unserer Tagung auf den Markt gebracht wurde und dass Akademikliniken der erste Anwender in Skandinavien ist. Eines der Hindernisse in der Patientenkommunikation besteht darin, den Patienten ein realistisches Bild des Ergebnisses einer Brustvergrößerung zu geben. Die Technologie der Erweiterten Realität von Crisalix bietet ein höheres Maß an Realismus bei der Vorhersage von Ergebnissen im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen 3D-Techniken“, sagt Dr. Per Heden, Facharzt für plastische Chirurgie und Gründer und Partner von Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Schweden.

All die hier genannten Chirurgen stehen in keiner finanziellen Verbindung mit Crisalix und vertreten daher ihre eigene Meinung.

Über Crisalix:

Durch seine einzigartige Technologie der Erweiterten Realität und Virtual Realiy in 3D und 4D ermöglicht es Crisalix Fachleuten und Patienten auf der ganzen Welt im Bereich der ästhetischen, plastischen und rekonstruktiven Chirurgie die übliche und wichtigste Frage zu beantworten: „Wie könnte ich nach dem Eingriff aussehen?“

Im Rahmen der größten internationalen klinischen Studie, die jemals in diesem Bereich durchgeführt wurde, mit mehr als 1500 plastischen Chirurgen, die für über 40000 Crisalix-Beratungen stehen, wurden beim Vergleich mit traditionellen Beratungen mit Fotos oder sogar 2D-Morphing für die Brust beispiellose Ergebnisse in Bezug auf folgende Faktoren wissenschaftlich belegt:

– Patientenentscheidung: doppelt so viele Eingriffe pro Beratung (Konversionsrate).

– Mundpropaganda: 99% der Patienten empfehlen ihren Chirurgen weiter.

– Weniger erneute Operationen und Unzufriedenheit: 99%ige Zufriedenheit nach dem Eingriff versus eines Standards von 80% bis 85%.

Die bahnbrechende Technologie von Crisalix, bei der fortschrittliche medizinische Forschung und modernste Informationstechnologie zum Einsatz kommen, wird von einigen der anerkanntesten Chirurgen und Kliniken auf 5 Kontinenten eingesetzt und ist nun Marktführer in der 3D-Bildgebung.​

Natalia Zakharova
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Sehen Sie dieses Video für weitere Details zur neuen Erweiterten Realität in 4D von Crisalix

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La Réalité Augmentée : la technologie idéale pour les patientes qui envisagent une procédure mammaire.

LAUSANNE, SUISSE, June 18, 2018 / — Choisir le bon implant pour les femmes désireuses de procéder à une chirurgie mammaire (par exemple : augmentation mammaire, reconstruction, redrapage, lipofilling) représente l’une des décisions les plus difficiles à prendre. Puisque le marché propose des milliers d’implants différents, ainsi que tout autant de techniques chirurgicales et de choix de positionnement des implants, cela représente littéralement des millions d’options.

Forte de plusieurs années de recherche médicale et scientifique avancée avec la technologie d’imagerie de pointe 3D et 4D, Crisalix lance le tout premier logiciel de réalité augmentée 4D pour les interventions esthétiques et reconstructives des seins. Le médecin commence par un scanner de la patiente afin d’obtenir sa poitrine en 3D. La patiente peut alors découvrir sa nouvelle apparence sur un écran similaire à un miroir, en temps réel, sans passer par la chirurgie.

« La réalité augmentée 4D développée par Crisalix est la seule solution qui permet aux patientes de se contempler aux proportions du corps entier, en mouvement et en temps réel. Il s’agit de l’outil éducatif le plus avancé pour toute patiente et, depuis son introduction, les interventions que j’ai réalisées ont apporté un meilleur taux de conversion et davantage de satisfaction », déclare Constantin Stan, Docteur en médecine et chirurgien plasticien diplômé. Clinique de chirurgie mammaire Cronos Med, à Bucarest, en Roumanie.

