Luxury Tour Provider Announces Private Scuba Diving Onboard Exclusive Catamaran Yacht

Luxury yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas

Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas

Have a Magical Experience Onboard a Luxury Yacht and Explore the Depths of the Sea of Cortez with Private Scuba Diving Tours!

Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, Experiences to enjoy”

— unknown

CABO SAN LUCAS, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, MEXICO, August 16, 2018 / — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Operator of the highest rated luxury cruises is now offering voyages aboard luxury catamaran yachts along with a private luxury scuba diving experience. The luxury scuba diving holiday provider has announced they are now also offering private luxury scuba diving onboard a luxury catamaran yacht with state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable services.
At a recent launch event, the spokesperson for the company said, CABO YACHT WORLD is proud to announce that we have recently added a new yacht to our scuba diving excursions. We are extremely excited to have included a luxury Catamaran yacht ARISE to our fleet specially because we have a dive master on board that has been certified even for handicapped guests, and the addition of the new luxury Catamaran yacht is sure to add to the amazing experience.”
The Catamaran is a multi-hulled watercraft that features state-of-the-art facilities such as, two parallel hulls. That Catamaran is a geometry-stabilized craft, and derives its stability from its extra wide beam, rather than a monohull sailboat which has a ballasted keel. Thus, it offers complete comfort while sailing and scuba diving.
On answering a question, the spokesperson stated, “We are very happy with the inclusion of the new catamaran yacht to our scuba diving tour. The Catamaran offers the best in comfort and luxury, with spacious cabins, en-suite facilities and a sprawling deck along with salon areas.You can rest assured that our 64 ft. Catamarans have all amenities and equipment one would look for uninterrupted dives, making it the perfect vessel for exploring remote areas where underwater treasures are waiting to be explored in the sea of Cortez.”
The MY 64ft (19.51m) Lagoon Catamaran Yacht will be sailing to the relatively untouched Sea of Cortez, also known as the ‘Gulf of California’ which is considered to be one of the hot spots for biodiversity and marine life, along with a flourishing coral reef that’s just waiting to be explored. The sea is wedged between Baja California and the mainland Mexico with a sheltered and narrow outline, which results to mostly calm waters, making it an ideal spot for the best scuba diving experience possible.
He concluded by saying, “Our luxury scuba diving tour onboard a luxury catamaran yacht is perfect for people who love the sea. the Sea of Cortez is an amazing place to visit. The warm waters are relatively calm, with high mountains in a distance rise from the bluish-green sea and upwards to the blue sky. It is the perfect place to spend a full day with friends or family. Once below the water, you are freed from gravity, and experience absolute freedom. Guests on our luxury scuba diving tours will get to spot up to 900 different fish species. Gently touch them, sit on the ocean’s floor, or play with the sand, and feel like a true National Geographic explorer of the deep sea. The boat ride to and from the dive site is also a sight to behold, not only because of the amazing natural beauty of the surroundings but because Grey whales and Humpback are often spotted en route, which makes the experience magical.In short, it’s a great body of water to explore, and we’d love it if you would join us for this unforgettable adventure.”
Private luxury scuba diving onboard a luxury Catamaran yacht along with other tours are available for pre-booking by calling [01 52 624 168 9544] or emailing us at []. Guests of our Luxury Catamaran Yacht and diving experience can also arrange for private tours and excursions that are customized according to their needs and travel budgets.

About Us:
Cabo Yacht World operates award-winning luxury Catamaran yachts and cruising luxury yachts, which provide exceptional cruising experiences to its guests. All tours can be tailored to specific needs of tourists to provide an unparalleled experience at the most enchanting destinations. The tour company is committed to delivering a high level of quality with their private and group tour packages.
Contact Information
Cabo Yacht World
Boulevard marina s/n lte E1B Col. Centro Cabo San Lucas BCS 23450
01 52 624 157 1136

Arturo Chacon
Cabo Yacht World
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64 foot Lagoon luxury yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas

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Pioneering Travel Agency Remembers Windrush Generation Heritage

SN Travel celebrates 45 years connecting the UK and the Caribbean

We’re proud of our heritage as one of the pioneers in air travel to the Caribbean from the UK”

— Sandra Dyer

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 16, 2018 / — Family-run SN Travel played a key part in helping the Windrush generation return home to the Caribbean to visit their families and are now celebrating their 45th anniversary.

