Andretti Autosport Adds New Backer For GT4 Program

Andretti Autosport Adds New Backer For GT4 Program

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / — Beverly Hills IV Therapy has joined Andretti Autosport's portfolio of partners as an associate sponsor of Jared Andretti's No. 18 and No. 36 McLarens in the Pirelli GT4 Americas Sprint class for the races at Sonoma Raceway in August.

Beverly Hills IV Therapy promotes healthy living, beauty, and longevity.

The company was created in order to provide clients with the highest quality of vitamin therapies in spa locations or in a private home.

"Through this well planned and thought out partnership, we are excited to begin our collaboration alongside organizations such as Andretti Autosport," said Beverly Hills IV Therapy, philanthropist, born businesswoman and CEO, Deborah Alessi. "Beverly Hills IV Therapy shares many of the same core values and principles as Andretti Autosport. Our affiliation will accelerate bringing healthier lifestyles to broader markers across the globe, furthering the narrative of our partnership's mutual symbiosis."

As a safe, immediately effective solution for a wide range of concerns, IV therapy has become the go to rejuvenation treatment for celebrities, models, busy professionals, athletes and travelers. In a world where most people push themselves to the limits and don't always meet their bodies' basic nutritional needs, IV therapy is revolutionary. Utilizing formulations designed to address specific deficiencies at the cellular level, IV Therapy is an energizing and clarifying treatment that provides instant results. IV Therapy works!

"We are thrilled to have Beverly Hills IV Therapy join the team for the Sonoma races and we are excited about their commitment and involvement with our team and partners and we look forward to growing with them in 2021," said Jarett Andretti.

Alexa Lunt
Beverly Hills IV Therapy
+1 360-820-5524
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Kevin McDonald Novato reveals continued importance of Bay Area wildlife conservation

NOVATO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / — Educator and conservationist Kevin McDonald Novato opens up about the critical importance of local wildlife conservation.

From preserving unique natural habitats to helping to curb pollution, wildlife conservation has long been a passion of popular Marin County teacher Kevin McDonald Novato. Involved in the field since college, McDonald is as keen as ever to reiterate the continued importance of conservation efforts in California's Bay Area and elsewhere across the U.S.

"I've always been passionate about wildlife conservation," explains California-based teacher and conservationist Kevin McDonald Novato, speaking from his home in northern Marin County.

Today a popular science and math teacher, Kevin McDonald Novato became heavily involved with wildlife conservation and ecosystem restoration during his time at Minnesota's Carleton College in Northfield. "I became involved in ecosystem restoration in college," reveals McDonald, "where we replanted grasslands with native grasses and wildflowers among a wealth of other projects."

Now back in California, some 2,000 miles away from Northfield's grasslands, Kevin McDonald Novato remains just as passionate about wildlife conservation. "Wildlife conservation is incredibly important across the board, and especially so here in the San Francisco Bay Area," suggests Kevin.

"The Bay Area is regarded as one of North America's most notable hotspots for biodiversity," points out Kevin McDonald Novato. Urban sprawl, however, is more and more rapidly beginning to impact the area's wildlife, destroying habitats, adding to air pollution, and contributing massively toward ongoing issues with poor water quality, he says. "Almost 500,000 acres of the natural landscape are now thought to be at risk of significant wildlife-impacting development," reveals the expert.

Because of this, it's crucial that the importance of Bay Area wildlife conservation continues to be discussed, according to Kevin McDonald Novato. Even with Endangered Species Act protections now in place, there's still much to be done to ensure the future of the region's wildlife, McDonald says. "The same is true elsewhere in California, too," adds the conservationist, "as well as across huge swathes of the rest of the United States."

