The New 2021 Complete Move Out Checklist

Learn The Complete Move Out Checklist

Learn The Complete Move Out Checklist

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Moving out of your apartment or house can be a stressful time. You need to make sure you have everything packed up, labeled, and ready for the move. It is important that you plan ahead, so you don’t forget anything in a state of panic on moving day! Use this checklist to help make sure you have everything covered!

1. Make a list of all the items you want to take with you

Creating lists to organize your move is a great way to make moving easier. You can list all the items you want to take with you. List everything that will fit in your car/cargo van, create a second list of things to take on the bus, train, or plane, and finally make a list of what needs to be rented (i.e., UHaul Truck).

2. Pack your clothes and toiletries in suitcases, backpacks, or duffel bags

If you have luggage lying around, utilize it for the move! Try to fit as much as you can in suitcases or duffel bags so you can spend less on moving boxes. If you’re not sure what to pack in your suitcase, try packing a few outfits and toiletries that are appropriate for the climate of your new home.

Suppose you don’t have suitcases or backpacks lying around – no problem! Pack clothes into plastic grocery bags. Remember: tie each bag off with string so they won’t open up during the drive.

3. Label boxes for each room in your new home

Labeling is a key step when it comes to moving. This helps keep everything organized so you can place boxes in the correct room of your new home.

Labeling boxes is a straightforward process. Just use packing tape, markers, or stickers to label the outside of each box with the room it belongs in (e.g., living room/study). You can also write on masking tape and place it over the top of each box.

4. Purchase moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, and scissors

Once you have everything listed and packed into as many suitcases as possible, it is time to purchase moving supplies. You will need tape to seal the boxes, bubble wrap to protect appliances and fragile items, markers for labeling furniture that needs to be assembled in your new home, and scissors for cutting through packing tape.

5. Gather all of your important documents

Make sure to keep all important documents in one spot. You will need your utility bill, insurance information, and anything else you may need to go ahead with the move. Things like identification paperwork (passports, ID cards, etc.) should stay with you during your move – not in a moving truck.

6. Plan out how many trips it will take to move everything from one house to another

To budget for gas and rental trucks, you should have an idea of how many trips you’ll take for your move. It’s best to overestimate if you can because the cost will be lower than under-estimating, and having to do more runs in a moving truck or gas costs will be higher than anticipated.

7. Hire G Grace Junk Removal to clean out your home

If you have too many items that cannot make the move with you, call G Grace Junk Removal! Our team is experienced with home and estate cleanouts, so all you have to do is give us a call, and we will remove your junk! We’ll remove any junk, yard debris, or unwanted items from your home at an affordable price, and we can also donate any items that are still in good shape. If you want to learn more about our junk removal services, visit our site at or give us a call at (253) 455-8718

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G Grace Junk Removal
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Happy Mustard Day to All Those Packet Collectors Out There. Keep Your Condiment Packets Safe and Organized.

A binder page with several pockets holds mustard and ketchup packets. The binder page lies on a table next to a hot dog.

Keep your collectible items safe and secure.

A protective flap is being lifted to insert a mustard packet into a clear plastic binder page.

Flaps keep your items in place.

A clear plastic binder page with several pockets, filled with guitar picks.

StoreSMART has pockets and binder pages for a wide variety of collectibles.

Collect those fun little condiment packets? Or any other quirky little items? Either way, it’s a challenge to keep our collectibles organized.

It’s such a fun and unique hobby. I’m glad we’re able to provide a little peace of mind for folks looking to impose order on their collections.”

— Reenie Feingold, founder of StoreSMART

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Happy Mustard Day to All Those Packet Collectors Out There! Keep Your Condiment Packets Safe and Organized. Our favorite time of year is approaching fast! Mustard Day, August 7, is right around the corner. This is the day when we can all celebrate the sharp, tangy condiment that we love to use on grilled summer foods.

A lucky few of us also know the joy of collecting those fun little packets they give away at restaurants. The bright, colorful little squeeze packets stir up nostalgia of younger days, or maybe just make us hungry. Either way, it’s a challenge to keep our collectibles organized.

That’s where StoreSMART’s 9-Pocket Binder Pages come in. Stop losing or damaging your packets. Keep them safe and secure in these sturdy plastic holders. Compatible with three-ring binders, it’s easy to maintain order in your collection. Each page contains nine pockets, so you can display many different packets side-by-side. Organize your packets with ease; sort them by condiment type, brand, or year!