Grâce à ces innovations d’ampleur en cybersanté, les patientes vivent une expérience immersive complète avant de procéder à l’intervention :

EN DIRECT : les patientes peuvent désormais découvrir leur nouveau corps en effectuant n’importe quel mouvement ou en changeant de posture, ce qui leur permet d’avoir un aperçu de leur nouvelle apparence dans la vie réelle

EN TEMPS RÉEL : tout est instantané, les patientes peuvent exprimer en toute confiance leurs désirs concernant leur nouveau corps comme si elles avaient déjà procédé à l’intervention

AUX PROPORTIONS DU CORPS ENTIER : l’expérience la plus réaliste qui soit puisque l’ensemble du corps est pris en compte, de la tête aux pieds, ce qui représente probablement l’un des aspects les plus importants dans le choix du bon implant

« Grâce à ses technologies d’imagerie avancées telles que la réalité virtuelle et les nouvelles fonctionnalités de réalité augmentée, Crisalix se démarque dans le domaine de l’augmentation mammaire avec implants. À l’aide de ces outils de prédiction des résultats, la communication entre la patiente et le chirurgien devient beaucoup plus précise, ce qui rend les patientes heureuses et l’opération plus sûre », affirme Dennis C. Hammond, Docteur en médecine et chirurgien plasticien diplômé. Clinique de chirurgie plastique de Grand Rapids, dans l’état du Michigan, aux États-Unis.

« C’est prodigieux, nous disposons désormais d’une nouvelle méthode pour évaluer les patientes. Sans aucun doute, la réalité augmentée 4D de Crisalix se profile comme un outil très important dans le cadre de la chirurgie plastique », annonce Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, chirurgien plasticien diplômé, ancien président de l’Association mexicaine de chirurgie plastique, esthétique et reconstructive (AMCPER), à la clinique Medica Sur, à Mexico.

« En tant que chirurgien esthétique, nous souhaitons fournir non seulement des résultats satisfaisants, mais aussi rendre les consultations plus convaincantes. Le logiciel est convivial et les simulations permettent une meilleure communication avec la patiente. La fonctionnalité de réalité augmentée récemment développée permet aux patientes de voir leur nouvelle apparence sans aucune opération, ce qui leur permet d’approuver la procédure proposée et d’accélérer le temps de consultation préopératoire », affirme Dr. Chang, chirurgien plasticien diplômé, président de la clinique médicale Aphrodite Li-Zhi, à Taïwan.

Crisalix a introduit avec succès cette solution médicale en avant-première à l’occasion de l’édition 2018 de l’American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting à New York, qui s’est tenu du 28 au 30 avril. Cet événement est largement considéré comme l’un des rassemblements médicaux scientifiques les plus importants au monde, et la solution a été officiellement lancée lors du rassemblement Beauty Through Science (BTS) à Stockholm, le 7 juin 2018.

« Je suis heureux et honoré que cette nouvelle technologie ait été lancée lors du rassemblement BTS et qu’Akademikliniken soit pionnière dans son utilisation en Scandinavie. Un des obstacles à la communication avec les patientes est la difficulté de donner une image réaliste du résultat d’une augmentation mammaire. La technologie de réalité augmentée Crisalix offre un plus haut niveau de réalisme dans la prédiction des résultats par rapport aux techniques traditionnelles 3D », explique Dr. Per Heden, chirurgien plasticien diplômé et partenaire de l’Akademikliniken, à Stockholm, en Suède.

Aucun des chirurgiens cités ici n’entretient de relation financière avec Crisalix. Ils s’expriment donc en leur nom propre.

À propos de Crisalix :

Crisalix permet aux professionnels et aux patients de chirurgie esthétique, plastique et reconstructrice du monde entier de répondre à la question courante et ultime « À quoi pourrais-je ressembler après l’intervention ? » grâce à sa technologie exclusive de réalité augmentée et réalité virtuelle 3D et 4D en ligne.

Par rapport aux consultations traditionnelles avec photos ou morphing 2D, la plus grande étude clinique internationale jamais réalisée dans ce domaine, avec plus de 1 500 chirurgiens plasticiens représentant 40 000 consultations chez Crisalix, a scientifiquement démontré des résultats sans précédent en termes de :

– Décision du patient : deux fois plus de chirurgies par consultation (taux de conversion).