Thankfully, a wealth of wildlife and nature organizations now exist in and around San Francisco's Bay Area. These include the Bay Area Open Space Council, the Big Sur Land Trust, the California Native Plant Society, the Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration, the Committee for Green Foothills, Grassroots Ecology, the Greenbelt Alliance, Marine Life Studies, Native Bird Connections, Nature in the City, the San Francisco Naturalist Society, San Francisco Nature Education, and The Watershed Project. "It's imperative that we support these organizations and their counterparts elsewhere across the country wherever possible," Kevin McDonald Novato notes.

Educator and published author Kevin McDonald Novato was born and raised in Sonoma County, California, and later graduated from Carleton College in Minnesota, where he played on the soccer team and worked in the arboretum. Following graduation, Kevin McDonald Novato spent four years in Tokyo teaching English, studying Japanese, and learning the art of karate. He then returned to California, where he remains today, and where he's now been teaching for more than twenty years.

In his free time, Kevin McDonald Novato still plays soccer and, on the weekends, enjoys attending concerts and art shows with his wife. Incredibly well-traveled, educator and conservationist Kevin McDonald Novato has visited six of the world's seven continents and plans to add Antarctica to the list in the near future.

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Bamboo Shack Reopens Miami, Florida Restaurant With New Curbside Pickup And Delivery Options

Bamboo Shack Miami

Bamboo Shack Miami

Bamboo Shack's Cracked Chicken Snack

Cracked Chicken Snack

Bamboo Shack - Jerk Chicken Snack

Jerk Chicken Snack

Bamboo Shack Miami Offers New Curbside Pickup & Delivery Options

We have been excited to bring the taste of the Bahamas to everyone in South Florida.”

— Clyde Bullard

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / — Bamboo Shack, the Bahamian-based restaurant is announcing they will be reopening their restaurant in Miami, Florida in August 2020. The restaurant, which first opened in October 2016, closed for a quick renovation including repairs to the building. The restaurant has remained open during the coronavirus outbreak and served customers via takeout and delivery via Postmates, Doordash, Ubereats and others. Now, thanks in large part to the renovations, curbside options are available as well for faster service. The company announced in a statement in March that they would follow local regulations for all its locations but would also air on the side of caution. 

“The safety of our team members and customers is our top priority. As with hurricanes, we follow all local government recommendations and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone in the Bamboo Shack family. However, with the coronavirus pandemic we wanted to be extra cautious to ensure that enough time had passed that we can take the proper precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. New regulations tell us what we need to do to practice safe operations and create a clean and safe environment for everyone. The curbside addition is a major benefit to our customers and ensures a healthy option for the handling of their food” Bamboo Shack Representative

The company had plans to unveil new features in the summer of 2020 and many of those features will still be presented throughout the remainder of the year. This includes easier online ordering, partnerships with several delivery services, featured specials each week and a loyalty program which includes discounts. 

“We have been excited to bring the taste of the Bahamas to everyone in South Florida. Though we are neighbors, we have been surprised that the region lacks accessibility to places that offer such freshly prepared tropical cuisine, infused with interesting spices and flavors that speak to the heart and soul of Caribbean cooking. Many Miami and South Florida residents love going to the Bahamas and wish they could enjoy the flavors and selection more often. This restaurant is the first step to making our food and culture more accessible to the United States.” 

About The Company
Bamboo Shack was founded by Elaine Ann Williams-Pinder, an entrepreneur who was born and raised in the Bahamas. Williams-Pinder has had success in several areas of business and always had a passion for the restaurant industry. She opened the Bamboo Shack restaurant in the Bahamas and the business thrived, quickly leading to expansion throughout the islands as the leading native fast food franchise. In the past decade, she refocused her efforts on expansion to the United States with the first location being setup in Miami Gardens, Florida. Thanks to the early success of the first restaurant, the team has begun work on expansion throughout the South Florida area.