“It’s such a fun and unique hobby,” says Reenie Feingold, founder of StoreSMART. “I’m glad we’re able to provide a little peace of mind for folks looking to impose order on their collections.”

But what if you don’t collect mustard packets? Whether it’s guitar picks, trading cards, coins, or so much more, StoreSMART is sure to have a pocket that can protect and organize your fun and eccentric collection. Some of their customers use the binder pages to hold silver bars, musical theatre programs, event tickets, and rack cards for travel attractions. StoreSMART has seen it all and they have a binder page for everything. (And if they don’t, they can make one!)

StoreSMART’s Binder Pages for Condiment Packets are crafted of crystal clear 6-gauge vinyl. They have nine pockets per page and you can choose with or without weatherproof flaps. Each pocket has a capacity of 2 5/8" x 3 7/16". The overall size of the page is 8 11/16" x 11 9/16". Proudly manufactured in the USA. Also great for USB flash drive storage!

To obtain FREE samples for review by your publication, contact or call 800-424-1011 x 9208. See for high-resolution publication images.

StoreSMART has been creating and marketing quality products and services for storage, organization, display, filing, and distribution since 1971. The StoreSMART catalog is brimming with new products to help everyone get—and stay—organized. For more information, visit or call 800-424-1011.

Contact: Stan Feingold StoreSMART 180 Metro Park, Rochester, NY 14623
800-424-1011 x9208

Stan Feingold
5852489208 ext.

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Winchester Mystery House Presents All Hallows Eve

Tickets are now available for All Hallows’ Eve, Winchester Mystery House's an all-new estate wide Halloween event with both indoor and outdoor tours.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 29, 2021 / — Winchester Mystery House announced that tickets are now available for All Hallows’ Eve, an all-new estate wide Halloween event with both indoor and outdoor tours kicking off on Friday, September 10th.

All Hallows’ Eve features the Lost in The House Tour, a theatrical paranormal investigative adventure and the family-friendly Jack O' Lantern Trail. The Winchester Mystery House is also bringing back its popular projection mapped light show that brings the house to life.

Halloween and haunt fans will be thrilled by the Lost in The House Tour, a brand-new theatrical paranormal investigative adventure. For the 98 years that the house has been open to the public it has hosted paranormal investigators, mediums and even master magicians who came looking for proof of the paranormal. During the Lost In The House Tour, brave guests will be guided through the dark & dizzying hallways of the Winchester Estate in search of answers for themselves.…will they find them, or will they too be lost in the house?

Included in the All Hallows’ Eve ticket is the Jack O’ Lantern Trail. The trail features dozens of hand carved Jack O’ Lanterns displays throughout the Victorian Gardens and the Lost in the House Light Show, a projection mapped light show that uses the iconic front of the mansion as a canvas. The Jack O' Lantern Trail is a great option for young families looking for a magical fall evening experience.

“Winchester Mystery House is a must visit destination, especially as summer gives way to fall,” said Walter Magnuson, Winchester Mystery House General Manager. “The Lost in The House Tour takes it's cue from the many revealing paranormal investigations we've hosted, going back all the way to Houdini's historic visit in 1924. After the tour, our guests will be able to experience the illuminated Victorian Gardens in an all new festive way that is sure to fill you and your family up with Halloween spirit!”

Fall themed food and spirits as well as Axe Throwing at the Stables, Sarah's Attic Shooting Gallery and the all-new Houdini's Spirited Escape will be available for an additional fee.

The Winchester Mystery House will also be offering daytime guided mansion and garden tours throughout the months of September and October complimented with autumn décor around the estate, making it the place to celebrate Halloween this fall.

All Hallows’ Eve starts September 10th and runs on select nights through October 31st. Tickets are available now at

About Winchester Mystery House
For nearly 100 years the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, has stood as a testament to the ingenuity, singular vision and lore that surrounds its namesake, Sarah Pardee Winchester (heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune). Originally known as Llanada Villa, today it stands as an architectural wonder, a time capsule of a bygone era and one of America’s most celebrated haunted mansions. The estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a California Historic State Landmark, a San Jose City Landmark, and is one of the leading attractions in the Bay Area. Since tours began in 1923, more than 13 million people from around the world have toured the lonely hallways, dark passages and ornate rooms of the Winchester Mystery House. It has intrigued visitors, scholars, and media from throughout the United States, and around the globe, with its combination of the beautiful and the bizarre, its story of heartbreak, tenacity and invention and its legends of the paranormal. For tickets and additional information, visit
# # #

