Events Industry Council CEO joins Penn State hospitality industry advisory board

Having Karen contribute her considerable talents and insights to our celebrated advisors is exciting for our faculty and students.”

— Donna Quadri-Felitti, Penn State School of Hospitality Mgmt.

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA, USA, July 24, 2017 / — Karen Kotowski, CEO of the Events Industry Council (EIC) and Penn State alumna, has joined the Penn State School of Hospitality Management (SHM) Industry Advisory Board ( ).

The EIC is a federation of 32 organizations in the meetings, exhibition, events and travel industry. Kotowski is responsible for the day to day management and strategy of the EIC, including delivering several signature programs, including the Certified Meeting Professional Designation, Accepted Practices Exchange, and the CIC Hall of Leaders.

“I am truly honored to have been selected to serve Penn State and the School of Hospitality Management in this way,” Kotowski said. “Since graduating from the College of Liberal Arts at Penn State, I’ve made my career in event planning and management, and now lead an organization with a mission to champion and professionalize the events industry. I look forward to bringing that voice to the board and to further the field of study of event management within the school for the benefit of students pursuing this career choice. I am passionate about Penn State and the events industry, and seek to serve both equally well in this role.”

The board invites industry experts to strategically advise SHM on industry trends and guide students who are studying hospitality management. The members are leaders in the field, including vice presidents and senior vice presidents of large companies and executive vice presidents, chief operating officers and CEO’s of smaller companies.

Kotowski has more than 20 years of meeting planning, education and program management experience for non-profit associations and private sector companies. She has a proven record of strategic and entrepreneurial vision. She earned a degree in public service at Penn State and holds both of the industry’s eminent designations, the Certified Meeting Professional and the Certified Association Executive.

“Education and professional development have been central to Karen’s successful career, providing it to association members and as a leading events industry advocate. Having Karen contribute her considerable talents and insights to our celebrated advisors is exciting for our faculty and students,” said Donna Quadri-Felitti, Marvin Ashner Director of the Penn State School of Hospitality Management.

Prior to joining CIC, Ms. Kotowski was Vice President, Member Education with the National Association of Home Builders for 16 years. During her tenure with NAHB, she focused on providing education and business management services to the members of the organization.

Jackie Golas
Penn State School of Hospitality Management
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Atlanta AmericasMart Welcome BCB Team.

Atlanta AmericasMart Welcome BCB Team.

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2017 / — The show was buzzing with excitement over New Products showcased by BigCatBrandz at Atlanta’s Annual Gift Show in the exclusive AmericasMart Towers last week. Over five days BCB staff met with Industry buyers to show some of their exciting new products up for immediate orders. Balance Buddy, Squiddies, and Freshtec products drew huge attention. “It’s great to be able to constantly have exciting new products to show-off “stated Dave Branch BCB’s Founder and CEO.

BCB cemented their position as America’s leading consumer brand placement company by speaking to buyers about the importance of today’s new products getting into Brick and Mortar retailers first, something that Amazon has cornered in the industry.” The stores know they don’t have most of the 350,000 plus new products that hit the market every year because they don’t know how to find them. Our reps bring a progressive approach to Big Box by showcasing these products daily across all channels” stated Branch.

BigCatBrandz also contracted 31 new emerging Product lines at the Show. These categories include Sporting Goods, Gifts, and Impulse items.

Dave Branch
Big Cat Brandz
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Do you know who you're doing business with?

DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA, July 24, 2017 / — July 2017- Dustin Lemelin of known as a resource person proudly shares with the general public how his hard earn resources were squandered by employing the wrong hands. is a leading Timeshare Exit company in the USA, which specializes on Timeshare contract cancellations. The company was established back in the year 2013, with great insight and vision for uncommon success.
The company’s hope of growth become threatened as employees who are supposed to work towards the success and profit making goal of the company turn the use of company’s resources for personal development.

A lot of paperwork, document both legal, policies and operation module were siphoned by being copied through a soft storage medium with the aim to start a personal business. Kyle Logue and Zachary Tarr 23, of Dover, NH once worked for as sales representatives with the main goal of taking everything in sight, defrauding the owner of thousands of dollars and stealing all paperwork to put their logo on top claiming ownership of another man's work.
To the surprise of anyone who cares to believe, the personal business of these employees is situated down the street.
This is a trend that is common among small and medium scale businesses in recent years.