Back during the late 60s and early 70s, the limited plane travel options to the Caribbean on the commercial airlines, despite airlines like early versions of British Airways, Pan-Am and TWA.
SN Travel founder, Lesley Joseph, first chartered a flight to the Caribbean in 1969, responding to demand from the growing number of migrants making the trip to the UK. Joseph soon found himself inundated with requests and inquiries for travel to the Caribbean.

After chartering flights to the Caribbean in time for Christmas, the enquiries kept rolling in and as time went by and flights increased, SN Travel was born and soon found themselves catering to generations of Windrush families, as they do to this day.

“We’re proud of our heritage as one of the pioneers in air travel to the Caribbean from the UK,” says Sandra Dyer, Director at SN Travel. “Providing this vital service for generations, we’ve seen the travel marketplace open up and helped international travel become more accessible and convenient. This is a mission we’re still just as enthusiastic about, 45 years later.”

Having served as a key stepping stone between the UK and the Caribbean since 1973. Specialist Caribbean travel agency, SN Travel, are celebrating their 45th year in business. This event marks much more than a birthday – both for SN Travel itself and the four generations of customers that still use SN Travel for their Caribbean travel requirements.
Whilst today, still operating from their original Stoke Newington travel agency, SN Travel is still dedicated to its specialism in Caribbean holidays, but now also helps connect the UK to other locations, with worldwide holidays, cruises and safari holidays as well as access to tours, events and group holidays.

Find out more at:

Tanya Maynard
SN Travel
email us here

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Trusted Vacation Rental Company announces The Best Caribbean Islands to visit in the offseason

Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach

Luxury Villa Rentals Barbados

Luxury Beach Side Villa with Private Pool Barbados

Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals

Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals

Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

Aruba Beach

Aruba Beach

This Autumn is a great time to visit the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic is showing substantial growth in bookings this 2018 season”

— Alexandra Baradi

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2018 / — It’s not always possible to choose the perfect time to go on vacation, and if you need to recharge between the months of August and October, the Caribbean is often forgotten. But several of the Caribbean islands are almost completely unaffected by hurricanes and have near perfect weather year-round. For people who like to have the pick of the best restaurants, the best spots on the beach, enjoy not being surrounded by crowds, like interacting with the locals and also love a bargain, then the off-season can be the perfect time to go.

Exceptional villas are the experts on everything to do with the Caribbean and have confirmed that the best three islands to go in the offseason are Barbados, Aruba and The Dominican Republic. Each of these islands has been virtually untouched by extreme weather in recent years. In addition, the NOAA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting that the chances of a below-normal hurricane season have increased by 60%.

If you are in need of a vacation over the next couple of months, this is all great news. The three islands of Aruba, Barbados and Dominican Republic are all well worth considering. Of course, before making a booking, the best advice is to ensure that your vacation rental provider has a solid hurricane plan in place and to always buy travel insurance.

Aruba is located south of the hurricane belt making it virtually unheard of to be hit by bad weather. Aruba offers great beaches, great weather and above all great value vacation rentals. Exceptional Villas offers an excellent selection of good value homes to rent on the island. There are direct flight services from throughout the United States with Jet Blue, Delta, American, United Airlines, and Southwest.

Barbados is another island that is largely unaffected by bad weather due to its far easterly location on the Caribbean seaboard. In addition, the east coast of Barbados is quite rocky with many reefs offering the island great protection. The west coast offers a complete contrast with perfect white sandy beaches and calm turquoise waters. The last time a hurricane made landfall on Barbados was 38 years ago. That fact alone makes Barbados the perfect island to visit in the offseason. There are also direct flight services from the United States and Great Britain. Combine that with the fact that all the restaurants, shops and bars remain open year around as well as the incredible accommodation value on offer, this makes Barbados an extremely attractive destination in the low season.

The Dominican Republic has only been affected by one hurricane in every 11 years and because it is such a huge land mass, the chances of bad weather affecting your chosen holiday spot are very slim. Alexandra Baradi, Owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas said that “The Dominican Republic is showing substantial growth in bookings this 2018 season”. It is growing in popularity due to an increased awareness of its beautiful beaches, excellent value, easy access and has an excellent selection of luxury accommodation options. The Dominican Republic is a great late summer vacation spot for families and for couples looking for affordable options.


Exceptional Villas is a luxury villa rental company featuring only the best hand-picked and personally inspected properties in the world. The company has clients from all over the world. Exceptional Villas have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This includes matching the perfect villa for each of their clients and providing a complimentary concierge service. This service includes organizing all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and are filled with a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customized service they offer.