Natalie Alvanez
Winchester Mystery House
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10 Safety Tips for Summer Travel in COVID-19 Times

Traveling this summer? Continue reading to learn how you can protect yourself from COVID-19

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — By this time last year, the whole world was in total lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But thanks to our brave health workers and pharmaceutical companies who worked tirelessly to produce vaccines and keep us safe, we are now able to move freely this year. But moving freely does not mean that we have defeated COVID-19, it only means we have devised proactive measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

With a growing number of Americans getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and infection rates dropping worldwide, more people are contemplating potential summer travel tours outside their states and abroad. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its health guidelines on travel issues. It states that: people who are fully vaccinated (those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccines, or a second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least two weeks prior) can travel safely within the United States.

This means that fully vaccinated people are not much of a risk if they travel, although they still have to take certain precautions. But, if you are not fully vaccinated or are traveling with people who are not – referring to children under 12 who are currently ineligible for a COVID-19 vaccine – you will have to apply stricter precaution methods.

To keep you and your travel companions safe, and ensure you don’t bring back a COVID-19 souvenir from your trip – please follow the safety tips below.

– Know the COVID-19 Rate of Your State
Even if you are fully vaccinated, you still need to know the COVID-19 rates of your state. This is because you will be traveling by bus, train, or plane and mixing with people you are not sure of their health status. And if the rate of your state is higher, you have a greater chance of getting the COVID-19 breakthrough infections. While the breakthrough infections are not as severe as the main COVID-19 symptoms, you will have to postpone your trip to another time of the year.

– Know the COVID-19 Rates of Your Place You Are Visiting
Another factor to consider is the COVID-19 infection and recovery rates of the place you will be visiting. If your chosen destination is still red-hot with COVID-19, chances are you will get the virus when you get there – even if you are fully vaccinated. CDC warns against traveling to places with high infection rates as you can bring the virus back to your local community and re-infect people.

So, check the U.S State Department website to know countries with entry restrictions and avid them.

– Test Before and After Your Trip
Ensure you take the COVID-19 test before starting your trip, even if you are fully vaccinated. This test is highly compulsory as most countries will not allow you entry without proof of the test – even if you are fully vaccinated. They want to ensure that you are not unknowingly bringing the virus into their country to infect people.

At the end of your trip, you have to carry out another COVID-19 test to ensure you are free from the virus before you can travel back to the United States.

– Decide on Your Mode of Transport
If you are not fully vaccinated, the safest mode of transport for you is driving. Experts say that driving by yourself reduces your daily interaction with people, thereby reducing your chance of getting the virus.

Flying is another safe mode of transport as airplanes make it mandatory for travelers to wear masks onboard. Traveling by bus is by far the riskiest and requires extra vigilance on your part.

– Clean Your Hotel Room
Since you are fully vaccinated, you can stay at regular hotels now rather than staying in isolated rental homes. While hotel rooms are clean, you should also go with your antibacterial wipes to disinfect light switches, remote controls, door handles, or other high-touch objects. You can also open the windows of your room for better ventilation.

– You Can Eat In Restaurants
Last summer, it was unsafe to eat inside restaurants, but this year things have changed. But this change is only applicable to people that are fully vaccinated. People that are not fully vaccinated should stick to dining outside or getting takeouts. But if you are traveling to places with high COVID-19 rates, you should stay indoors and accept deliveries.

– Be Smart About Your Activities
While infection rates are falling in the United States, other countries still have high infection rates, and potentially new variants are coming up. So, when you go on international trips, be extra careful about the activities you join. Avoid theme parks, bars, karaoke cafes, or other crowded places. It is still wise to avoid crowded indoor places even if you are vaccinated.

– Stay Safe If You Are Not Fully Vaccinated
If you are not fully vaccinated, we advise you to limit your travels and interactions with other people. If possible, we suggest that you postpone your trip until you are fully vaccinated. But if you will be traveling this summer, you must follow the CDC guidelines and rules.

– Follow CDC Guidelines
Before packing, we recommend you:
• Check travel restrictions
• Get tested
• Go with extra supplies like masks, hand sanitizers, cough drops, high-protein snacks, eye masks, and an extra sweater.
• Do not travel if you or your travel buddy is sick
• Always wear a mask
• Stay 6 feet apart from people in crowded places
• Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, ears, and face

– Enjoy Your Trip!
If you have received the full vaccines, then you are free to enjoy your travels at all levels. Just relax and feel comfortable wearing your mask at touring sites or crowded places.