“I had my first experience about 2 years ago when I hired a good handful of younger adults in their early 20's whom worked for my company for about 3 months, stole everything they could to open up shop right down the street using all of my company paperwork and agreements”. Dustin Lemelin President/CEO Timeshare Release Now, LLC. became a victim of unfaithful employees such as Kyle Logue Dover owner of Granite Consulting aka out of Dover, NH and Arabian man Rahaman Kargar who now owns Pine Tree Consultants (, starving individuals who can't think of good businesses on their own have to steal from other successful individuals for their own self gain. They couldn't even re-develop their own paperwork, they used the stolen paperwork from verbatim and they are now claiming they are successful entrepreneurs? What do you guys think….

Kyle Logue Dover and Rahaman Kargar were indicted for diverting funds and resources for personal use, when at, they just slapped their trashy logos on top of someone else's business documents.
These guys use the stolen paperwork from to start and operate their current timeshare business. specializes in Timeshare contract cancellations. The business services include a Consumer Protection Consulting and Document Preparation Services. Our Timeshare Advocates have extensive research involving Timeshare Fraud and the unethical sales tactics used to violate Consumers Rights and misrepresentation within the Timeshare Industry.

Media Contact
Name: Jennifer Roy
Phone: (207)-457-0209

Jennifer Roy
ABC Publishing
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WilliSmart Launches Unique Bag Sealer that Eliminates Food Waste

The new home and kitchen staple is light, portable and also features a USB charging cable.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATE, July 24, 2017 / — MAY 10, 2017: Home and kitchen equipments provider, WilliSmart has recently launched a sleek handheld food saving device on Amazon. The highly innovative device is designed to eliminate food waste, thereby allowing people to eat their leftovers later.
Sharing more information about the product, a spokesperson at WilliSmart shared, “At WilliSmart, we believe in designing high quality and user-friendly products. The unique bag sealer is a portable device that enables its user to save money and spend less time preparing freshly cooked meals. Users who are tired of wasting half-full bags of snacks, frozen vegetables and other food items that come in air tight packages can greatly benefit from the bag sealer.”
It must be noted that the WilliSmart bag sealer also helps in minimizing grocery bills. The product is easy to use, fits comfortably in the hand and seals previously opened poly bags effortlessly. Users can simply run the device where they intend to seal the bag and its cordless design enables them to seal quickly and conveniently. The device uses heat and pressure for sealing and binding thermoplastics, resulting in airtight sealing.
Buyers can use the bag sealer to seal a wide variety of poly bags and other bags including chips bag, produce bags, cereal bags, bulk bin bags, baking ingredients, rarely used spices, Lunch bags, clothes for storage, cosmetics and makeup products, fragile souvenirs among other items.
The bag sealer is an excellent option for homeowners who otherwise user clips and rubber bands for storing dry food items and other products. It is easy to charge and offers airtight sealing, thereby minimizing mold formation and spoilage. Users can also maximize their usage of the grocery products and enjoy bacteria free and hygienic food by sealing the remaining or leftover food in poly bags.
WilliSmart also provides buyers with 100% money back guarantee on their bag sealers. Users who are not satisfied with the bag sealer can easily return the product and enjoy 100% refund on the same. Additionally, the WilliSmart Bag Sealer comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes it’s a highly trusted product. For further details visit!
About WilliSmart
WilliSmart is the leading provider of a wide range of home, dining and kitchen equipments and products. The company is renowned for offering excellent after sales services to its customers across the globe.

Company name: WilliSmart
Telephone: 510-240-5427

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PARIS, FRANCE, July 21, 2017 / — In August 20017 new album by Daniel Roure


12 titles. from old french hits,(Trenet,Jean Sablon,Blossom Dearie,Eartha Kitt,Brel,Gainsbourg….)

Arrangements:Vocal, Jazzy and Lounge for smooth evenings of summer.!

With Christophe Le Van Bass/Philippe Le Van Drums/ Thomas Roure Sax Alto/Daniel Roure Vocal/Piano.

Daniel Roure for the love of "vintage France" Music and Jazz.

Daniel Roure
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Great Gold vs. Great White: Possible Workers’ Compensation Case?