– Bouche à oreille : 99% des patients recommandent leur chirurgien.

– Réduction des réopérations et de l’insatisfaction : 99% de satisfaction postopératoire par rapport à une norme de 80% à 85%.

Associant la recherche médicale avancée et l’informatique de pointe, la technologie révolutionnaire de Crisalix équipe certains des chirurgiens et des cliniques les plus reconnus dans les 5 continents. Elle est désormais l’imagerie 3D leader.​

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Visionnez cette vidéo pour obtenir plus de détails concernant la nouvelle réalité augmentée 4D de Crisalix

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Дополненная реальность для помощи пациентам, которые рассматривают возможность операции по пластической хирургии.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — Одно из самых сложных решений, с которым сталкиваются женщины, которые хотят сделать пластику груди (например, увеличение груди, реконструкция груди, подтяжка груди, липофилинг) — это правильный выбор имплантата. С тысячами различных имплантатов на рынке, в сочетании с различными хирургическими методами и многочисленными вариантами размещения имплантатов, представляются, буквально, миллионы вариантов.

Объединяя несколько лет передовых медицинских и научных исследовании с новейшей технологией визуализации в 3D и 4D, Crisalix выпустил первое в истории программное обеспечение для дополненной реальности в 4D для хирургических операций в эстетических или реконструктивных целях. Сначала врач сканирует пациентку, чтобы создать ее грудь в 3D. После этого, пациентка сможет увидеть свой новый образ на экране в режиме реального времени, аналогично зеркалу, без какой-либо необходимости хирургического вмешательства.

«Дополненная реальность в 4D от Crisalix — единственное решение, которое позволяет пациенту увидеть свои пропорции полностью, в движении и в режиме реального времени. Это самое передовое средство обучения для пациентов, и с момента его введения, моя практическая деятельность в области пластики груди очень изменилась, увеличивая уровень реализации и удовлетворения», утверждает доктор медицинских наук и философии Константин Стан. Грудная клиника Cronos Мed в Бухаресте, Румыния.

Благодаря этим основным инновациям в области электронного здравоохранения, пациенты наконец могут получить удовольствие от ощущение полного погружения перед пластикой.

· ВЖИВУЮ: пациенты теперь могут увидеть свое новое тело пока двигаются или меняют позу, что позволяет им почувствовать, как их новая внешность будет выглядеть в реальности.

· В РЕЖИМЕ РЕАЛЬНОГО ВРЕМЕНИ: так как все происходит моментально, они могут смело выразить, как бы им хотелось, чтобы выглядело их тело, как будто оно уже и так принадлежит им.

· ПРОПОРЦИИ ТЕЛА ПОЛНОСТЬЮ: реалистичные ощущения, включающие все тело, с ног до головы: возможно один из самых важных аспектов при выборе правильного имплантата

«Crisalix, со своими передовыми технологиями визуализации, такими как виртуальная реальность, и новыми функциями дополненной реальности, являются достижениями в корне меняющими ситуацию в области увеличения груди с помощью имплантатов. С помощью этих инструментов для предсказания результатов, коммуникация между пациентом и хирургом становится намного точнее, в результате чего пациенты более счастливы, а операции более безопасны», утверждает доктор медицинских наук Деннис К. Хаммонд, сертифицированный пластический хирург. Ординатура пластической хирургии в Гранд-Рапидс, Гранд-Рапидс, Мичиган, США.

«Новый впечатляющий способ оценки пациентов. Без сомнений, дополненная реальность в 4D от Crisalix становится очень важным инструментом для пластической хирургии», сообщает Д-р. Альфонсо Вальярта, сертифицированный пластический хирург, бывший президент Мексиканской ассоциации пластической, реконструктивной и эстетической хирургии (AMCPER), Клиника Medica Sur, Мексика.