Tina Andreeva
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Helping Tips on Find Your Soul Mate

Travel Buddy

Still waiting for the right one? Let's help you find them quickly!

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, July 29, 2021 / — If you got a dollar for every time your relationship ended and people told you “don’t worry, there’s someone out there, who is your soul mate and is perfect for you” — you did be a millionaire by now! Technically not millionaires — but at least you will have money to do a little shopping in your favorite grocery store.

Truth be told, we all want to find the ‘right one’ aka SOUL MATE. We all want to find someone that completes, understands, shares a deep connection with us, and loves all our imperfections. We all want to have that eureka moment where we meet a person and say “oh, I think I have found the right one" — but, with more than 7 billion people on earth, how do you find that special someone?

Now, the way we see it, you have two options: you can sit back, relax and have fate bring the right one to you (which might probably take forever, because fate is doing the same for other people on the planet). Or you could be proactive and do things that help you find your soul mate faster. Going for the second option means you have to be willing to put in the time, effort, and hard work needed to find the LOML — which is definitely worth it!
So, to help you find the right one when you need to find the right one, we came up with a guide you can use. Follow the tips below to find your soul mate in no time.

— Be Yourself
Can you remember the last time you had to pretend or let go of your true authentic self just because you wanted to get the person you thought was the right one? Did it work out well for you? Obviously no! The whole point of finding a soul mate is getting someone that loves you for you — like someone that loves every side of you, including that odd laughter you have.

So, if you want to find your soul mate, we suggest you stop pretending and start living your truth. You have to be you at all times. You have to love yourself and all those little imperfections that you think you have — because that is what makes you different from others! If you are not proud of every part of you, or you don’t love yourself then you can’t find the right one. Be your original self, and your soul mate will connect to you!

— Be Open-Minded
We all have a strict vision of what we want our soul mate to be like — and guess what? Chances are they won’t come in the boxes we have assigned them. In fact, things you didn’t think would actually work for you end up being the best things that happen to you! Your soul mate is someone that admires all the imperfections you are afraid of, and if you keep looking for them in the wrong body or wrong profession, you might end up missing them.

Be open-minded to try other options. A healthy relationship is a combination of friendship, physical attraction, love, and sex. If you can get all of these in one person, then you are good to go.

— Be Content With Your Single hood
Being desperate won’t bring your soul mate to you! If anything, you will end up kissing a lot of frogs that when the right one your way, you are already too bummed out to accept them.

Being single is not the time to run around looking for a relationship. It is the time to sit back and figure yourself out. It is the time to actively invest in all areas of your life. And this can manifest in good self-care routines, healthy living (work out and healthy eating), and generally learning more about your personalities and interests. This way, you know more things about yourself and the kind of person that fits your personality.

— Take It Slow
Finding your soul mate is not as easy as ordering your favorite food from a restaurant. It entails much more, and that is why you have to take things slow. Don’t be in a rush to get into a relationship! It might take a while but when the timing is right, things will fall in perfect places for you.
Just be positive and patient. Instead of rushing things, use this time to work on your abilities and know what you want in a partner. And, if you feel like this LOML search is draining you, it’s okay to take a step back and relax. Your soul mate will come at the right time, mostly when you are not actively looking for one. So, relax and enjoy the ride.

— Don’t Settle For Less
A soul mate is your epic lover! This means that you can’t force this kind of connection or feeling on any random person you meet or match with on Tinder. Don't go into a relationship with someone that does not match your highest form. Keep looking, and never settle for manageable or less!

— Trust Your Guts
Well, you might have heard this advice somewhere, and we are here to tell you again — trust your guts! Your guts or your instincts will tell you if you have found the right one or if you should continue looking. Once you meet the right one, you will know. You might not have an explanation as to why you want them, but deep inside your heart, you know you have met the right one.

If your guts tell you they are not the one — they are probably not the one.

— Develop Healthy Relationship Habits
Now that you have finally met the right one, it is time to put in more hard work and effort to maintain that relationship. Make sure there is an active and open communication line where you both can talk and connect. Always listen to them, schedule dates, make time for them, express gratitude — most importantly — always forgive and apologize when necessary. You must not necessarily share everything in common, but you must be willing to understand and invest in their needs.