Worker's Compensation related to Michael Phelp's Shark Race

Attorneys debate the possible workers’ compensation case in Phelps vs. Shark on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in the event of a shark attack.

Potential catastrophic events could make this race fraught with legal issues. Any one of our attorneys could navigate these dangerous and murky issues in court.”

— Jason Krasno, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2017 / — Discovery Channel’s highly anticipated Shark Week begins this Sunday, July 23rd, kicking it off with Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White.

*Que the Jaws Theme Song* because in honor of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, we’re diving into the open waters of workers’ compensation and taking a bite out of benefits.

Discovery Channel’s annual, weeklong Shark Week features shark-based programming, originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks. Shark Week has been the longest-running cable television programming event in history, reaching an average of 2.5 million viewers throughout the week.

To kick off the most anticipated week of the year, 39 world record holder and 23 Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, will be competing against a Great White shark in a 100-meter, open-water race off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.

In one of the promotional teasers for the Shark Week special, a narrator states “One trained to be the best since the day he was born. The other has been perfected by evolution” leaving viewers eager to find out who will be named the winner in The Battle for Ocean Supremacy.

But this left the attorneys at Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo with the question, if something were to go unplanned during the filming of this race that resulted in a shark attack, would Phelps be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and would the injuries sustained qualify as on the job?

According to statistics, more shark attacks result in a loss of limb rather than death, but swimmers are among those who are most prone to being attacked. So, by filming this special in the open-water, already put Phelps at an increased risk of being attacked by a shark.

To try and answer the question of whether or not Phelps would qualify for workers’ compensation benefits for sustaining a shark attack related injury, we referred to the basic components of a justifiable workers’ compensation case.

1. The injured party must be an employee of that company
2. The injury or illness must be work-related
3. The employer must have workers’ compensation insurance

The attorneys dissected this case further relating it back to the eligibility requirements of a workers’ compensation case and concluded that determining whether Phelps would be entitled to receiving compensation benefits in the event of a shark attack while filming the race, would come down to the factor of if Phelps is considered an employee of Discovery Channel at the time of the injury.

If Phelps had a legally-binding contract of employment with Discovery Channel during the time that the shark attack occurred, then the injury sustained would be considered on the job, qualifying him to receive compensation for wage loss benefits in addition to medical expenses. The amount of compensation he could receive would depend on the extent of the shark attack injury.

In contrast, if Phelps were only considered a guest of Discovery Channel and not an employee, then that would not make him eligible to receive any benefits to compensate for his injury.

Looking at Phelps’s case from a legal perspective, another type of case could consequently arise from a shark attack injury during the filming of the race.

If a third-party other than Discovery Channel was involved in the filming of the race and were held responsible for the action that resulted in the shark attack, or for neglecting to take action that could have prevented the injury, then Phelps would have a personal injury case.

With a third-party claim, Phelps could pursue benefits above the compensation provided through workers’ compensation. To receive those benefits, he would have to prove that his injury sustained from the shark attack was the result of negligence by the third-party.

In the case of Michael Phelps, the neglectful third party could be the boating company that issued the use of the boat to Discovery Channel, or the captain of the boat who took Phelps to the spot in where the shark attack occurred.

Not only would Phelps have a workers’ compensation case, but so would other personnel involved in the filming of the Shark Week special.

A team of fifteen divers and camera operators entered the open-water of Cape Town, South Africa and were positioned around Phelps to provide increased protection and distraction if necessary. Scientists were also sent out into the depths of the open water to gather supporting data on Great Whites, required to debunk the question who is faster: Great Gold or Great White?

The same three components of a justifiable workers’ compensation case can be used to determine the eligibility of the divers and scientists. In the event of an injury sustained from a shark attack, would these divers and scientists be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits? Are these divers and scientists legal employees of Discovery Channel, qualifying them for benefits to compensate the shark attack injury? If so, what benefits would they be entitled to? Or would a third-party be held responsible due to negligence, giving the divers and scientist a personal injury case?

It’s doubtful that Discovery Channel would ever actually put the Olympian in any risky situation that could potentially result in a personnel loss, but it does possess an interesting topic on the extent of workers’ compensation coverage for on the job injuries.