For more information visit or call + 353 64 66 41170 or toll-free from the US and Canada 1 800 245 5109 and UK 0845 528 4197

Alexandra Baradi
Exceptional Villas
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The cruise industry is flourishing, what’s not to love?

Lee Clarke of Dynama takes a closer look at the stresses and strains of managing a fast growth cruise company and the implications for workforce management

By tapping into the potential of automation and working with the right technology partner, you’ll create a solid foundation for success to embrace the opportunities of the flourishing cruise industry.”

— Lee Clarke, Regional Director, Northern Hemisphere at Dynama

LONDON, UK, August 16, 2018 / — The cruise industry is big business with the number of new entrants and competition rising annually. Latest predictions show that the sector will attract 40 million passengers by 2027 and generate gross revenues of around US$60 billion. The order book is also at an all-time high with 106 new cruise ships expected to be built in the next 10 years.[i] This is excellent news for ambitious cruise companies seeking to tap into new markets. However, with opportunities come a new set of challenges as cruise ships of all size, from the largest luxury liners to the latest more intimate river voyages, compete to attract and retain the best crew and deliver exceptional levels of guest satisfaction.

Five Challenges for growing cruise companies
The cruise industry is very much a people business, inside and out from crew to the passengers they serve. Therefore, choosing the right technology to help manage those people and overcome challenges is essential.

Challenges include:

1) Constant competition – a growing industry means increased competition as existing and new entrants step up their efforts to deliver outstanding service levels to passengers then lure them back for more. Having the right crew in place at the right time is fundamental to passenger satisfaction.
2) How to scale the business without escalating costs – the heat is on to add new crew and ships without costs spiralling out of control and to continue hitting margins. Make flexibility and scalability your new best friends.
3) Eliminating stress through time and cost efficiencies – relying on a disconnected set of manual processes or cumbersome Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that are too generic or expensive to configure is no longer sufficient. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and embrace the benefits of automation to avoid wasted duplicated effort. Why not make life easier for your IT department?
4) Crew and passenger safety – with many more people on board, it’s time to ensure your safety measures are in tip-top condition and meet strict regulatory requirements. This information should be available at the touch of a button.
5) Data security – now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here, take steps to avoid costly fines and keep crew and passenger data safe. GDPR isn’t just about finding data and making sure it is secure, it’s about capturing the context of that data and being able to prove that everything is being done to protect your crew and passengers’ personal information at all times.

Get ready for success with the latest workforce management (WFM) solutions
In the rapidly expanding cruise industry, it makes sense to partner with the right technology provider. The most innovative solutions will have automation built into their DNA to help maximize crew talents, make tangible time and cost savings, enhance all-round safety and scale effortlessly as your business grows.

Choose a partner that can provide:
• Automation – when it comes to managing entire fleets of cruise ships manned by thousands of crew around the world, automation is essential. The beauty of modern integrated systems is they capture, in real-time, important information about crew members and activities, the ship they work on and their skills as well as important travel documents like passports and visas – to develop efficient schedules and guarantee the most appropriately skilled and available crew members are in the right place at the right time. This keeps you one step ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering a first-class passenger service

• Flexibility and scalability – the latest automated solutions are innovative, highly scalable and future-proof. They are sophisticated enough to analyse current resource competencies and model for future requirements quickly and efficiently. The can be used to quickly clone existing vessels and positions, making it easy to add new builds to the fleet and manage the wave of new crew required to ensure your expansion doesn’t jeopardise quality

• Managed services – make life easier for the people behind the scenes. Many cruise organizations’ IT departments are often stretched to the hilt with a limited headcount and an equally limited budget that necessitates a ‘do more with less’ culture. Outsourcing your workforce management software to a reliable partner with the bandwidth and know-how to make technology work for you will free up your own internal IT resources to focus on more strategic areas, improve response times, cut down on recruitment and training costs, eliminate expensive upgrade costs and guarantee regular maintenance of your WFM system

• Onboard safety – easy access to critical data facilitates the ability to manage a multi-skilled and often geographically dispersed workforce over time, rank and experience. In addition to vessel familiarity, training requirements and licenses held. This clear visibility of crew compliance and assets ensures standards meet stringent International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and minimise the risk of financial penalties through non-compliance of safety legislation

• GDPR readiness – these days, data security is just as important as keeping your crew and passengers physically safe and cruise lines control a lot of personal data – from passengers’ identities, preferences and health requirements to cross-border tax and immigration laws for large workforces.