Clyde Bullard
Bamboo Shack
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Laces and Limos Launching New Contactless Napa Valley Experience

Laces and Limos will offer visitors a brand-new, contact-less, custom tour and multi-day option featuring elevated electric bicycles that suite your style

NAPA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — In the wake of California Governor Newsom’s order closing all indoor businesses, Napa Valley tour company Laces and Limos is launching a new service to customers that will expand on their current outdoor activity offerings. Featuring electric two-wheel bicycles from manufacturers Bluejay Bikes, Laces and Limos will be the first and only tour company to offer a contact-less and exclusive Napa Wine Tour featuring these sleek, eco-chic bicycles.

“With such a demand for more safe, outdoor activities on the rise, investing in a fleet of electric bicycles seemed like a no-brainer to me and then I discovered Bluejay Bicycles,” says partner Michelle Helms. “They not only have some of the best parts available but they are super cute and Instagram ready. Plus, they go up to 20mph, I absolutely love the ride and trust me, I am no athlete."

Laces and Limos will begin offering a self-guided, single day E-Bike experience or you can opt in for a multi-day adventure including their infamous open-air Tuk-Tuks, touring Napa Valley "safari" Style and on Day two you're off on your own self-guided experience, visiting exclusive wineries by electric bicycle.

"Knowing how to pivot your business is key as an entrepreneur. Before COVID-19, I didn't even know what a 'pivot' meant but I knew my small business would not survive unless I thought out-of-the-box," Helms said. "Now I know and as hard as things got, it was my focus and forward thinking that saved, keeping things going and our customers connected."

Due to a high demand and limited availability, both of these experiences are available by advanced reservation only. Pricing and description of activities can be found here.

Get outside, stay outside and most important stay safe – And when the time is right, we look forward to sharing the Napa Valley Spirit with you

Laces and Limos is a Napa Valley Tour Company featuring unique, open-air wine tours, "safari" style and other off-road adventures. The L&L tour has quickly become known as a Napa Valley "must-do" experience for those looking to get off the beaten path and more of an exclusive insight into the best kept secrets and hidden gems across the valley. Wine tours are private and curated exclusively for every single guest.

Michelle Helms
Laces and Limos
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George Mckee DDS Lists the Most Common Oral Surgeries in the United States

George McKee DDS

George McKee DDS

MEDFORD, OR, USA, August 6, 2020 / — According to George Mckee DDS, the effectiveness of oral surgery makes many modern procedures extremely popular.
Dental procedures have gotten more and more common as technology advanced. Adults suffer from a variety of oral problems that range from cosmetic fixes to serious surgeries. Although you might feel alone, millions of people undergo oral surgeries in the United States each year. George Mckee DDS lists the most common procedures.

1. Wisdom Teeth

The most common of all surgeries is wisdom teeth removal. The average-sized mouth does not have room for the extra set of teeth in the very back of the mouth. According to George Mckee DDS, keeping wisdom teeth can do more harm than good. Many patients experience jaw pain, crowded teeth, and uneven bites.

Advancements in the procedure have made it much easier than ever before. George Mckee DDS notes that most patients receive anesthesia and recovery quickly from home with over-the-counter pain medications. Oral surgeons know how important it is to be gentle and efficient.

2. Dental Implants

According to George Mckee DDS, dental implants are the second most popular oral surgery in the country. Humans cannot replace missing or damaged teeth, which means many must turn to artificial implants. Although this one sounds scary, the success rate for dental implants is extremely high. George Mckee DDS notes that after recovery, patients can return to chewing and smiling normally. Many people feel they work and look even better than their natural teeth.

3. Bone Grafting

If a patient loses a tooth and chooses to leave the space open, the jawbone will weaken over time. George Mckee DDS notes that once the jawbone is weakened or reabsorbed, it is no longer possible to get a dental implant. In these instances, oral surgeons must use bone grafting to strengthen areas of the jawbone. George Mckee DDS explains that once the right spots are targeted, the patient has the opportunity to receive an implant.

4. Corrective Jaw

When the jaw is not aligned properly, people may experience difficulty with eating, speaking, and breathing. Sometimes, a misaligned jaw can be fixed with braces by correcting the position of teeth. However, corrective jaw surgeries are often needed to realign the mouth. George Mckee DDS notes that symptoms of a misaligned jaw include headaches, migraines, tooth wear, TMJ, vertigo, and tinnitus. A specialist will be able to identify the cause and offer the right treatment.