Although shark attacks are uncommon on the job injuries in Pennsylvania, other types of workplace injuries can occur, leaving employees with a loss of wage and medical expenses. The attorneys at Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo provide representation to help injured workers obtain the full benefits they need and deserve.
If you or someone you know need the help of an experienced attorney for a workers’ compensation case, contact us at (877) 299- 0779 or by initiating a live chat with a dedicated member of our legal team.

Jason Krasno
Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo
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India Household Cleaning Market 2017 – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Strategies and Forecast to 2022

“India Household Cleaning Market Outlook, 2021”, the overall market for household cleaning is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 22.74% in the next five years

PUNE, INDIA, July 21, 2017 / — This report gives an in-depth analysis of household cleaning industry. The household cleaning industry in India is highly unorganized and the size of unorganized sector is three times than that of organized one. However, this report includes only the organized sector i.e. the branded household cleaning market. The organized household cleaning market in India is mainly split into three broad categories viz. utensil cleaner, toilet cleaner and surface cleaner. Utensil cleaners are further split into dishwashing bar, liquid, powder and pastes. Toilet cleaners consist of liquid cleaners, in-cisterns & rim blocks whereas surface cleaners are split into floor cleaner, specialized and multipurpose cleaners. The specialized cleaners are further split, based on their application areas.

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According to “India Household Cleaning Market Outlook, 2021”, the overall market for household cleaning is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 22.74% in the next five years. In utensil cleaning category, dishwashing bars dominate market revenues, followed by liquid cleaners whereas dishwashing paste has negligible contribution. Consumers in urban areas are now upgrading to dishwashing liquids which are expected to register robust growth in the forecast period. Powder based utensil cleaners are now set to diminish from the market. The surface cleaning market is growing mainly because of rising awareness about brands due to heavy promotion by leading companies. Floor cleaners dominate category revenues, followed by specialized and multi-purpose cleaners. Surface cleaners are targeted mainly at urban households and thus are more popular in urban markets.

Liquid toilet cleaners are popular in Indian market because of low unit prices and age old preference of consumers. Toilet in-cisterns and rim blocks are growing very fast due to their enhanced cleaning methods and easy to use advantages. Household cleaning products are largely sold through modern retail stores like supermarkets, hypermarkets and malls. Traditional grocery stores are reluctant to store them on their shelves because of their high price and low probability of selling. Online sales of household cleaning products remain negligible; however expected to grow in future due to rising mobile phone and internet penetration in the country. Major companies in the household cleaning market include Hindustan Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothy Laboratories, Rohit Surfactants, Dabur India, SC Johnson etc. Major brands operating in the industry are Vim, Harpic, Pril, Exo, Xpert, Lizol, Domex, Colin, Sani Fresh, Cif, Mr Muscle, Easy Off Bang, Dazzl, Dettol etc.