Fortunately, the latest workforce management solutions can help in various ways. They link seamlessly to your organization’s Active Directory to guarantee the security of all login credentials, the crucial first step to securing crew and passengers’ details. Customer screens can be set up to ring-fence any sensitive data that passengers choose to store with you such as credit card details.

Finally, superior reporting capabilities make it easy to respond quickly and accurately to requests for information from GDPR assessors and provide a valuable audit trail with the hard evidence to aid compliance with GDPR legislation.

It’s time to take control and embrace the challenges and opportunities of today’s flourishing cruise industry. By tapping into the full potential of automation and working with the right technology partner, you’ll create a solid foundation for success.


Mary Phillips
PR Artistry
+44 (0) 1491 845553
email us here

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3,200 Players Set to Compete in World Amateur Handicap Championship

Players from 48 states and 26 countries have registered to play in the 35th annual event in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC, USA, August 16, 2018 / — The field is set for the World Amateur Handicap Championship and 3,200 players from 48 states and 26 countries have registered to play in the 35th annual event.

The 72-hole, net stroke play tournament will be played August 27-31 on 55 of Myrtle Beach’s best courses. The player count represents a seven percent increase over 2017, providing the event a boost with the beginning of the “Everyman’s Major” just days away.

The game’s most inclusive event, the World Am places golfers in tightly bunched flights based on age, gender and handicap. After four rounds, all flight winners and ties advance to the World Championship Playoff on Friday, August 31 at Barefoot Resort’s Dye Course, where a champion will be crowned.

South Carolina is sending a tournament high 317 players, followed by North Carolina (285), Florida (273), Texas (252) and Virginia (201). There will be a 190 international participants, including 46 Canadians and a record 45 Germans.

While the competition is initially what lures players to the bucket list event, it’s only part of what keeps them coming back. At the heart of the World Am’s appeal is the camaraderie among its participants and much of that kinship is fostered at the World’s Largest 19th Hole.

Each night of the event, the 19th Hole overtakes all 120,000-square feet of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, providing participants with free food and drinks, live entertainment, celebrity guest appearances, a golf expo and more.

Players will also receive a gift bag that perennially includes a logo’d hat, shirt, PGA Tour Superstore gift card and an assortment of other goodies.

For more information, visit

Chris King
Kingfish Communications
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ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Distance Learning course launched by IT Governance

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, August 16, 2018 / — Ely, United Kingdom, 16 August 2018 – IT Governance is proud to announce the launch of its latest distance learning offering – the ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer training course – set for release on September 3rd.

Delivered by ISO 27001 experts Alan Calder and Steve Watkins, who together led the world’s first ISO 27001 certification project, the course is a modular recording of IT Governance’s popular three-day ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer classroom course.

The course is available to pre-order today, with a special 10% discount for those purchasing before the end of August.

Participants will learn the key steps involved in planning, implementing and maintaining an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS (information security management system), including building the business case to secure senior management commitment, developing a management framework, the role and structure of an information security policy, and more.

The course is applicable to anyone involved in information security management, writing information security policies or implementing ISO 27001, either as the lead implementer or part of an implementation team.

Organisations wishing to take full advantage of IT Governance’s experience and expertise can also opt for its ISO 27001 bespoke consultancy. This service is offered through any combination of hands-on or in-house consultancy, or remote mentor and coach consultancy support, to fit each organisation’s unique business needs and requirements.

To find out more about how IT Governance can help your organisation implement an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 800 7000.

Liam Papworth
IT Governance
+ 44 3338007000
email us here

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Pamela M Nicholson CEO for Enterprise Named in New Subpoena Ahead of Florida Theft Trial

Pamela M Nicholson CEO Subpoena - 18-SC-001768

Pamela M Nicholson CEO Subpoena – 18-SC-001768

National Car Rental civil theft plaintiff rushes new subpoena to St. Louis Sheriff for service after C T Corporation System responds ‘not registered agent’

Enterprise has been accused of running a ding-and-dent scam so often by readers of this site, I’ve lost count.”

— Christopher Elliott, Consumer Advocate at

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 15, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today a revised subpoena urgently prepared for Enterprise Holdings President and CEO Pamela M. Nicholson. The subpoena COMMANDS the chief executive to appear and testify at the civil theft trial, Howe vs. Enterprise Holdings, Inc., in the County Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in and for Lee County Florida.