About George Mckee DDS:

George Mckee DDS graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco in 1979. He started and ran a successful cosmetic reconstructive practice in California for over 20 years. George Mckee DDS has earned advanced certification in cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, implantology, and endodontics. He has also practiced dentistry and management in Portugal, Dubai, and Muscat.

Caroline Hunter
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George McKee DDS

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Theme Park Planning Market 2020 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2025

Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Theme Park Planning -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2025” To Its Research Database

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 6, 2020 / — Theme Park Planning Industry


This report is the culmination of a comprehensive review into the industry's new innovations. It is a short but detailed overview that offers a image of the Theme Park Planning market, the basic requirements and the processes used in the production process. The data experts monitor the business landscape along with the latest industry trends in key regions to uncover the intricacies of the global Theme Park Planning market. Moreover, the study provides the profit margins for the drug along with the market risks of the manufacturers. It provides an detailed overview of the various factors shaping the Theme Park Planning market. The analysis offers primarily insight into the market situation in which 2018 is the base year and the forecast period extends till 2026.

The report begins from overview of Industry Chain structure, and describes industry environment, then analyses market size and forecast of Theme Park Planning by product, region and application, in addition, this report introduces market competition situation among the vendors and company profile, besides, market price analysis and value chain features are covered in this report.

Company Coverage (Company Profile, Sales Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Main Products etc.):

Jora Vision
Leisure Business Advisors LLC
Planning Solutions
Snider Recreation

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Product Type Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Major Company of Product Type etc.):
Overall Planing
Partial Planning

Application Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Different Demand Market by Region, Main Consumer Profile etc.):
Large Enterprise
Investment Agency

Region Coverage (Regional Production, Demand & Forecast by Countries etc.):
North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Russia, Spain etc.)
Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia etc.)
South America (Brazil, Argentina etc.)
Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, South Africa etc.)

The Study Objectives Of This Report Are:

To Analyze And Study The Global Theme Park Planning Capacity, Production, Value, Consumption, Status (2013-2017) And Forecast (2020-2025);
Focuses On The Key Theme Park Planning Manufacturers, To Study The Capacity, Production, Value, Market Share And Development Plans In Future.
Focuses On The Global Key Manufacturers, To Define, Describe And Analyze The Market Competition Landscape, Swot Analysis.
To Define, Describe And Forecast The Market By Type, Application And Region.
To Analyze The Global And Key Regions Market Potential And Advantage, Opportunity And Challenge, Restraints And Risks.
To Identify Significant Trends And Factors Driving Or Inhibiting The Market Growth.
To Analyze The Opportunities In The Market For Stakeholders By Identifying The High Growth Segments.
To Strategically Analyze Each Submarket With Respect To Individual Growth Trend And Their Contribution To The Market
To Analyze Competitive Developments Such As Expansions, Agreements, New Product Launches, And Acquisitions In The Market
To Strategically Profile The Key Players And Comprehensively Analyze Their Growth Strategies.

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Table of Contents

1 Industry Overview
1.1 Theme Park Planning Industry
Figure Theme Park Planning Industry Chain Structure
1.1.1 Overview
1.1.2 Development of Theme Park Planning
1.2 Market Segment
1.2.1 Upstream
Table Upstream Segment of Theme Park Planning
1.2.2 Downstream
Table Application Segment of Theme Park Planning
Table Global Theme Park Planning Market 2015-2025, by Application, in USD Million
1.3 Cost Analysis