«Как пластические хирурги, мы хотим предоставить не только удовлетворительные результаты, но а также убедительные консультации. Программное обеспечение разработано в удобной для пользователей форме, а моделирование облегчит общение с пациентом. Недавно разработанная функция дополненной реальности дает возможность пациентам увидеть свой новый образ без хирургического вмешательства, позволяя им, таким образом, одобрить предлагаемую операцию и ускорить время консультации до операции», утверждает Д-р. Чанг, сертифицированный пластический хирург, президент медицинской клиники Aphrodite Li-Zhi, Тайвань

Crisalix успешно представил свою превью-версию революционного медицинского решения в ходе заседания Американского сообщества эстетической пластической хирургии (ASAPS) в 2018 году, прошедшего в Нью Йорке с 28 по 30 апреля, широко признанное одним из наиболее важных научных медицинских мероприятий в мире, и позже был официально выпущен на встрече Beauty Through Science (BTS) в Стокгольме 7 июня 2018 года.

«Я счастлив и это большая честь меня, что эта технология выпущена на нашем заседании BTS и центр пластической хирургии Akademikliniken начнет первым использовать ее в Скандинавии. Одна из трудностей в общении с пациентками является предоставление им реалистичной картины результата увеличения груди. Технология дополненной реальности от Crisalix обеспечивает более высокий уровень реализма в предсказании результатов по сравнению с традиционными способами в 3D», утверждает Д-р. Пер Хеден, сертифицированный пластический хирург, основатель и партнер Akademikliniken, Стокгольм, Швеция.

Все указанные здесь хирурги не имеют финансового отношения к Crisalix и поэтому высказывают только свое собственное мнение.

О Crisalix:

Crisalix дает возможность врачам и пациентам, проходящим эстетическую коррекцию во всем мире найти окончательный ответ на распространенный вопрос: «Как я могу выглядеть после операции?» с помощью исключительной онлайн технологии дополненной и виртуальной реальности в 3D и 4D.

По сравнению с традиционными консультациями с фотографиями, морфингом в 2D, самое большое международное клиническое исследование, проведенное в данной области с более чем 1500 пластическими хирургами, которые представляли 40000 консультаций с Crisalix, научно подтвердило беспрецедентные результаты относительно:

– Решений пациентов: в два раза больше операций за каждую консультацию (показатель реализации).

– Устной рекламы: 99% порекомендовали бы своего хирурга.

– Меньше повторных операций и неудовлетворенности: 99% удовлетворенности после операции по сравнению с обычными 80% – 85%.

Путем сочетания передовых исследований в области медицины и новейших информационных технологий, революционная технология Crisalix соответствует требованиям самых признанных хирургов и клиник на пяти континентах и является лидером в области 3D-моделирования.

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Посмотрите это видео для более подробной информации о дополненной реальности в 4D от Crisalix.

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Property for sale by auction – Historically significant Italian estate featuring its own basilica with no reserve price

Noteworthy for its unique architectural heritage and desirable location, the country estate of rare substance and beauty is an exceptional trophy property

MILAN, PIEDMONT, ITALY, June 18, 2018 / — Rarely does a property of such magnitude and importance come to the market. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a trophy property of significant heritage and historic value in the Piedmont region; the property that will be sold at a No Reserve Auction at the end of June 2018.

Enclosed within a large historic walled park and surrounded by the Monferrato countryside, this unique centuries-old estate – a former Benedictine convent – comes with its own Romanesque basilica, an imposing main villa of 3,100m2, several ancillary buildings totalling 11,000m2, and nine hectares of sprawling parkland dotted with majestic trees. The estate’s potential is further augmented by cellars of 1,110m2.

Here is a property of massive scale and potential, an important estate that is not only a prestigious family home, but which could equally be optimised for an attractive business venture, such as residential or tourist accommodation, or special events location for corporate functions, gala receptions, weddings and conferences (subject to planning permissions).

It does not happen often that one of the most magnificent properties in a region – presented with the beauty and grandeur of its time – comes to the open market. So this stunning historic country estate with its own basilica is a rare offering – unmatched in scale, uniqueness and possibility.

The approach to the sprawling estate is a tree-lined drive that creates the perfect introduction to this sensational property of alluring beauty and tranquil charms.