Relationships are all about sacrifice, and if you cannot do that, then that union is bound to fail — even if the relationship is with your soul mate.

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Brotherhood Crusade receives $800,000 grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Charisse Bremond Weaver, Brotherhood Crusade President & CEO

Charisse Bremond Weaver, Brotherhood Crusade President & CEO

Brotherhood Crusade receives $800,000 grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

We provide an immense amount of love, care and resources to the youth we serve; they know they will never be alone and this grant will directly support our goal to break the cycle of poverty.”

— Charisse Bremond Weaver, Brotherhood Crusade President and CEO

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 29, 2021 / — The Brotherhood Crusade received a landmark grant for $800,000 from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. The funds from the Hilton Foundation will assist Brotherhood Crusade in providing services and programs that will directly impact youth by preparing and readying them to thrive in middle-wage, highly compensated careers and entrepreneurship opportunities.

“We are proud to recognize the importance of Brotherhood Crusade’s history as a community leader in South Los Angeles and are excited to support their work in building career pathways for youth throughout the area,” shares Elizabeth Cheung, senior program officer at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Brotherhood Crusade community services and programs are designed to change the trajectory and narrative of young adults of color and provide them with the requisite skills to excel in life and make a positive impact in their respective communities.

Conrad Hilton said “Love one another, for that is the whole law; so our fellow men deserve to be loved and encouraged – never to be abandoned to wander alone in poverty and darkness.”

President and CEO Charisse Bremond Weaver of the Brotherhood Crusade said “This is what great partnerships are all about, an alignment in understanding the critical needs of our youth and how through learning, thriving, connecting, leading and working we will forever change the outlook of our community. We provide an immense amount of love, care and resources to the youth we serve; they know they will never be alone and this grant will directly support our goal to break the cycle of poverty.”


About Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

International hotelier Conrad N. Hilton established the grantmaking foundation that bears his name in 1944 to help people living in poverty and experiencing disadvantage worldwide. Today, the work continues, concentrating on efforts to improve early childhood development outcomes, support older youth as they transition from foster care, ensure opportunity youth can access career pathways, prevent homelessness, identify solutions to safe water access, help integrate refugees into society and lift the work of Catholic sisters. Additionally, following selection by an independent, international jury, the Foundation annually awards the $2.5 million Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize to an organization doing extraordinary work to reduce human suffering. The Foundation is one of the world’s largest, with assets recently growing to approximately $7.5 billion. It has awarded grants to date totaling more than $2 billion, $207 million worldwide in 2020. Please visit for more information.

About Brotherhood Crusade

Celebrating 53 years of service to the Los Angeles community, Brotherhood Crusade was founded in 1968. The organization's principal mission is to champion equality and equity by removing and/or helping individuals overcome the barriers that deter their pursuit of success in life and facilitate opportunities for a better quality of life by effectuating improved health & wellness, facilitating academic success, promoting personal, social & economic growth, providing access to artistic excellence & cultural awareness, increasing financial literacy and building community agencies & institutions. Brotherhood Crusade provides direst services to more than 3,000 youth and young adults and additional 25,000 residents through its special projects.

Brotherhood Crusade has a history of building alliances with other organizations, corporations and foundations of goodwill that are committed to and understand the tremendous need for helping our community and people grow and prosper.

Jeanine Taylor
JCEC Public Relations
+1 213-399-5301
email us here

Brotherhood Crusade Sowing Seeds and Growing a Strong Community

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As Schools Open, Protective Laptop Bags and Cases Are Essential Gear

Mobile Edge Helps Students Protect Their Tech As They Head Back To School

As Schools Open, Protective Laptop Bags and Cases Are Essential Gear

A laptop case or backpack from Mobile Edge helps students protect their gear, keep it organized, and get it where it needs to go and back again in style.”

— Paul June, VP of Marketing

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — It’s back to school, but not back to business as usual. After more than a year of remote learning, students of all ages are carrying more tech than ever, and parents are eager to buy their children even more gear so they can hit the ground running when school reopens.

With overall spending likely to exceed pre-pandemic levels, and purchases of technology expected to be up 37% for K-12 students and up 16% for college students, students will need to protect lots of valuable gear, keep it organized, and transport it safely from home or the dorm and back to school. Mobile Edge’s industry-leading selection of laptop cases, laptop- and console-ready backpacks, messenger bags, and more offer full-featured, innovative storage and safeguarding solutions for students on the go.