2 Industry Environment (PEST Analysis)
2.1 Policy
2.2 Economics
2.3 Sociology
2.4 Technology


4 Major Companies List
4.1 ProSlide (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.1.1 ProSlide Profile
Table ProSlide Overview List
4.1.2 ProSlide Products & Services
4.1.3 ProSlide Business Operation Conditions
Table Business Operation of ProSlide (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin)
4.2 Forrec (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.2.1 Forrec Profile
Table Forrec Overview List
4.2.2 Forrec Products & Services
4.2.3 Forrec Business Operation Conditions
Table Business Operation of Forrec (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin)
4.3 Jora Vision (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.4 ITPS (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.5 Battaglia (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.6 Counsilman-Hunsaker (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.7 WhiteWater (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.8 Leisure Business Advisors LLC (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.9 Planning Solutions (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)
4.10 Snider Recreation (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

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Однако, все по порядку.

RUSSIAN, August 6, 2020 / — Китай – это огромная страна, в которой очень много городов и провинций, о многих из них я ранее не слышала, конечно не бывала и, честно, даже не думала о их посещении. Но по счастливой случайности я оказалась именно в таком месте. Своими впечатлениями от путешествия по острову, на котором я побывала, я хочу поделиться с вами.
Однако, все по порядку.

Остров Хайнань, о котором сегодня пойдет мой рассказ, расположен в самой южной части Китая в одноимённой провинции, которая состоит из 200 островов, разбросанных по трем архипелагам в Южно-Китайском море.
Остров Хайнань, усеянный лесами, великолепными пляжами, очаровательными городами и спокойными курортами сохраняет свои природные и этнические корни. Отдых на острове Хайнань — это не только великолепные песчаные пляжи, это и термальные комплексы с радоновыми и минеральными источниками, богатые леса, в которых произрастают уникальные виды растений. На Хайнане обитают более 85 видов млекопитающих и свыше 456 видов птиц. Остров славится плантациями кофе и чая, а также тропическими фруктами, такими как манго, бананы, ананасы, кокосы. Наличие огромной сети экскурсионных туристических маршрутов и великолепных автодорог делают отдых не только комфортным, но и познавательным, поэтому каждый год остров посещают сотни тысяч туристов со всех концов мира. У россиян остров пользуется популярностью, как зимнее пляжное направление.

Остров Хайнань фактически отделен от материка, что придает ему собственную уникальную привлекательность. Несложно понять, почему люди называют этот великолепный остров ответом Китая на Гавайи!
И конечно, побывав здесь, и насладившись очарованием этого великолепия, я рекомендую всем посетить Хайнань.
Уверена, пришло время дать острову Хайнань шанс произвести на вас впечатление!
Итак, мой рассказ о том, что обязательно посмотреть, куда сходить и чем заняться на острове.

Национальный парк рисовых полей и парк звездных динозавров
Национальный парк Пэдди Филд – недавно открытая достопримечательность (2018) в районе Хайтан. Это рисовый тематический парк, посвященный рисовым полям – так как это одна из основных культур на острове Хайнань. В парке есть рисовые поля, парк «Звездный динозавр» с более чем 300 моделями динозавров в натуральную величину, цветочные сады, рестораны с рисовыми мотивами и шоу под открытым небом.

Тропические леса для приключений на природе
Ягодный тропический лес не является обычным природным заповедником Букит Тимах. Туристическая сцена Хайнаня относительно нова, поэтому, организаторы этого маршрута приложат все усилия, чтобы держать вас в плену весь день. Я говорю о походах по водопадам, качающихся подвесных мостах, канатных дорогах и даже о возможности сыграть настоящий контрудар в лесу в полном боевом снаряжении! Куда бы вы ни направились, на пути непременно попадается что-то впечатляющее: пруд с лотосами и рыбками, редкие тропические деревья и растения, множество цветов. Какой же аромат издают дикие орхидеи! Словно над ним потрудился гениальный парфюмер.