Key Categories
Utensil Cleaner
Surface Cleaner
Toilet Cleaner

Complete report details @

Key points in table of content

1. Executive Summary
2. Global Household Cleaning Market Outlook
2.1. Global Utensil Cleaner Market Outlook
2.2. Global Surface Cleaner Market Outlook
2.3. Global Toilet Cleaner Market Outlook
3. India Household Cleaning Market Outlook
3.1. Market Size By Value
3.2. Market Share
3.2.1. By Company
3.2.2. By Brand
3.2.3. By Category
3.2.4. By Demographics
3.2.5. By Sales Channel
3.3. Product, Price and Variant Analysis
3.3.1. Utensil Cleaning Bar
3.3.2. Utensil Cleaning Liquid
3.3.3. Utensil Cleaning Powder
3.3.4. Utensil Cleaning Paste
3.3.5. Floor Cleaner
3.3.6. Specialized Cleaner
3.3.7. Multi-Purpose Cleaner
3.3.8. Liquid Toilet Cleaners
3.3.9. Toilet Rim Block
3.3.10. In-Cistern Toilet Cleaner
4. India Utensil Cleaner Market Outlook
4.1. Market Size By Value
4.2. Market Share
4.2.1. By Company
4.2.2. By Brand
4.2.3. By Product Type
4.2.4. By Demographics
4.2.5. By Sales Channel
4.3. India Bar Utensil Cleaner Market
4.4. India Liquid Utensil Cleaner Market
4.5. India Powder Utensil Cleaner Market
4.6. India Paste Utensil Cleaner Market
5. India Surface Cleaner Market Outlook
5.1. Market Size By Value
5.2. Market Share
5.2.1. By Company
5.2.2. By Brand
5.2.3. By Segment
5.2.4. By Demographics
5.2.5. By Sales Channel
5.3. India Floor Cleaner Market
5.4. India Specialized Cleaner Market
5.5. India Multi-Purpose Cleaner Market
6. India Toilet Cleaner Market Outlook
6.1. Market Size By Value
6.2. Market Share
6.2.1. By Company
6.2.2. By Product Type
6.2.3. By Demographics
6.2.4. By Sales Channel
7. India Economic Snapshot
8. Raw Material
9. Market Penetration
10. Future Development
11. Policy & Regulatory Landscape
12. Trade Dynamics
12.1. Import
12.2. Export
13. Channel Partner Analysis
14. India Household Cleaning Market Dynamics
14.1. Key Drivers
14.2. Key Challenges
15. Market Trends & Developments
15.1. Increasing Importance of Hygiene for Ensuring Wellbeing
15.2. Competition Between Private Labels and National Brands
15.3. Marketers Leveraging Government's Initiative for Cleanliness
15.4. Multi-Purpose Cleaners Gaining Popularity
15.5. Organic Products & Eco Friendly Formulations
15.6. Growing Sanitation Awareness in India
16. Competitive Landscape
16.1. Porters Five Forces
16.2. Company Profiles
16.2.1. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd.
16.2.2. Hindustan Unilever Limited
16.2.3. Dabur India Limited
16.2.4. SC Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd.
16.2.5. Jyothy Laboratories Limited
16.2.6. Venky's (India) Limited
16.2.7. Future Consumer Enterprise Ltd.
16.2.8. Fena Private Limited
16.2.9. Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd.
16.2.10. The Clorox Company
17. Strategic Recommendations
18. Disclaimer

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Spiritual composer/producer, Elise Lebec, Promotes Peace through Music with ORIGIN: One World Turning Project, Volume 1

Origin Cover Art

ORIGIN, by Elise Lebec, releases worldwide today via Bay Area Films.

Elise Lebec

Artist Elise Lebec in Egypt (Photo by Yousry Mahfouz)

ORIGIN won an Akademia Award for Best Christian/Gospel song “Sufi Dance” – the album debuts 7/21/17.

ORIGIN is a vibrant New Age/World Fusion album blending Egyptian and western instrumentation; an energetic exploration of ancient instruments and modern sounds.

It’s an expression of human kindness…the intention to bring the beauty of diverse cultures together via fresh combinations of Arabic & western instruments.”

— Elise Lebec, singer, composer, producer, ORIGIN

BURBANK, CA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2017 / — Bay Area Film Company is pleased to announce the release of Elise Lebec's new album, ORIGIN, as well as an Akademia Award win (Best Christian/Gospel Song) for the single "Sufi Dance" and a nomination in the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. Lebec, an inspirational artist, singer and composer recalls the moment when the new age/world album was born, sharing “I looked into the eyes of the Goddess Sekhmet and felt my entire soul shift. There I was in Egypt, the Fertile Crescent of the Cradle of Civilization, the Origin of the Awakening of Humanity.”

Lebec's first trip to Egypt was profound, introducing her to new sounds and fresh insights about the people, their culture, and our mutual misunderstandings. ORIGIN, the album, is a direct result of her ensuing visits to Egypt. It is a vibrant New Age/World Fusion album blending Egyptian and western instrumentation and vocals featuring Lebec with special guest performances by Charlie Bisharat, Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy and 36 other magnificent musicians; it is an energetic, spiritual exploration of combining ancient instruments and modern sounds to convey Lebec's unique vision of the challenges facing today's world, available at Bay Area Films releases the album worldwide today.

Under the same blazing Saqqaran sun that drenched the warrior deity of antiquity 5000 years ago, this musical citizen of the world had experienced the start of what has become a spiritual illumination…an epiphany which compelled her to embark on an intuitive, cross-cultural musical journey of discovery, deep creative expression, and a calling to use it as a vehicle for bringing disparate cultures together.