“As they head back to school, students will be relying on expensive tech to help them with their studies, stay connected with family and friends, and to relax through gaming and other forms of online entertainment,” explains Paul June, VP of Marketing for Anaheim-based Mobile Edge. “They can ill afford to damage their gear, lose irreplaceable data, or be without either for awfully long. A laptop case or backpack from Mobile Edge helps students protect their gear, keep it organized, and get it where it needs to go and back again in style.”

Choosing the right laptop case, backpack, or messenger bag can be a challenge. You can use this handy guide to help make your decision.

1: Size Matters—Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller devices around 10 to 13 inches, to larger ones measuring upwards of 16 to 17 inches. You’ll want to know the size of the laptop your student is or will be transporting.

For example, our roomy and rugged Core Gaming Backpack fits laptops and gaming consoles up to 17.3 to 18 inches—but don’t’ let its name fool you. It’s for more than just gamers. Console- and laptop-ready, with dedicated storage for laptops, controllers, cables, chargers, headsets, and pre-wired for a power bank or external battery, the Core Gaming Backpack has become the “go-bag” of choice for busy students, young professionals, gamers, and others.

2: Storage & Organization—Students also need to store accessories such as cords, chargers, a mouse, memory media, controllers, mobile chargers and power banks, and even wireless keyboards. They might also want to store hardcopy files, notebooks, textbooks, pens and pencils, and even personal items such as water bottles, snacks, and car keys.

Popular with students, our no-nonsense, ergonomically designed, and super lightweight SmartPack Backpack features dedicated storage for laptops, tablets, accessories, and more. It’s available in eight colors plus a special edition made from premium graphite nylon for a distinctive, edgy look.

Our Express Backpack 2.0 is ideal for carrying laptops and Chromebooks up to 16 inches with space to spare for books, files, and accessories, as well as an integrated tablet pocket. It’s available in seven colors.

3: The Right Style—When deciding between a messenger bag, backpack, or briefcase-style case, you’ll want to consider functional aspects as well as user comfort and fashion preferences. Mobile Edge cases offer comfort features such as padded, shock-absorbing shoulder strap systems and ergonomic handles. For heavier loads, a backpack worn over both shoulders can provide the most user comfort and convenience, while a messenger bag or briefcase makes more sense for lighter loads carried by one hand (briefcase-style), slung over one shoulder, or tucked under the arm.

Students also don’t need to sacrifice fashion for functionality. Mobile Edge offers a wide assortment of styles, ranging from edgy, contemporary designs to eco-consciousness options and lots of stuff in-between.

For the eco-conscious, our all-natural, cotton canvas, ECO Laptop Messenger laptop bags are available in black, navy blue, charcoal, and olive; while our ECO
Backpacks feature a dedicated, padded compartment for laptops up to 17.3 inches and separate sections for accessories and gear.

For students who want to travel fast and light, Mobile Edge Express Laptop/Chromebook 2.0 Cases carry computer essentials without any unnecessary bulk. Their unique design lets students work right out of the case, which is perfect for those quick moments on the bus, in the cafeteria, study hall, or wherever you happen to be. It also features a front zippered section for accessories and an interior file compartment.

For minimalists, our water-resistant SlipSuit Sleeves are designed to be carried like a briefcase or slipped into a larger protective case. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit PC laptops and Apple MacBooks.

4. Power-on-the-Go—The days of running low on power with no charging outlet in sight are long gone with our mobile power banks.

Delivering an amazing 85 watts of power, Mobile Edge’s Core Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger provides mobile power for a wide range of devices, including laptops and gaming consoles. With its universal AC outlet, no special adapters are required. Lightweight, compact, and durable, it slips easily into laptop bags or backpacks. For students who need to travel by air to college or university, this power bank also meets carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

For other less power-hungry devices, students can rely on the 10,000mAh 18W Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank or 20,000mAh 18W PD+QC Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank. These slim power banks can charge multiple USB devices simultaneously and make great mobile power sources for smartphones, tablets, cameras, headsets, speakers, wearable devices, drones, and more.