Парк Бинлангу Ли и Мяо
Пришло время рассказать о романтическом парке Бинглангу Хайнань Ли и парке культурного наследия Мяо. Я должна сказать, что просто удивительно, что есть все эти древние копии по всему Китаю – и они всегда прекрасно сделаны, выглядя точно так, как это было бы в те времена. Парки с тематическими зонами и зонами развлечений, продвижение народных культур города, таких как традиции Тянья, обычаи племени Ли и Мяо и даже повторение древнего города Ячжоу.
Вы обязательно должны побывать и познакомиться с культурой, обычаями и традициями древних племен острова. Вам будет действительно интересно узнать о людях Ли острова Хайнань. Первоначально живущие у океана, они были вынуждены проникнуть внутрь страны с другими племенами, которые начали прибывать на остров. В этой деревенской копии можно заглянуть в Художественный музей Тотема и Музей татуировки (где можно полюбоваться их племенными татуировками на лице), прогуляться по району, демонстрируя методы ткачества, рыбалки и земледелия народов Ли, узнать об их повседневной жизни через искусство и музыку (например, флейты носа), даже посетить лодкообразные дома. Можно также попробовать их рисовое вино и купить кокосовые закуски, чтобы привести их домой.

Вот такое интереснейшее путешествие на остров Хайнань я совершила несколько месяцев назад. Однако открою вам маленькую тайну, моя экскурсия была виртуальной. Я путешествовала с помощью своего мобильного телефона Huawei, а все, о чем я вам рассказала, я нашла в интернете. Однако, теперь мне есть о чем мечтать, ведь пандемия скоро закончится, и я обязательно отправлюсь на этот волшебный остров, чтобы теперь увидеть все своими глазами.

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Polin Waterparks Celebrates Its First Ever Virtual Award

IAAPA Virtual Expo Asia 2020 Award

KOCAELI, TURKEY, August 6, 2020 / — Polin Waterparks is honored with a virtual award for exceptional virtual booth design and the digital contents at IAAPA Virtual Expo Asia.

As concern quickly grows over the coronavirus pandemic, IAAPA has been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation since early January. After careful review, they have made the decision to postpone IAAPA Expo Asia 2020 (originally scheduled for 8-11 June) to 2021. Afterwards, IAAPA has launched a new way to connect, network and discover; digitally with IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia! In that immersive, three day experience, attendees had a chance to visit the virtual trade show floor, meet with colleagues and professionals at the digital networking lounges and learn best practices and trends during the virtual education sessions.

Also, during IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia attendees voted for virtual booth innovations in three categories: Best Booth Downloads, Best Booth Videos and Most Engaging Chat Room. We are honored to announce that Polin Waterparks has been honored to recieve the award for Best Booth Downloads at IAAPA’s first Virtual Expo: Asia. It feels good to be recognised for our hard work and contributions. It helps us stay positive, engaged and motivated.
– IAAPA, the global association for the attractions industry, concluded its first-ever virtual Expo and conference – IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia. The event was attended by more than 4,000 participants, featured 131 companies on the virtual trade show floor, and was widely followed online and on social media. During IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia, global attractions industry professionals took part in a diverse, international exhibit hall with eight unique pavilions, nine education sessions, and seven IAAPA networking events.

More on IAAPA
IAAPA is a diverse and dynamic community of global attractions professionals. As the largest international trade association for permanently located attractions, IAAPA unifies the attractions community, connects people to learn and grow together, and strives to promote the highest professional standards for excellence and safety around the world.
Founded in 1918, IAAPA represents more than 6,000 attraction, supplier, and individual members from more than 100 countries. Members include professionals from amusement parks, theme parks, attractions, water parks, resorts, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, science centers, museums, manufacturers, and suppliers.

The association's global headquarters is in Orlando, Florida, US. IAAPA also maintains offices in Brussels, Belgium; Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Mexico City, Mexico; São Paulo, Brazil; and Alexandria, Virginia, US.
For more info, visit and through IAAPA’s social media channels: @IAAPAHQ #IAAPA

More on Polin Waterparks
Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976 and has since grown into a leading company in the water parks industry. Today Polin is a world leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of water parks and water-play attractions. Polin has completed more than 3,500 waterpark projects in 108 countries around the world and is the biggest water slide supplier in Eurasia. Working with a wide variety of clients has helped Polin reach several milestones including installing the first water parks in many countries and many other award-winning rides at parks with world-renowned reputations.