Dating back to the 11th century, the historic, architecturally stunning main villa and its adjacent abbey have recently been restored in a manner that preserves their classic design integrity, their original beauty and their gracious appeal.

Commanding a massive presence with its grandiose architecture, the main villa is built in a traditional Mediterranean style with red brick walls – partly clad in luscious green ivy – and traditional tiled roof.

With an atmosphere of refined and understated elegance, it comes with 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, along with multiple majestic reception rooms, a library, dining rooms with historic fireplaces, as well as a large professional-style kitchen. The magnificent staterooms and master bedrooms lead off the villa’s main gallery with a grand staircase forming a stunning centrepiece.

High ceilings, spacious rooms and significant proportions give the superb property an air of discreet grandeur. The property is brimming with architectural details, such as original parquet and stone floors, arched doorways, intricate woodwork and exquisitely crafted wrought iron features.

The villa property features a number of 19th-century farm buildings, arranged around two large courtyards. The existence of terraces and balconies add to the outdoor enjoyment.

The breathtaking frescoed medieval abbey has been graced with national heritage status, a testament to its historical significance. It is embellished with extraordinary features, including a crypt dating back to the 8th century, mosaic floors dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries, and frescoes from the 1300s and 1400s. This sterling gem is considered one of Piedmont’s most important medieval monuments.

Overlooking the expansive verdant parkland, the beautiful grounds are graced by a swimming pool, clay tennis court, walking trails, kitchen garden with limonaia, and a delightful lake. There is ample space for fine al fresco living, outdoor activities, large parties and other special events.

Here is a place that beckons one to soak up the authentic Italian way of life, a place where every moment is bliss and time moves at its own graceful leisurely pace.

Piedmont lies at the base of the Italian Alps. This is a land of mountains, open valleys and enchanting hilltop towns and villages.

The historic estate allows for easy access to a number of fashionable ski resorts, including Via Lattea Sestriere, Cervinia and Courmayeur. For summer enjoyment, the glamourous harbour town of Portofino is accessible by road in under two hours. Alessandria, the closest town to the property, is historic and charming. Here, one may wander the narrow streets, exploring the shops and enjoying a meal in one of the many excellent restaurants. The airports of Turin, Genoa and Milan are all within easy reach to accommodate international travel.

A property of immense appeal and sophistication, this singular historic Italian country estate is a jewel amongst prestige properties for sale in Piedmont.

The property was previously on the market for €10 million, but will now be auctioned off to the highest bidder, with no reserve price.

To take part in this unique opportunity, register with ILRE – International Luxury Real Estate by 26th of June 2018.

Ann Adenius
ILRE – International Luxury Real Estate
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Singapore Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) Tourism Market 2018 Industry Trend and Forecast 2021

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 18, 2018 / — Singapore Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) Tourism Industry

Singapore MICE tourism market is projected to reach nearly US$ 2.5 Billion across the 20 countries covered in this report by the year end of 2021.

Singapore is one of the world’s top MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions) destination. Singapore is a stellar MICE city, maintaining a perfect tourism impression among world-wide travelers with its stable and conducive business environment, convenient transportation, pleasant environment and well-appointed facilities. These factors tend to attract international organizations to base their regional offices in the city. Singapore has always been a magnetic venue for business and leisure. Sightseeing, catering, entertainment, business events and exhibitions together create an integrated tourism chain in this country. Facilities for both business and leisure such as World Resort Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore, Merlion’s Park, Suntec Singapore and Singapore EXPO ensure Singapore’s position as a prime MICE destination. Singapore provides a conducive platform for MICE travelers to achieve their success in Singapore through a dynamic environment underpinned by vibrant knowledge, wide networks, ease of doing business and a sense of fun.

Singapore MICE Travelers Insights

China and Indonesia will be the major source market for Singapore MICE tourism by the year end of 2021. India will be the third leading source market for Singapore MICE tourism by 2021. Japan stand at the fourth spot with XX% share of the Singapore MICE tourist arrivals. Singapore and Thailand holds the fifth and sixth highest share of the Singapore MICE tourist arrivals, being followed by United States by the year end of 2021.