5: Peace of Mind—All Mobile Edge protective cases, backpacks, and messenger bags are backed by a lifetime warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

About Mobile Edge
Founded in 2002, Anaheim-based Mobile Edge produces award-winning durable and protective laptop cases, messenger bags, backpacks, totes, and more for business professionals, road warriors, students, and gamers. Mobile Edge is known for its innovative and stylish designs, superior-quality, lifetime warranty, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Many leading computer manufacturers rely on Mobile Edge to design and build custom cases for their products.
# # #

Mobile Edge, LLC
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email us here

Mobile Edge – Carrying Cases & Tech for Today’s Mobile Lifestyle – Our Mission

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Las Vegas Timeshare Deeds Prepared by Deed and Record

Las Vegas timeshare deeds

A recorded deed changes timeshare owners in Las Vegas. Change in owners occur because of marriage, divorce, outright gifts and to add or remove a co-owner.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Deed and Record prepares deeds for Las Vegas, Nevada timeshares. The deed must be recorded with the Clark County recorder. A copy of the recorded deed must be forwarded to the timeshare company to update their records.

The Clark County recorder’s office keeps track of timeshare owners. It has the final say on who owns what. The recorder’s office will only change its owner database upon the receipt of a properly prepared deed.

A deed is a piece of paper that has the owner’s signature stating the owner’s intent to transfer the timeshare to another person. There are at a minimum, two parties to a deed; the current owner and the new owner. The transfer is either by grant or by quitclaim. A deed by grant has the owner promise good title and disclosure of all liens on the timeshare. A deed by quitclaim transfers the timeshare “as is” with no warranty of title.

Either by grant deed or quitclaim deed, the recorded deed must be forwarded to the Las Vegas timeshare company to update their records. The timeshare company will not update its records without a deed that has been previously filed with the Clark County recorder.

Change in owners of a Las Vegas timeshare occur because of marriage, divorce, outright gifts and to add or remove a co-owner. A recorded deed is required to change owners of a timeshare. The recorded deed must be forwarded to the Las Vegas timeshare company to update their records.

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Mark Bidwell
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Meridian Beam Gate at Santa Monica Pier

Meridian Beam Gate at Santa Monica Pier


With so many tourists and local people out and about enjoying themselves on the pier you have to be sure there will be no accidental or deliberate vehicle intrusions onto the pier.”

— Peter Whitford, Meridian CEO

SANTA MONICA, CA, US, July 29, 2021 / — One of America’s most visited tourist attractions, the Santa Monica Pier, now has a new and very effective “guardian” watching over it.

Meridian Rapid Defense Group has installed its highly regarded Archer Beam Gate at the entrance to the pier. The gate, placed right under the iconic “Yacht Harbor” entry sign, provides easy access for approved vehicles while at the same time protecting the thousands of pedestrians who visit every day.

Because there are restaurants and shops on the pier, delivery vehicles still need to gain access to the area and the beam gate can be used effectively to ensure that happens.

“With so many tourists and local people out and about enjoying themselves on the pier you have to be sure there will be no accidental or deliberate vehicle intrusions onto the pier. More and more these days this is something security specialists are warning about,” said Peter Whitford, CEO of Meridian Rapid Defense Group.

Within days of its installation the Archer gate proved its worth by stopping a driver in a car who was attempting to get onto the Santa Monica Pier. The net on the gate captured the vehicle, as it was designed to do, and the driver was arrested. The incident reinforced Meridian’s motto of making people, communities, and places safer.

“We looked closely at the location and with the co-operation of Santa Monica, their city emergency service personnel decided the gate, which incidentally needs no power connection and can be operated by just one person, would sit discreetly at the start of the pier. As you can imagine we are very satisfied with the results so far.” said Mr. Whitford.

Maria Rodriguez and her two children, from Sacramento, were visiting Santa Monica Pier for the first time on Thursday. She said, “If this gate keeps us safe while we’re here I’m all for it. I’ve seen those news reports where car drivers lost control and hit people. So, if this keeps cars away from us and everyone else here that’s a great idea.”

The Archer Beam Gate is used all over the U.S. and Canada and most recently on the popular Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The closing of that street was so popular it has become a semi-permanent pedestrian plaza. The Archer Beam Gate is also the “go-to” product for sporting event organizers who need to keep everyone safe by separating cars and fans while still allowing for some restricted vehicle access.

The gate is easily opened and closed and can be put together in just 15 minutes making it the perfect solution for clients who need a quick and easy way to filter traffic from pedestrian areas.

For more information about the Meridian Archer Beam Gate or the Meridian Archer 1200 Barriers visit

The Archer Barriers are “SAFETY Act Certified” by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) providing the ultimate standard in keeping people, communities and places safer.