For more info, visit or contact Sohret Pakis at +90 262 656 64 67 or
Polin Waterparks is a Polin Group company.

Sohret Pakis
Polin Waterparks
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Ghassan Najib Pharaon Hospital completes Temos’ “COVID-19 Safe” program

Dr. Claudia Mika, CEO, Temos

Dr. Claudia Mika, CEO, Temos

Dr. Faisal Al Battah, CEO, GNP Hospital

BERGISCH GLADBACH, GERMANY, August 6, 2020 / — Global accreditation leader, Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TEMOS), announces that the Ghassan Najib Pharaon Hospital (GNP Hospital) is the first hospital worldwide to successfully complete the requirements for the Temos “Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe” program.
GNP Hospital, a tertiary care hospital in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, is the first Temos client to successfully complete the program thanks to coordinated efforts by hospital leadership and a dedicated team effort.

According to the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Faisal Al Battah, “We researched many sources to find the needed information to guide us to maximize safety for our patients and staff during this COVID-19 pandemic. The Temos program gave us clear and up-to-date standards with helpful guidance as well as continuous support throughout the certification journey. Now the standards are integrated into our daily practice”.

Temos is the first accreditation organization to develop and implement a “Certificate of Compliance” program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is designed to provide guidance to hospitals and clinics to minimize the risk of transmission while increasing patient and staff safety. The program’s standards are based on up to date best international clinical practices as well as scientific studies and guidelines published by WHO, CDC, ISQua and other reputable sources to address the specific exposure risks, sources of exposure, routes for transmission, and other unique characteristics of SARS-CoV-2.

The Temos team of experts continuously review new research and guidelines to ensure that the Certificate program’s standards contain the most current knowledge. Version 2.0 will be released in the second week of August, providing new standards while updating others. Temos CEO, Dr. Claudia Mika, states, “It is essential that Temos maintain its high standards and support our clients with reliable best practices from trusted sources. We owe it to the patients and staff of all of our clients like GNP Hospital as well as those hospitals and clinics that have downloaded the standards for free. Given the pandemic, we want these guidelines available to all who need them and are proud to set the example for others to follow”.

To learn more about the “Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe” program, please visit the Temos website. Download the brochure and register for free to receive access to the program’s standards.

Founded in 2010, Temos accredits hospitals and clinics, dental services, IVF clinics, physical rehabilitation services, and eye care clinics. It offers its “Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe” program as well as certification for medical travel coordinators (“facilitators”) or medical concierge services. With clients on five continents, the company is experiencing exciting growth to help its clients deliver world-class clinical and patient experience services.

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Travel Arizona: 4 Top Rated Road Tripping Attractions You Must See

Gregg Jaden Lake Powell Arizona

Gregg Jaden Upper Antelope Canyon Arizona

Gregg Jaden Horseshoe Bend Arizona

Road tripping in Arizona is more than just a stop at the Grand Canyon and a hike. Here are 4 top rated attractions to visit you are sight seeing in Arizona.

I try to find ways to capture new angles that haven’t been shot before. Whenever I can, I'll elevate myself to shoot down on a location to get a more dynamic perspective.”

— Gregg Jaden

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 / — America is known for vast landscapes and incredible road trip locations. If you are planning on visiting the American Southwest, then look no further than Arizona. Last year, this marvelous state brought in 45.4 million overnight visitors which was the most seen in recent years.

Tourists travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to Arizona to hike incredible canyons, mesmerizing landscapes, and experience warm weather all year round. The State is known for its red rock adventures and road trips to see breathtaking sights. You'll find miles of red rock, flood formed canyons, desserts, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and even volcanos all while sightseeing in Arizona.

Here Are 4 Top Rated Attractions in Arizona.