The outcome, ORIGIN, is an intense, feminine and uniquely beautiful album that Lebec will enter for a Best New Age Album GRAMMY Award this Fall. Upon hearing a preview, writer Karl Stober commented, "Lebec is the Siren of the Desert Sun in 2017. An incredible quest to the past in sound and arrangements."

ORIGIN is an amalgam of exotic Upper Egyptian traditional instruments, distinctive vocals, and contemporary production techniques, building a transcendent bridge between contrasting worlds. “It’s an expression of human kindness,” says Lebec of the release, “…the intention to bring the beauty of diverse cultures together via fresh combinations of Arabic & western instruments. We have built a harmonious narrative merging the millennia of Egyptian music with elements and forms of modern popular music to help exemplify that we are all related beings of planet Earth; one extended family turning in our respective orbits around the Sun.”

This “One World Turning” concept is woven into the fabric of the entire project and will be reflected in and represented by all the media releases, from the recorded music to promotional videos, interviews, live performances, and ORIGIN merchandise, which can be found at

Music critic Jonathan Widran commented, “Elise shares her profound personal feeling of awakening and experiences of Egypt in music, and becomes a musical bridge builder of two prominent world cultures. Using exotic Upper Egyptian instrumentation, her distinctive vocals, and contemporary production techniques as a transcendent connection between East and West, she creates a powerful, compelling collection.”

ORIGIN was composed and executive produced by Lebec, who began recording in Cairo when she returned several times after her initial visit last August. Ancient instruments, expertly played by local traditional musicians under her direction include lute, dulcimer, oud, ancient flutes, Upper Egyptian tablas, and an assortment of handmade drums and percussion. Several Egyptian singers, including the very famous Sheikh Mamoud El Tahomy, and Arabic rappers were tapped to round out the project’s vivid authenticity. The resultant sessions were then sent back to Los Angeles to four-time GRAMMY® Award-winning Producer/Engineer Dave Way. He in turn brought in one of Prince’s programmers, Eric Anest, who applied Western song forms to the myriad tracks from Cairo resulting in musical “beds” onto which a variety of Western instruments were overdubbed. These include over 35 passionate musicians playing violin (such as Shadowfax’s GRAMMY® Award-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat), electric violins, cellos, alto sax, pedal steel guitar, Hammond organ, background vocals and, of course, Elise Lebec’s own lead vocals.

“As a composer, hearing music I have never heard before is like trying a new dish that tastes amazing, as if a whole new world is opening," Lebec shares. "Just when I think there’s nothing else to learn or explore, I realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface of Life Experience. To me, Music is an all-encompassing form of intimate expression. And what better force is there to bring divergent peoples together? That is the essence of this ORIGIN project! I want to create a dialogue about peace and understanding.”

ORIGIN is available in both physical and digital form at all quality music retailers and online music sites. To request Radio Airplay copies, contact Ed & Stacey Bonk at LAZZ Promotions, (905) 470-1230, or

For radio or print interviews and review copies, contact publicist Beth Hilton at (310) 560-8390, or

To explore more of Elise Lebec’s music, images and videos, please visit Learn more about the recent Akademia Award for Best Christian/Gospel Song "Sufi Dance" at

1. Taaly Maaya: Come With Me 4:35
2. Queen Of Light 4:38
3. Cairo Morning 4:26
4. Bolero 5:07
5. Rumi Song 6:36
6. Sekhmet: The Goddess Awakens 3:50
7. The Jam: Luxor, Egypt 4:45
8. Sufi Dance 4:53
9. Hob Elahy: God Is Within 4:52
Total playing time 43:43

Beth A. Hilton
The B Company
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ORIGIN: Bridging the Gap

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LoginRadius Launches GDPR Readiness Resources

LoginRadius releases GDPR resources to assist organizations in preparing for GDPR and show how it can assist with compliance requirements.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 20, 2017 / — LoginRadius Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management (cIAM) solutions, has announced the launch of a GDPR resource section on it’s website intended to assist organizations in learning about the GDPR and how to meet compliance requirements.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into force on May 25, 2018. Every organization — regardless of its location — doing business with EU customers will need to make changes to its oversight, technology, processes, and people to comply with the new rules. But where to start?