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Singapore MICE Tourism Market Revenue Insights

Japan MICE travelers has enjoyed a significant role in contributing revenue to the Singapore economy in 2015. Japan contributed 18.1% share in 2015 but Japan will not retain its #1 position in the revenue generator due to the fall in the MICE travelers’ in Singapore.  It is predicted that China, India and Indonesia will be leading revenue generators by the year end of 2021. Other countries such as South Korea, United States and Thailand will also be the major revenue generators by the year end of 2021.

The research report titled " Singapore Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) Tourism Market Insights, Opportunity, Analysis, Market Shares & Forecast 2016 – 2021” provides detailed information on the Singapore MICE Tourism Market. This report analyzes market data and provides a better understanding of MICE travelers flows and revenue to Singapore. Market outlook in value terms for the forecasted period for Singapore MICE tourism market has been detailed in the report. This report also entails a detailed description of growth drivers and challenges of the Singapore MICE tourism market.

This 115 Page report with 84 Figures and 4 Tables has been analyzed from 5 viewpoints:

1. Singapore MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast (2010 – 2021)
2. Singapore MICE Travelers, Revenue Share & Forecast (2010 – 2021)
3. Singapore MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast –  Top 20 Country Analysis (2010 –  2021)
4. Singapore MICE Tourism Market – Growth Drivers
5. Singapore MICE Tourism Market – Challenges
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Singapore MICE Tourism Market – 20 Countries Covered

1. Indonesia
2. Malaysia
3. Philippines
4. Japan
5. Thailand
6. China
7. Taiwan
8. Hong Kong
9. South Korea
10. India
11. France
12. Germany
13. Italy
14. Netherlands
15. United Kingdom
16. Canada
17. United States
18. New Zealand
19. Australia
20. South Africa

 Some points from table of content:

1. Executive Summary

2. Singapore – Overall MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast (2010 – 2021) 
2.1 Singapore – Overall MICE Travelers & Forecast
2.2 Singapore – Overall MICE Revenue & Forecast

3. Singapore – MICE Travelers, Revenue Share & Forecast (2010 – 2021) 
3.1 Singapore MICE Travelers Share & Forecast
3.2 Singapore MICE Revenue Share & Forecast

4. Singapore MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast –  Top 20 Country Analysis (2010 –  2021) 
4.1 Indonesia –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.1.1 Indonesia –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.1.2 Indonesia –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.2 Malaysia –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.2.1 Malaysia –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.2.2 Malaysia –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.3 Philippines –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.3.1 Philippines –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.3.2 Philippines –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.4 Thailand –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.4.1 Thailand –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.4.2 Thailand –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.5 China –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.5.1 China –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.5.2 China –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.6 Taiwan –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.6.1 Taiwan –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.6.2 Taiwan –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.7 Hong Kong –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.7.1 Hong Kong –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.7.2 Hong Kong –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.8 Japan –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.8.1 Japan –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.8.2 Japan –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.9 South Korea –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.9.1 South Korea –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.9.2 South Korea –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.10 India –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.10.1 India –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.10.2 India –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.11 France –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.11.1 France –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.11.2 France –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.12 Germany –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.12.1 Germany –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.12.2 Germany –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.13 Italy –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.13.1 Italy –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.13.2 Italy –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.14 Netherlands –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.14.1 Netherlands –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.14.2 Netherlands –  MICE Revenue to Singapore
4.15 United Kingdom –  MICE Travelers, Revenue & Forecast
4.15.1 United Kingdom –  MICE Travelers to Singapore
4.15.2 United Kingdom –  MICE Revenue to Singapore

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United Kingdom Outbound Travel Market 2018 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2020

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 18, 2018 / — United Kingdom Outbound Travel Industry

New Study on “2018-2020 Outbound Travel Market United Kingdom Key Player, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Forecast” added to Wise Guy Reports Database

United Kingdom is one of the largest tourist generating region in the world. United Kingdom outbound tourism market is projected to reach nearly US$ 70 Billion by 2020. A relatively high income per capita, coupled with strong currency, making UK one of the top five spenders on international tourism in the world.