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Reservations are Open for Houston Restaurant Weeks at TRIBUTE

Upscale Houston favorite TRIBUTE at the Houstonian Hotel Club & Spa, known for its signature “Tex-Lex” fair, will once again participate in Houston Restaurant Weeks by offering a standout three-course menu.

Chocolate cake on white plate

Dessert options include coconut tres leches, chocolate blackout mousse cake, or peach cobbler.

There is nothing more romantic than dining under a waterfall of wine bottles in TRIBUTE’s exclusive wine room.

Guests also have the opportunity to elevate their experience by making a reservation to dine in TRIBUTE’s private wine room.

TRIBUTE is once again inviting diners to enjoy a delicious meal and give back to the community during Houston Restaurants Weeks.

We are excited to invite diners into TRIBUTE not only for a delicious dining experience, but to give back to the community at the same time.””

— Executive Chef Neil Cox

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Houstonians have been scoping out menus in anticipation of the city’s favorite month-long charity dining event, Houston Restaurant Weeks, which takes place from August 1 – September 6. Participating restaurants serve prix fixe menus at set price points and donate a corresponding amount of money per sold meal to the Houston Food Bank. Since its inception in 2003, the event has been very successful raising over $16 million for charity.

Upscale Houston favorite TRIBUTE at the Houstonian Hotel Club & Spa, known for its signature “Tex-Lex” fair, will once again participate by offering a standout three-course menu.

“Houston Restaurant Weeks has always been about bringing people together to share delicious food and drink,” says executive chef Neil Cox. “This year especially, it means more to share a meal with friends and family. We are excited to invite diners into TRIBUTE not only for a delicious dining experience but to give back to the community at the same time.”

Newcomers and regulars alike will be delighted with TRIBUTE’s menu choices. The first course options include tortilla soup, pickled beet and goat cheese salad, or bacon-wrapped Bandera quail. Entrée choices are snapper pontchartrain, Post Oak grilled chicken, or mushroom empanadas. Dessert options include coconut tres leches, chocolate blackout mousse cake, or peach cobbler.

Diners will also be able to elevate their dining experience by adding a wine pairing chosen by TRIBUTE’s sommelier. And to make the occasion even more memorable, guests can reserve the restaurant’s luxurious wine room for a private dining experience.

TRIBUTE’s Houston Restaurants Weeks dinner menu is available for $49 per guest during the hours of 5-10 pm. Reservations are available on Open Table or by calling 713-685-6713. The Houston Restaurant Weeks menu is also available to-go.

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Located in the heart of Houston, The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa just celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020. It is a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star, urban retreat located adjacent to the city’s iconic Memorial Park, and minutes from downtown, the Galleria, and Energy Corridor. The Houstonian is a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts, and consistently provides guests with attentive and highly personalized service in an authentic manner. Guests at The Houstonian Hotel may relax and rejuvenate on a 27-acre oasis, with floor-to-ceiling wooded views in its newly renovated guest rooms, four onsite dining restaurants, and a classic hotel bar. The hotel has 33,890 square feet of Indoor Meeting Space and 87,349 square feet of Outdoor Meeting Space with a “Houstonian Experiences” menu for corporate and social groups, meetings, and celebrations. The 175,000 square-foot Houstonian Club offers state-of-the-art equipment, over 160 weekly group exercise classes, aquatic programs, an indoor tennis facility, a resort pool with a rockslide, sports lap pool, and a quiet garden pool. At 26,500 square feet, the new Trellis Spa at The Houstonian is now the largest luxury spa in the state of Texas. From the outside, it resembles a magnificent European Villa with statuesque architecture and luscious gardens. On the inside, soothing, nature-inspired hues complement a grand, light-filled reception and hallway, leading to all-new redesigned, sophisticated interiors where guests may enjoy hours of undisturbed relaxation. Trellis offers a new outdoor Soaking Pools and Garden experience with open-air cabanas, a scenic treetop dining room, renovated treatment rooms, indoor Reflection Pool, and tranquil lounging areas. Solaya Spa & Salon by The Houstonian opened in February 2020 in the prestigious Highland Village of River Oaks in Houston. The Houstonian also opened Sage ‘n’ Bloom Floral Studio at The Houstonian in July 2020, providing bespoke floral services for weddings and celebrations, client experiences, and corporate installations.

One of Houston’s historic gems, the property is known for its grace, comfort, and unparalleled guest experience.
The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa / 111 North Post Oak Lane / Houston, Texas 77024

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