The new resource page launched at helps security and privacy professionals understand the core GDPR requirements and how a CIAM platform can not only help meet compliance requirements but improve customer experience and access to customer data across the organization. Included on the resource page are:

1. White Paper: The EU GDPR and CIAM – this document explains the detailed requirements of the GDPR in simple layman terms and focuses on what’s important for your organization.

2. Getting Started Guide: 12 Steps to Prepare for the GDPR – these are 12 steps you can take today to prepare your organization for the GDPR when it takes effect.

3. Guide: GDPR Compliance Guide – this informative document maps the requirements of the GDPR to specific modules/features in the LoginRadius CIAM Platform and shows how CIAM can solve your compliance requirements.

“For anyone, based in the EU or not, if you have customers based in the EU, this regulation will have a significant impact on how you collect, process and use customer data”, Deepak Gupta, Cofounder and CTO of LoginRadius said, “However, this should be viewed as an opportunity to improve how you do business by consolidating customer data silos, improving customer experience and privacy while increasing your ability to leverage that customer data to increase revenue.”

LoginRadius has been continuously innovating the customer identity space and has been recognized as a leader by many analyst firms including Forrester, Kuppingercole and Gartner. LoginRadius’ cIAM platform is currently serving over 3,000 businesses worldwide, handing over 650 million users and 5.7 billion API calls every month.

– End –

About LoginRadius
LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for mid-to-large sized companies. LoginRadius’ solution serves over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of 650 million users worldwide. The company has been named as an industry leader in the cIAM space by Gartner, Forrester, Kuppingercole, and Computer Weekly.

LoginRadius’ platform helps companies deliver a connected customer experience, creates an integrated marketing ecosystem, and centralize customer data to define a unified profile and better manage their customer identities. Some of the key products include customer registration services, profile management, single sign on (SSO), integration with third party marketing applications, user management, customer insights, and more.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with additional offices in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

Media Team
LoginRadius Inc
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Anguilla Marks 50TH Anniversary with a Year of Celebrations

Anguilla 50th Celebrations

Anguilla 50th Celebrations

Luxury Vacation Rentals Anguilla

Luxury Vacation Rentals Anguilla

Luxury Vacations Anguilla

Luxury Vacations Anguilla

The beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla celebrates 50 years of independence with some great events

The 50 years celebration this year is a fantastic way to promote the culture and history of the island and more importantly to attract and encourage more people to visit Anguilla”

— Niamh McCarthy

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2017 / — Anguilla is currently celebrating 50 years since the Anguilla Revolution of 1967and their separation from the St Kitts and Nevis Federation. Exceptional Villas, leading villa luxury rental company are celebrating the island’s anniversary by giving their clients a complimentary economy car for every Anguilla reservation this Summer.

Two days of public holidays were celebrated on the island at the end of May and they held several events and activities on the island to honour the anniversary. Anguilla is planning a full year of activity until April 2018 that will promote the culture and history and bring more visitors to the island.

The Anguilla Tourist Board and Seaborne Airlines have formed a partnership to offer more services between San Juan and Clayton Lloyd airport in Anguilla. They now offer services five days per week with morning and evening flights available at the weekend which provides clients with more options for getting to the paradise island.
The activities that are planned for the year ahead consist of 50 exhibitions, displays and events. The events will include heritage tours and for a limited time a play named “The Pepper in der Soup” which tell tells the story of the Anguilla Revolution.

Exceptional Villas feature some of the most exclusive and luxurious villas and resorts across Anguilla.
“The 50 years celebration this year is a fantastic way to promote the culture and history of the island and more importantly to attract and encourage more people to visit Anguilla,” says Niamh McCarthy who is the Anguilla travel specialist for Exceptional Villas. Anguilla really is one of Exceptional Villa's most popular Caribbean islands offering the best beaches in the Caribbean and unspoilt scenery

Anguilla is a small unique island that is just over 16 miles long by 3 miles wide and offers 33 of the best beaches in the world. The island takes pride in their culture and is well known for their award-winning cuisine and excellent beach bars.
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About Exceptional Villas

Exceptional Villas is a European based Vacation Rental Company with clients and destinations all over the world. They have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This includes matching the perfect villa to each of their clients and also providing a full and complimentary concierge service. This service includes organising all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and are filled with a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customised service they offer.
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