Outbound travel volume from United Kingdom will likely to reach nearly 80 Million in 2020. The proximity and cultural similarities, Europe still accounted for majority of all outbound trips made by UK travelers in 2015. Spain and France were the most popular destinations for the UK travelers followed by United States.

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United States has emerged as the most popular tourist destination for the UK travelers in the 10 destinations which we covered in the report. In 2015, XX% of the total UK outbound tourists visited United States. It is expected that United States will be popular destination for the UK travelers by the year 2020. India and Australia were at the 2nd and 3rd popular destinations for UK travelers with XX% and XX% share respectively.

"United Kingdom Outbound Travel Market – Trips & Spending to 2020" provides detailed information on the top outbound tourism markets. This report analyzes market data and provides a better understanding of tourism flows and tourists expenditure. Market outlook in value terms for the forecasted period for United Kingdom outbound travel market has been detailed in the report. This report also entails a detailed description of growth drivers and challenges of the United Kingdom outbound travel market.

All the country in the report has been studied from 3 view points

United Kingdom outbound tourists to 10 countries
• United Kingdom outbound tourists market (spending) in 10 countries
• United Kingdom outbound tourists purpose of visit (Business, Holiday/Leisure, VFR & Others)
United Kingdom Outbound Travel Market – Trips and Spending to 2020 – 10 Countries Covered

United States
2. India
3. Australia
4. Singapore
5. Japan
6. China
7. Cambodia
8. New Zealand
9. South Africa
10. Korea
Reasons to Buy

Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to United Kingdom outbound travel & tourism sector
Understand the demand-side dynamics within the industry to identify key market trends and growth opportunities
Direct the promotional efforts on most promising markets by identifying the key source and destination countries
Data Sources 
The information contained in this report is based on both primary and secondary sources.
Primary Sources: Questionnaires, surveys, telephonic interviews with industry experts and observations
Secondary Sources: Secondary data analysis and review involves collecting and analysing a vast array of information. DPI Research seeks information from different sources such as published articles, company websites, magazine articles, associations, trade journals, annual reports, newspapers, books, Government official websites and other paid database sources.

For Detailed Reading Please visit WiseGuy Reports @

Some points from table of content:

1. Executive Summary

2. Worldwide – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit, Spending & Forecast
2.1 Worldwide – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Forecast
2.2 10 Countries – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Forecast
2.3 Worldwide – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending & Forecast
2.4 10 Countries – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending & Forecast

3. Worldwide – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit, Spending Share & Forecast
3.1 Worldwide – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit Share & Forecast
3.2 10 Countries – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit Share & Forecast
3.3 Worldwide – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending Share & Forecast
3.4 10 Countries – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending Share & Forecast

4. United Kingdom – Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending to (10 Countries) & Forecast
4.1 United States – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.1.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to United States & Forecast
4.1.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to United States Purpose of Visit
4.1.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in United States & Forecast
4.2 Australia – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.2.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Australia & Forecast
4.2.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Australia Purpose of Visit
4.2.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in Australia & Forecast
4.3 Singapore – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.3.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Singapore & Forecast
4.3.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Singapore Purpose of Visit
4.3.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in Singapore & Forecast
4.4 Korea – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.4.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Korea & Forecast
4.4.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Korea Purpose of Visit
4.4.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in Korea & Forecast
4.5 India – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.5.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to India & Forecast
4.5.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to India Purpose of Visit
4.5.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in India & Forecast
4.6 Cambodia – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.6.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Cambodia & Forecast
4.6.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to Cambodia Purpose of Visit
4.6.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in Cambodia & Forecast
4.7 South Africa – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast
4.7.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to South Africa & Forecast
4.7.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to South Africa Purpose of Visit
4.7.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in South Africa & Forecast
4.8 New Zealand – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to New Zealand & Forecast
4.8.1 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to New Zealand & Forecast
4.8.2 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit to New Zealand Purpose of Visit
4.8.3 United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Spending in New Zealand & Forecast
4.9 Japan – United Kingdom Outbound Tourists Visit & Spending Forecast

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