Over three million people visit Lake Powell every single year. This man-made reservoir is 400 feet deep and is 186 miles long. You can find it off the Colorado River right in the middle of Arizona and Utah. There are tons of different ways to see this magnificent lake depending on what you're most interested in. Whether you want to see it by foot, boat, or even flying in a plane. Some people even like to tour Lake Powell on a raft which is one of the most immersive experiences.

Gregg Jaden @greggjaden_ , a top travel Instagrammer and pro photographer, shows us a top down view before embarking on a Lake Powell adventure. Always searching for new angles, he and his team made it a point to get to the ridge a few hours before sunset as it provides gorgeous views. This made it so they could get the incredible shot of the red rock and turquoise water.


Located in Page, Arizona is the one of a kind Antelope Canyon which is divided into two different parts. The upper and lower canyon. Many years of wind and water have created massive flash floods to carve these beautiful canyons. Upon arrival it doesn't look like much before you enter the beautiful sandstone. There are a few different tours offered for the Upper Antelope Canyon but each tour requires you to make reservations ahead of time. Don't forget your camera! Any camera will do. If you take a tour, work fast as there are other tours inside the canyon. Work with the angles and ask your knowledgeable guide they usually know.

Inside Upper Antelope Canyon, Gregg Jaden shows the massive scale using his Sony Alpha a7RIII camera + 12-24mm G Sony lens. "Whenever I explore places with other tourists, I always try to find ways to capture new angles that haven’t been shot before. Whenever I can, I try to elevate myself to shoot down on a location to get a more dynamic perspective." says Jaden. When traveling here you can also book a hiking tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon which takes about an hour and a half to complete. The farther you walk the smaller the space in the canyon gets. This tour is not recommended for people who don't like enclosed spaces.


The Grand Canyon is something that you hear about all the time and a place that you should visit sometime in your lifetime. Visiting the Grand Canyon more than once can even showcase new beautiful scenery and endless angles to shoot with your travel buddies. This astonishing canyon is a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide. The Grand Canyon National Park itself is 277 miles right along the Colorado River.

Gregg Jaden’s timeless capture of the Grand Canyon, he really wanted to show how massive the canyon truly is by incorporating a person. He thinks that it makes photographing landscapes more exciting and riveting by showing differing dimensions. Did you know that the Grand Canyon even changes depending on the time of year that you visit? In the fall time, it will look significantly different in color compared to the early summer.

North Rim vs. South Rim

When visiting the Grand Canyon you may be confused if you should visit the North Rim or the South Rim especially if you don't have time to see both. The South Rim is more easily accessible from the city of Sedona, Phoenix, and Flagstaff and usually has a lot more people visiting than the North Rim. You'll also be able to find lodging, dining options, more attractions, and great viewpoints to see the breathtaking sights. Don't immediately forgo the North Rim though especially if you like a quieter scene. The North Rim is perfect for people who love the outdoors. It is higher in elevation therefore it does tend to be a bit cooler and isn't open year-round like the South Rim is.


This is a non-negotiable must see in Arizona! Horseshoe Bend and its stunning rock formations. It is located in Page, Arizona which is very close to many of the other beautiful destinations so you're not going to want to miss out. Fairly easy to get to and only a few minute walk to the rim. Luckily, you won't need to book a tour to see Horseshoe Bend and will only need to pay $10 to park your car. From your car, it is only a 0.6-mile walk, but this walk can be grueling on a hot summer day. Make sure to bring lots of water with you to stay hydrated. Once you make it to the top of Horseshoe Bend you will be greeted with the most beautiful sight. Of course, you are up 984 feet so it can feel a bit nerve-wracking.

Gregg Jaden's shot of this hotspot is one you will want to capture whether if you're a pro photographer or not. The light is different throughout the day. This shot was just before sunset. Sunset is most likely one of the best times to take a photo of this location. The sun will set in the right spot for a breathtaking photo above the horizon. If you're planning a road trip

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