The trial is scheduled for August 22, 2018, in Fort Myers, Florida, Honorable Archie B. Hayward, Jr.

The Lee County Clerk of the Court issued the subsequent subpoena to Pro Se plaintiff and crime victim David Howe on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, one day after a docket entry was filed indicating ‘C T Corporation System has determined it is not the registered agent for an entity by the name of Pamela Nicholson’ (

See the official court filing and response from C T Corporation System:

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Related: 'FIVE ALARM FRAUD' at Enterprise Holdings' National Rental after Attorneys Make Shocking Admission to Lee Clerk of Court —

About SubscriberWise

SubscriberWise® launched as the first issuing consumer reporting agency exclusively for the cable industry in 2006. The company filed extensive documentation and end-user agreements to access TransUnion’s consumer database. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s cable operators ( Today SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

SubscriberWise contributions to the communications industry are quantified in the billions of dollars annually.

Media Relations
330-880-4848 x137
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Enterprise Holdings companies ‘Expedient’ rental process places consumes in grave financial danger

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A New Way to Travel

Make and Save Money While You Travel or Shop

SQM's field force makes money and saves money in return for providing feedback on their experiences with various businesses.”

— David Lipton

TORONTO, CANADA, August 15, 2018 / — As companies continue to protect their brands and attempt to keep customers coming back, Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM), continues its growth in the United States.

As a result of a recent expansion, SQM expects to hire between 10,000 and 15,000 new inspectors, across the country, to complete the company's various assignments.

"Whether it's flying on various airlines, traveling by bus, staying in hotels, dining in restaurants or buying clothes, SQM's field force makes money and saves money in return for providing feedback on their experiences with various businesses", says David Lipton, President of SQM.

One of the company's most popular assignments involves Mystery Shopping the travel industry which provides the inspectors various opportunities to receive significant travel savings. The inspectors receive 50% off of air travel in return for evaluating the company's service, while a second type of assignment involves completing a short survey in return for up to $50.00 off of intercity/interstate bus travel. These inspections are popular with travelers on a budget who are looking for cheap flights or inexpensive trips.

“Consumers who are looking for a deal love the work, and we are thrilled to know we can help them save money while making the purchases that they want to,” says company spokesperson, Amy Chen.

More information about SQM and an online application form can be found on the company's website, or at

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) is a Toronto-based company which assists organizations in improving their customer and employee experiences, by providing the truth. SQM offers its world-wide clientele a variety of programs and services, including: Mystery Shopping, Quality / Service Assurance, Market Research, Field Merchandising, Online Feedback, and Internal Audit Software. For additional information, please contact:

Ms. Alina Stecko
Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM)
156 Duncan Mill Road, Unit 19
Toronto, ON M3B 3N2
Phone: 416-444-4491
Fax: 416-444-2422

David Lipton
Sensors Quality Management Inc.
email us here

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Old Mill District Hosts Art in the High Desert in Bend, Oregon

Art in the High Desert booths in the Old Mill District.

Artists in Action plein air art creation in Bend, Oregon.

Annual fine arts event is surrounded by other art-focused initiatives in the Bend, Oregon shopping, dining and entertainment district

BEND, OR, USA, August 15, 2018 / — The Old Mill District will host Art in the High Desert for the 10th year in a row later this month. Highlighting the district’s commitment to nurturing the arts in the community, this annual event is surrounded by several other art-related initiatives, including plein air art events, permanent art installations and gallery exhibits.

Upcoming Events:
– Art in the High Desert, August 24-26: This weekend-long event is Central Oregon's premier juried fine art and craft show, featuring more than 115 nationally acclaimed, hand-picked, visual artists from across the country and Canada. Ranked 10th in the Nation by Art Fair Sourcebook, this annual event has been presenting art lovers and collectors with impeccable fine arts and crafts for ten years.

– Artists in Action, August 23, September 13 and 27, 10am – noon: A collaboration of artists from the Old Mill District, Tumalo Art Co., Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery and Nature Inspired Photography & Furniture created this series of events during which the public can enjoy watching and engaging with the artists as they produce different works plein air as well as in their studios or in a gallery. The three-month series will culminate with a show on First Friday, October 5, exhibiting the art created during the event. See the full schedule at

– First Friday Art Walk, September 7: Tumalo Art Company welcomes an exhibition from a new artist or group of artists each month, featuring them during First Friday. In September, the gallery will be displaying “Autumn Light”, a group show celebrating the season. The Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery will also feature select works from 5-8 p.m.

New and Upcoming Installations:
– Visit Bend’s popular Tin Pan Alley art collection recently expanded to the Old Mill District with four initial pieces on display from local artists. The program, which started in Bend’s Tin Pan Alley, has grown to more than 28 pieces. The new Old Mill District additions are located by Gymboree, in the plaza between Victoria’s Secret and Strictly Organic, on the wall of Banana Republic, and on the Gap facing Center Plaza.

– Several new outdoor murals are in the works for various locations throughout the Old Mill District. An installation this fall will feature beloved local Sisters artist Dennis McGregor. Look for more details soon.

About the Old Mill District
One of the Pacific Northwest’s most distinctive and dynamic mixed-use developments, the Old Mill District is located on 270 acres that formerly housed one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. The rich history of the land is coupled with spectacular mountain views, scenic river vistas and an extensive trail system to enjoy the outdoors. More than 55 local, regional and national retailers and businesses call the Old Mill District home. The Old Mill District – Bend’s most unique shopping, dining, living, and entertainment experience.


Noelle Fredland
Old Mill District
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Photographer Captures Legacy of United States During Artist Residency at Gettysburg Battlefield

Evening Gettysburg Photo by NPAF Resident James Schlett

Sunset Memorial by NPAF Resident James Schlett

I plan to capture the aspects of the “cross-roads” and how the spokes all centered into Gettysburg that made this location a critical one as the site of the three days of battle.”

— James Schlett, NPAF Artist in Residence

GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, US, August 15, 2018 / — Nationally acclaimed photographer James Schlett has been selected as the Gettysburg National Military Park Artist in Residence, for August-September. Schlett is a photographer whose visual creativity captures the reflection of history in contemporary context with brutal grace, through photography. His residency will take place Aug 15th, 2018 to Sep 12th, 2018, culminating in a FREE TO THE PUBLIC EVENT at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, on September 8th, 10am-1pm.

“I plan to capture the aspects of the “cross-roads” and how the spokes all centered into Gettysburg that made this location a critical one as the site of the three days of battle.” said Schlett, of his plans for the residency.

After over 30 years working for the U.S. government, Mr. Schlett discovered his newfound, urgent passion for photography. His photographs have been published in a number of high profile venues such as the Washington Post, Reston Magazine, Fairfax Times, and he has been exhibited in galleries and art shows, and won numerous competitive awards. Of note is that one of his images was displayed in the “Art Takes Times Square” Exhibition in New York City in June 2012.

During his tenure as Artist-in-Residence, Schlett will totally immerse himself in the experience on a 24/7 basis for several weeks. He often uses the first few and last few hours of sunlight to capture the most delicate moments of light, which often provides the best final images. He employees digital imaging to enhance his work with various software packages, in the same way “darkrooms” were used historically.

About the residency, Schlett is fairly vocal in his enthusiasm: “I don't believe there are any other artistic opportunities that compare to this unique program. I welcome this chance to share my images and knowledge with the the park visitors and staff.”

This Artist-in-Residency program is made possible by a joint effort of the Gettysburg Foundation and non-profit The National Park Arts Foundation, with support from the National Park Service. Through a legacy of artists, the program aims to connect visitors and the Gettysburg community to the park in a novel and compelling way, to inspire the preservation of our shared cultural heritage and the immortalizing these great touchstones in American history.

“Gettysburg National Military Park has offered inspiration to artists for more than 150 years,” said Christopher Gwinn, Chief of Interpretation at Gettysburg National Military Park. “The Artist-in-Residence program engages new audiences and tells Gettysburg’s stories in new and compelling ways.”

Public Presentation:
James Schlett: Artist in Residence Public EVENT
‘Photography captures our National Legacy’
Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, September 8th, 10am-1pm.

Gettysburg National Military Park preserves, protects and interprets for this and future generations the resources associated with the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, during the American Civil War, the Soldiers' National Cemetery, and their commemorations.

The National Parks Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the promotion of the National Parks of the U.S. by creating dynamic opportunities for artworks that are based in our natural and historic heritage. This project is supported by the Gettysburg Foundation and other generous benefactors. All NPAF programs are made possible through the philanthropic support of donors ranging from corporate sponsors and small businesses, to art patrons and citizen-lovers of the parks.

John Cargill
National Parks Arts Foundation
505 715-6492
email us here

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